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Yogyakarta is famous city in Indonesia for its landmark that becomes one of the world's seven wonders that is Borobudur Temple. This temple is one of the most visited site in this city. This city is known as the center of Javanese culture because the people in this city are still maintain Javanese tradition in their daily life. In related with culture, there is also an interesting place that is usually visited by tourists on their trip to this city. The place is known as the Royal Palace or Keraton. This place is the home of Yogyakarta's ruler named Sultan that is still exist until nowadays.

Borobudur temples is a huge temple located in Magelang, a town on the northwest of Yogyakarta. This temple is built by Sailendra dynasty and considers as the largest Buddha temple throughout the world.

Yogyakarta has a long history of Mataram Kingdom in the past that you can found some temples in this city. Besides the famous Borobudur Temple, there are other temples that you can visit. Some of the temples are Prambanan Temple, Mendut and Pawon Temples and Sewu Temples.
Apart from the mystery of the land surrounding as well as its history, this temple is the interesting site to visit. Since it is located on the hill, it offers the fresh air and the magnificent view of the surrounding overlook four volcanoes. The temple itself is best to see the sunset from the top of the building.

The tourists will get amazed by its architecture of this huge monument that also represent Buddha's teaching in each part. Instead of tourists who come to this temple, there are also some Buddhists pilgrim come to pray or meditate.
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