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Having finished your last day in Bali, it is recommended to visit another paradise on the east of Bali called Lombok island. With only 25 minutes flight from Denpasar, you will have a great time to discover another paradise island in Indonesia. You can also go there by ferry from Padang Bai harbor in Karangasem, Bali to Mataram.andnbsp; Lombok is also famous with its white sandy beach with ocean view and quieter ambiance compared to Bali beaches. The island belongs to West Nusa Tenggara Province with Mataram as the capital city. There are a lot of Europeans prefer to visit this island more than Bali. Having white sandy beaches, there is also the second highest mountain in Indonesia called Mount Rinjani that also becomes an interesting objects to explore while you are in this hidden paradise.As Bali, Lombok also has unique culture offers to the tourists visiting this island. The natural beauty is combined with the friendly people. The people of this island mostly are Sasak people who do agriculture. The culture in this island is unique because some people practice Hindu as their belief and some other are Muslims. The handicraft is popular and has been sold in Bali and overseas. The tourists may see the villagers in Penujak, Banyumulek and Masbagik in making their handicraft and pottery. Those places are located about one hour from Mataram by car.There are three small islands located on the northwest coast of this island. The three of them are Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Those three islands are the most popular destinations in Lombok. Each Gili offers white sandy beaches, clear water, coral reef, various colorful fishes, and becomes the best place for water activities like snorkeling and diving. The tourists are able to reach all the three gilis by plane or local boat from Lombok. The only vehicle on those islands is traditional transportation called cidomos. The absence of motorbike on those Gilis make the ambience is suitable for those who want to have activities in private situation.Nowadays, the accommodation in Lombok can be found everywhere on the cities of this island as well as on those three gilis. The accommodation in Lombok varied from 5 star hotels to basic home stay. The hotels and accommodation in Lombok are usually located on the coastline with its cliffs, and the view of blue lagoon that sparkles on the protected bays. While the home stays are surrounded by coconut plantation on tropical garden.andnbsp; The tourists may choose and book a hotel and accommodation in Lombok simply from their hotel in Bali. This website also provide the information of hotels in Lombok as well as the online booking. So, just enjoy your holiday.
Diving in Lombok is incredible and is far superior to the excellent diving that Bali has to offer. The reason for this is partly due to there being more areas that are protected from the fierce swell of the Indian ocean but mainly due to the proximity of Lombok especially on the west coast to the Wallace line that is an imaginary line that parts Lombok from Bali and travels further up the coast where the two different types of species both in and out of the water meet. This means that Biodiversity in this are is amazing for a great diving and in line with most bio-diverse areas on the plant with over 3,500 different marine species all living in and around the reefs that are located offshore and close to the beach feeding off the constant streams of warm nutrients that flow from the deep waters and the intense sunlight that allows fans and wall coral to grow to gigantic proportions. When you compare the 3,500 different species living around the reefs alone to the 1,500 species living around the Great Barrier Reef, it is easy to see why Lombok is becoming more interested for diving, dived although the reefs have not yet been over dived and it is a good thing that divers are taking great care not to damage these reefs as over 25% of the worlds coral reefs are located in Indonesian waters.The Gili islands are also not to be forgotten and certainly require a mention for diving in Lombok, as they are some of the richest and diverse sites in the area. This is due to the variants it the sea bed topography that is a combination of slopes, drop offs and plateaus that harbor all kinds of different species and give a good all-round presentation of all that Indonesia has to offer. When diving in Lombok on the Gili Islands you can expect to encounter such species as Moray Eels, Angel Fish, White Tip Reef Sharks, Cuttlefish, turtles and Ghost Pipefish as a selection of just a few of the many. Diving around the Gili Islands and the rest of northwest Lombok there are over 15 recognized and highly acclaimed dive sites and many more sites that are worth seeing, there are also many spots being found all the time that offer incredible diving in this aquatic goldmine.In the morning you can even visit a little known spot called Shark Point and no prizes for guessing why. It is a point where there are sharks although they are not the big scary ones, just harmless reef sharks as well as turtles of the Hawksbill and Green varieties ribbon eels and as if that was not enough there are often Manta as well. There is also an amazing spot called Volkers' Golf course which is located not above but below the water just 500 meters east of Shark point. This green patchy floor, which is very similar to an underwater golf course, is the best spot to find sharks that can sometimes be the bigger ones as well as schools of Mackerel and doctor fish.
Gili Air is the nearest Gili Island to the northwest coast of Lombok where the three Gili Islands sit. The Gili islands have become more and more popular to tourists who cross through Lombok but they are still never anything like as crowded as Bali. Gili Air has the largest population of local residents of the three islands where many of the locals still farm and fish in the traditional ways. It is not a rare sight in the morning to see an older man shimmying up a tall coconut tree to bring down a selection of ripe coconuts to feed his family and sell on the market. The culture of the island of Gili Air is very different and more laid back than on the rest of Lombok although the religion and origin of the people is Sasak, which is the same as on Lombok. it is said that the people on Gili Air are more friendly than on the other two islands and the rest of Lombok although this is obviously a sweeping statement that should not be over weighed.This quiet and relaxing little island only has a few luxury hotels in Gili Air and villas although it is easier to find budget accommodation in Gili Air around the island. It is easy to find accommodation and hotels in Gili Air. Owing to this is the islands relaxed and tranquil atmosphere than is hard to find on Gili Trawangan. From here you can catch the twice a day hopping boat that allows you to visit all three of the islands in one day, the next island out is Gili Meno which is even more tranquil quiet and un-spoilt then Gili although there is less life there, the next boat will bring you to Gili Trawangan where there are parties and relaxed chilled out day life although this island is further developed towards tourists then the preceding two.The snorkeling and diving on Gili Air and Gili Meno is out of this world and recognized across the globe as being world class diving. Biodiversity here it very high and there are larger animals such as turtles and manta rays that are common to see, especially since the recent efforts to protect these animals. There are also some really well built up fan corals and wall corals making this area an amazing place to dive. There are a number of dive specific resorts and dive shops and tour operators on the Gili islands where you can stay and get excellent package deals on you diving in the area and your accommodation. When getting around the island it is best to use the horse drawn carts or hire a bicycle, this is not only a great way to cruise round and soak up the scenery but also is a great way to keep fit and lose a few pounds to go with that tropical tan. Gili air is a fantastic place to choose if you are going for serenity with a little culture and minimal crowds, a true tropical paradise.
Gili Meno is the middle island of the Gili Islands located just of the north west coast of Lombok as with the other Gili islands it is small and in fact this Gili is the very smallest of all three of the Gili islands. Meno Island is without doubt the most peaceful and unchanged island of the three and the easiest to catch boats you to the other islands in order to explore and island hop in this tropical island paradise. There are not dogs on Gili Meno and there are also no proper roads and no motorized vehicles of any kind. The reason to come and stay in a hotel in Gili Meno is to escape reality and spend some time on a tiny tropical in the middle of the ocean with no crowds and no cars. After saying this there are a small number of luxury hotels in Gili Meno and villas that are usually cheaper then on Gili Trawangan, the largest and most popular of all of the Gili Islands, so there is no shortage of luxury when you are in your resort, but when outside the resort there is nothing but paradise that is yours to explore.You may have heard rumors of the large amount of mosquitoes on the Gili Meno, in the recent years many measure have been taken to reduce this but true to this day and as with any tropical country, the best time to visit is in the dry season. The humidity is slightly higher than on the other two islands so it is important to keep well hydrated and to bring good mosquito repellent that preferably includes the compound ‘DEET’ that is the only true chemical that almost guarantees that you will not get bitten when using it effectively. There is however in this slightly more humid climate an amazing bird sanctuary that has been set up by an Australian women who has collected rare and endangered birds from across Indonesia and is breeding and protecting them on Meno, this is a special sight to behold as you can see some wondrous creatures you would never had imagined living in their natural setting.Getting to Gili Meno can be slightly more difficult than getting to the more popular of the two islands Gili Trawangan and Gili Air due there often being a shortage of people going. Sometimes the boat drivers will only go to Gili Meno if there are a minimum of 20 people on board so sometimes it can be worth getting some people together who want to go. Failing this you will have to charter the boat, which will be a little more expensive, but competition for boat rides is fairly competitive so ask around for the best price. The other way to go is to catch either the morning or afternoon boat to Gili Trawangan or Gili Air and then get a boat from there to this small island, this can be the easiest and cheapest way if boat charter is too steep and includes the added bonus of visiting another island. This small extra effort is a small price to pay for the tranquility and seclusion in a hotel in Gili Meno.
Gili Trawangan is the largest and most famous island of the three Gili islands in Lombok and is subsequently the most visited. Most people who pass through Bali as part of an extended trip will kick back over on Gili Trawangan for at least a day or two to enjoy the parties and nightlife of one side of the island the peaceful serenity of the other side that offers true tropical island feel. There are no cars on any of the Gili islands as they are all two small to really require one, using the horse drawn carts or hiring a bike is the best way to get round the island although nowhere is out of walking distance as it only takes a couples of hours to walk the entire perimeter of the island. There are also boats available that can take you around the coast to different locations or take you to the other Gili islands if you feel like a day of island hopping in this beautiful part of the world.Many people visit this area via fast boat although it is possible if you are on a tight budget to take the public ferry to Lombok and then take a bemo or bus to the port that leads to the Gili Islands which is a days journey although it will save you the $50 boat cost and will mean you will experience the main land of Lombok as well. There is plenty of decent accommodation and hotels in Gili Trawangan as well as budget and super budget places. It is not difficult to find hotels in Gili Trawangan and to get a beach side room with a pool, private spa and whole list of other facilities as there is so much coast for the size of the island. There is now a 24 hour electricity supply which is a relatively new thing for the island and is still not available on the other islands for all people. This goes to show the remoteness and beauty of these islands although Gili Trawangan is by no means in the dark ages and is fast becoming touristy so enjoy it whilst it is still beautiful.Another beauty of Gili Trawangan is its underwater marine life that provides divers with some of the best diving in the world. Gili Trawangan has attracted divers for years and there are now a number of dive centers and diving specific villas and hotels. You can take a number of PADI course that go from taster sessions through to the basic qualifications right up to dive master and instructor and even specialized courses on underwater photography and mixed gas diving. Gili Trawangan is amongst the most biodiversity areas in the world where you can see so many species of coral fishes and other amazing creatures such as small reef sharks and turtles. Gili Trawangan owes its incredible diving to being right on the Wallace line which separates Bali and Lombok and is where the two different animal and plant types meet producing some incredible species.
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Cultural performances across Lombok are diverse and varied with vibrant life and peaceful ceremonies. They include a scope of dances based on warriors to peaceful ceremonies for burials and offerings etc. The most popular of these is known as the peresean, which is a high-energy fight between two young men with rattan sticks and shields and a judge controlling the preceding and decides up on a winner. All most any festival and ritual in Lombok will be lead by the Gendang Belaq, a large drum that was originally used to lead people into battle. Today the Gendang Belaq is used for peaceful ceremonies and festivals and to welcome important guests.The Perang Topat or rice cake war is a ritual ceremony, which again in derived from the days of war when the king would lead his people into battle during the unstable times of the Indonesian past. Here the blessing is to God for his deliverance of fertile soil and healthy harvest. Interestingly this ceremony is performed by both Hindus and Sasaks who celebrate this day in a number of ways, one of which is to throw rice cakes at each other. This ceremony is great to watch if you are around at the time which is the 6th full moon on the Sasak calendar which is usually in November or December.The Lebaran Topat is an event celebrated by as part of the Moslem followers of Lombok and is a happy occasional where the traditional food of the people, the Topat is eaten with a variety of side dishes and prayer is performed for the safety and prosperity of the Mosque. This is usually limited to west Lombok so it is visible in Mataram and Senggigi and is a joyance affair. Another excellent fun event is the Male’an Sampi, which is a traditional event meaning ‘cow chase’ where, cows race over about 100m of waterlogged grounds. This usually takes place in the farming off-season and displays a wonderful sight of social unity between the people of the villages. The cows are well treated and there are rarely injuries as this is their natural terrain. This even is organized by farmers and enjoyed by all. The farmers also consider the results of these races closely for breeding purposes.The Batek Baris Dance is a march like dance where the Dutch military style is imitated, commands are given in Dutch although they are spoken in a Sasak Dialect. The Batek Baris Dance is usually performed during the Pujawali traditional ceremony processions. It is unclear whether the purpose to mock the Dutch, respect their influence upon the country or whether it symbolizes the strength of their own people during the Dutch reign.All of the Lombok traditional and cultural dances are a wonder to see and it is certainly worth finding out the exact dates of any of the above or any other ceremonies and attending one that falls within your time in Lombok. Given the chance, it is even worth planning your holiday dates in order to catch one of the larger events.
The population of Lombok which is the next island to the east of Bali is a tiny 3,000,000 people who are spread over the 4,725km2 of Lombok's land although the majority of the people are concentrated around the west of the island around the capital city of Mataram and the port of passage to and from Bali named Lembar and the north tourist resort area of Senggigi leading up to the Gili Islands. It is in these areas that the most of the jobs are orientated and in the west and around most of the south of the island there is very little opportunity for people and the people are a lot poorer. The people of Native people of Lombok are known as Sasak people who are Muslim and make up the firm majority of the Lombok' Population. There is also a Balinese Hindu minority that is estimated to account for less than 10% of the population who appear to integrate peacefully with the Sasak people despite the years of vicious history between the two islands. However you often do not need to delve deep before bringing feelings of resentment up from either side although this seems to be a fading thing affecting only a handful of the population.The only other ethnic groups include Chinese, Arab, Javanese and Sumbawanese who are the decedents of past invaders. When traveling in the south it is easy to see how the surfer's village of Kuta is only just growing up from the dust and there are still very few facilities in the area. The surfers who stay there generally wake up early, and go to bed early meaning there are a few places to stay and a few restaurants but no development of resorts or at least not just yet. It is easy to see who Kuta has prospered from the other areas of the south of Lombok where the poverty is stronger, however there retains a pleasant attitude among the people who are mainly farmers and fishers who work on Lombok's soils that are far less fertile than that of Bali.The Sasak Language is completely different to that of the Balinese and is said to have developed from the interactions with Bali, Sumbawa and Java and does have some similarities to each of these languages. However many people understand the modern Language of Bahasa Indonesia which is only just over 50 years old and Is based on the Malay language so if you are traveling in Indonesia and would like to pick up a little lingo then Bahasa Indonesia is the best option however you will be even more appreciated if you learn a few of the basic phrases in Sasak.Festivals and cultures do differ strongly between the Balinese Hindus and the Sasaks who worship completely different gods and ideas. This does give Lombok diversity in its population although if you are traveling in both Bali and Lombok then it is more beneficial to Experience the Unique Hinduism in Bali and the Sasak Culture when in Lombok.
One of the greatest aspects of an Lombok vacation is the many tours that visitors can take. Lombok tours and travel abound for those that want to get out and visit the country. After all, there is more to Lombok Island than the airport, your hotel and the shopping and dining areas. Get out of your hotel in Lombok or accommodation in Lombok and see the real country!Each of these destinations offers a number of interesting sites that can be visited on a planned tour. Some of the areas that can be visited on Lombok tours include… Tajung Aan – an area near Kuta Beach with sand that looks like pepper Desa Sukarare – a village where local weavers and crafters may be readily observed Normada Park – a park containing a lovely fountain, swimming pool, and Hindu temple While on Yogyakarta tours, visitors may see sights such as… Aside from tours in Lombok and the hotel in Lombok also offer up-close and personal views of ages-old ceremonies, dances, temples, and more. For those looking for real adventure, other tours include jungle treks, white river rafting, biking, and other exciting adventures.After an exciting day filled by Lombok tours, visitors can relax at an enchanting Lombok hotel. At a five star Lombok hotel, visitors might enjoy a dip in the pool or a soothing massage at the spa. The possibilities are endless!Let one of the experienced travel professionals do the work for you -- so you can enjoy a truly memorable vacation experience.
Water sports in Lombok are some of the main reasons for the increase in the tourism industry in Lombok, whether you prefer to be under the water or over the water, there is plenty to get involved in or if you want to try something new then Lombok is a cheap place to get lessons in a new sport.Firstly Diving is probably the most popular water sport in Lombok and accounts for the most tourists visiting the area. Most people who visit Lombok with diving in mind stay on the Gili islands, typically the largest and most developed of the three, Gili Trawangan. Here there is an incredible range of Lombok diving with many turtles, sun fish and bumper nose fish as well as awesome coral and other fish and larger animal including rays and sharks at some times in the year. It is not unusual to have over 20 meters visibility in the Gili Islands and sometimes you can see so far and clearly fish swimming that seem to be half a mile away. There is also Lombok diving on the south and east side of the island although most of the diving is for experienced divers and there visibility is not quite as good but there are other animals and creatures such as hammerhead sharks that can be seen which is very rare for most places in the world.Second to Lombok diving is surfing and many surfers make the trip from Bali to get a bit of variation, less crowds and experience the difference of Lombok to Bali which is almost worthy of begin a different country. Surfers tend to base themselves in Kuta where there are no waves immediately but it is only a small drive through the beautiful scenery of Lombok to find the waves such as Grupuk and ekas of the east and Mawi and Desert point of the west. Grupuk is suitable for beginners as long as the swell is not too big but Mawi and Desert point particularly is reserved for the experienced surfers. Both of these breaks are further away from Kuta and have poor roads, desert point is very difficult to reach and is extremely dangerous although it is said by many to be the best wave in the world.If you do not fancy surfing and diving sounds a little expensive or full on for your tastes then why not simply rent a snorkel and dive mask so you can swim through the lagoons looking at the life that inhabits them. You can see all of the different coral types and many small fish and sometimes even turtles and dolphins. This is much cheaper and be a great way to spend your time in the water and witness its beauty. There are also opportunities around the Senggigi area for motorized water sports and sailing different kinds of crafts as well as a couple of surfing breaks in the area. Lombok has a lot to offer in the water as well as out of the water.

Travel to Lombok from other parts of Indonesia can be easily arranged either by air transportation, bus and ferries. Travelers to Lombok can start the journey from Bali on the west and Sumbawa on the east. Regular flights and buses serves from both islands. It is easy to book flights from Bali to Lombok as well as get on the public bus connecting by ferry from Bali.

When entering Indonesia it is important to remember that you must have at least 6 month validity on your passport to enter and also to check the customs regulations that are always subject to change but generally limit alcohol cigarettes and perfume as well as fruits and plant life and photographic materials. Customs otherwise is usually very painless indeed and it is always easy to find transport from the airport or seaports to where you need to go. Now marked taxis are the best method to go for as you can ask to be put on the meter and you will only pay the set amount where as the unmarked cabs are illegal and based on agreed prices that are almost always expensive and although it is rare can lead to undesired circumstances for travelers. Another method if you are trying to save on a little cash then track down the local public bemo transport that costs next to nothing and is frequent due to this being the way the locals get around. Not only does this have a certain street ethnic feel it is also a very good system.

Travel to Lombok in the first place is probably best done from Bali where there are far more incoming flights, there are flights from the eastern areas and from Sumba but no or few flights that are direct from Jakarta although it is always worth checking for up to date information before you set off. A flight from Bali will be very inexpensive using Garuda Air or any of the smaller Indonesian companies. Travel to Lombok can also be conducted by the use of a hired vehicle that can be easily obtained in most areas, it is important to remember that it is illegal to drive in Indonesia without an international license from your country and a helmet and stamp for motorbikes if you wish to use a motor bike. The police are on to this and have been known to stop tourists as they often request that the offender pas a smaller fine by the road then going back to the station. Most of the main roads are good in Lombok although many can be very bad indeed which means the only vehicle that is practical to hire is a large off-road vehicle with a longer wheel base and higher suspension. Many find using a bike easier as they can have more power up the steeper hills and can avoid the sometimes huge pot hole in the road, this of course depends on what kind of use you are going to need from your transport.

The other main precaution to take it to avoid all offers from kids and locals in terms of selling anything, services such as footbaths and bag carrying. Bag carrying should only cost 2000 at the most as should a mosquito coil which is often a weapon of choice although they never settle for even double or triple this at the minimum. Ignore them and say no thanks as they are crafty and will try and talk you into buying things, also thief in these situations can happen although it is uncommon.

Travel to Lombok Island is another holiday experience in Indonesia. There are many interesting tourist places around Lombok. Book now your holiday to Lombok and arrange your hotels including Lombok travel package with us!