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Lombok Island

Having finished your last day in Bali, it is recommended to visit another paradise on the east of Bali called Lombok island. With only 25 minutes flight from Denpasar, you will have a great time to discover another paradise island in Indonesia. You can also go there by ferry from Padang Bai harbor in Karangasem, Bali to Mataram.andnbsp; Lombok is also famous with its white sandy beach with ocean view and quieter ambiance compared to Bali beaches. The island belongs to West Nusa Tenggara Province with Mataram as the capital city. There are a lot of Europeans prefer to visit this island more than Bali. Having white sandy beaches, there is also the second highest mountain in Indonesia called Mount Rinjani that also becomes an interesting objects to explore while you are in this hidden paradise.As Bali, Lombok also has unique culture offers to the tourists visiting this island. The natural beauty is combined with the friendly people. The people of this island mostly are Sasak people who do agriculture. The culture in this island is unique because some people practice Hindu as their belief and some other are Muslims. The handicraft is popular and has been sold in Bali and overseas. The tourists may see the villagers in Penujak, Banyumulek and Masbagik in making their handicraft and pottery. Those places are located about one hour from Mataram by car.There are three small islands located on the northwest coast of this island. The three of them are Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Those three islands are the most popular destinations in Lombok. Each Gili offers white sandy beaches, clear water, coral reef, various colorful fishes, and becomes the best place for water activities like snorkeling and diving. The tourists are able to reach all the three gilis by plane or local boat from Lombok. The only vehicle on those islands is traditional transportation called cidomos. The absence of motorbike on those Gilis make the ambience is suitable for those who want to have activities in private situation.Nowadays, the accommodation in Lombok can be found everywhere on the cities of this island as well as on those three gilis. The accommodation in Lombok varied from 5 star hotels to basic home stay. The hotels and accommodation in Lombok are usually located on the coastline with its cliffs, and the view of blue lagoon that sparkles on the protected bays. While the home stays are surrounded by coconut plantation on tropical garden.andnbsp; The tourists may choose and book a hotel and accommodation in Lombok simply from their hotel in Bali. This website also provide the information of hotels in Lombok as well as the online booking. So, just enjoy your holiday.
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The population of Lombok which is the next island to the east of Bali is a tiny 3,000,000 people who are spread over the 4,725km2 of Lombok's land although the majority of the people are concentrated around the west of the island around the capital city of Mataram and the port of passage to and from Bali named Lembar and the north tourist resort area of Senggigi leading up to the Gili Islands. It is in these areas that the most of the jobs are orientated and in the west and around most of the south of the island there is very little opportunity for people and the people are a lot poorer. The people of Native people of Lombok are known as Sasak people who are Muslim and make up the firm majority of the Lombok' Population. There is also a Balinese Hindu minority that is estimated to account for less than 10% of the population who appear to integrate peacefully with the Sasak people despite the years of vicious history between the two islands. However you often do not need to delve deep before bringing feelings of resentment up from either side although this seems to be a fading thing affecting only a handful of the population.The only other ethnic groups include Chinese, Arab, Javanese and Sumbawanese who are the decedents of past invaders. When traveling in the south it is easy to see how the surfer's village of Kuta is only just growing up from the dust and there are still very few facilities in the area. The surfers who stay there generally wake up early, and go to bed early meaning there are a few places to stay and a few restaurants but no development of resorts or at least not just yet. It is easy to see who Kuta has prospered from the other areas of the south of Lombok where the poverty is stronger, however there retains a pleasant attitude among the people who are mainly farmers and fishers who work on Lombok's soils that are far less fertile than that of Bali.The Sasak Language is completely different to that of the Balinese and is said to have developed from the interactions with Bali, Sumbawa and Java and does have some similarities to each of these languages. However many people understand the modern Language of Bahasa Indonesia which is only just over 50 years old and Is based on the Malay language so if you are traveling in Indonesia and would like to pick up a little lingo then Bahasa Indonesia is the best option however you will be even more appreciated if you learn a few of the basic phrases in Sasak.Festivals and cultures do differ strongly between the Balinese Hindus and the Sasaks who worship completely different gods and ideas. This does give Lombok diversity in its population although if you are traveling in both Bali and Lombok then it is more beneficial to Experience the Unique Hinduism in Bali and the Sasak Culture when in Lombok.
Mangsit Beach is located about 10kms north of Senggigi which is about an hour north of Mataram and a less developed quieter place to stay. The accommodation is of an excellent standard although it is not the international standard that is offered in Senggigi. There are plenty of really nice bungalow resorts situated right on the beach that start at around $10 a night and offer a really chilled out serine vibe without the kind of development that has happened in Senggigi. However the dinning in Mangsit is not the same standard as in Senggigi apart from at some of the better resorts in the area which is no problem as it is worth taking the small drive into Senggigi to dine at one of the marvelous restaurants but still benefit from the quieter and substantially cheaper accommodation. A recommended place for those who are on a budget is Santai beach resort which is traditional style bungalows with garden toilets and showers and hammocks outside the bamboo rooms. These rooms are well spread and angled within a beautiful garden so that you are hardly aware of the other people staying in the area. The bungalows could not be any closer to the beach.There are many activities available right on your doorstep which in this instance is the beach. The beach itself is very quiet with only ever a few people around although the beach does get busier the closer you move to Senggigi. On the beach right outside the Santai bungalows there is a shallow lagoon which is full of small colorful fish, large coral structures and some larger fish such as puffer fish and sometimes dolphins and turtles and is perfect for snorkeling. It is possible to rent the equipment for snorkeling from most of the beach resorts here otherwise you can agree a price with the locals on the beach. A reasonable price for just a mask and the snorkel for one hour is 20 – 30 thousand although any larger tips will be greatly appreciated as the locals here are poorer that those in Bali. There is also a left hand surf break that breaks over the reef right next to the sea wall, this is a mellow wave unless the swell is large although be aware of the shallow reef underfoot.Mangsit is an excellent place to stop off if you are on the way to or from the Gili islands and due to its proximity to Senggigi it is one of the only places in Lombok other than the Gili islands and to a lesser extent Kuta Lombok in the south where you can get a proper tourism scene with western food and service of a very high quality. Around the rest of the island you may find it very difficult to get these kinds of facilities. It is possible to reach this area by the fast boat that sets of from Benoa Harbour and lands in Senggigi and is relatively inexpensive and far quicker and more comfortable then the public boat.
Senggigi Hotels Booking, Travel Rescources, Pictures and Tourist Attraction. Make online booking for Senggigi Hotels with secure payment system is easy with us! Find hotels, check prices and book safely!Senggigi is the main tourist centered area in Lombok and offers a n excellent selection of beachside boutique villas and restaurants as well as a selection of boutique and market style shopping and a variety of excellent restaurants. Senggigi does not appear to be as popular as it has been in past years although the tourist industry is set up and waiting for the number of visitors to pick up again. This is starting to happen but prices are still much lower than they have been and it is possible to book into a luxury resort of a similar standard to that of Nusa Dua or Jimbaran in Bali for far cheaper and receive a less crowded atmosphere with a much nicer beach. Senggigi is located on the West coast of Bali and is very close to the ferry port from Bali meaning it is a perfect stop of point if you are traveling in this area and if you are choosing somewhere to stay for an extended period of time in Lombok than Senggigi is also perfect.The beach at Senggigi is white sand and is lined with palm trees, there is very little to no rubbish on the beach at any point and you only have to walk a short way down the beach before there is not a single tourist in sight and you have your own private beach area to yourself. To get up to the main village you must travel up the winding roads that lead you through tropical woodlands and finally land you in the village that has many traditional aspects and qualities that are well worth seeing and also modern areas with some of the best shopping Lombok has to offer outside of Mataram which is the capital city.Activities available in this area include a great right hand break for surfing and some other spots that are close by for the surfers although these waves break over reefs and are not really suited to beginners, there are some close by beach break areas that are good to have a go on. For surfers staying in this area, it is worth bearing in mind that these breaks only tend to work when the swell is very large. Other activities include diving and snorkeling and all sorts of beach activities including beach ball games and sailing.All of the tourist facilities you will require are easily obtained at Senggigi such as ATMs, banks, police stations, tour operators and post offices etc. another point bearing in mind is the inadequate disabled facilities around the whole area, the locals and tour operators and staff will do their best to help you and if you notify your needs before leaving this is a problem that can be easily overcome. Also as far as tipping goes it is usually not necessary as there is often a service charge already present which we hope will actually get back to the staff although a 10 to 15% tip is greatly appreciated. Senggigi Hotels and accommodation reservation directory provides recommended discount prices. It is easy find selected Senggigi Hotels, resorts and accommodation with special rates.
Senggigi has always been an excellent place to dine and lately since the continuous revolution of the tourist industry in the area there are more and more places springing up all the time and old places have been taken over by foreign investors creating some of the best restaurants in the area. The main strip at Senggigi is really the best place to go for fine dinning unless you would like to try the genuine local cuisine which you will have to search out in the local markets, this food is extremely cheap and the locals will be happy to point you in the right direction and recommend the best of their day to day cuisine.When eating on the main strip in Senggigi you have a lot to choose from and although prices are starting to rise again, it is still far cheaper for the quality of food you are eating then in areas such as Jimbaran and Nusa Dua in Bali. Restaurants tend to have a specialized style or origin of food such as Italian or Thai to name just two. It is possible to find amazing Italian food in a number of Warungs, one of which that can recommended is the Basillico Restaurant which has some of the best pizzas in the area and wonderful pasta. The service is also amazing although the price is slightly more than average, the quality of food is far beyond the average. Another bonus here as with a number of the local places to eat is that you can also watch the sun set from here or in the day there is a wonderful view of the beach and sea. Other recommendations for the more romantic atmospheres and good food is the Alang Alang restaurant which is located closer to town but boasts a superior atmosphere and has very good service as well as out standing cuisine.Most restaurants also have a selection of Indonesian food as well as the specialized food of the place. This will often include fried noodles, fried rice with seafood or chicken, chicken with sweet soy source and a variety of other dishes. These dishes are definitely worth giving a try and are more often than not the cheapest on the menu. Just be sure to specify how hot you like it or whether you like it to be very mild as the case may be. Warung Cak Poer is a very good place to try the nasi goreng which is the Indonesian fried rice if you are searching somewhere to specifically try the local food. Asmara is a very good place to go for an excellent selection of European foods, the Asmara is located close to the art market which any local person will be able to help you find. Really for west Lombok, Senggigi is definitely the best spot to go for food although there are also a number of good places in Mataram, the capital of Lombok. You will probably find that if you are staying in the Senggigi area, you will find all the culinary excitement you could possibly desire on the main strip on your very doorstep.

A short distance of 20-minute flight to the east has safely departed you off Bali to Lombok. The second island, which often receives acclaims as Indonesia's best kept secret, derives the exotic name from Javanese translation of "Chili". Interestingly, Lombok surely rises up the heat when it comes to the indulging notion of traveling pleasure. The island's intact, pristine natural treasure underlines the reasons why avid voyagers would find themselves in jolly amazement on beholding the beauty of this "virgin Bali." Less pestering hawkers, domineering towers, and dirty beaches, Lombok is irresistibly charming with more unpretentious locals, understated luxury, and unspoiled landscapes.

Lombok's wonderful tropical climates flourish abundant harvest of agricultural prosperity. The natives, as a result, enjoy much wealth over food possession and natural pamper on everyday life. It is therefore tourists, mostly backpackers, have become easily accustomed to the scrumptious offerings by the locals whenever they step into the indigenous' modest residences. Since refusals here mostly convey impolite gesture toward the down-to-earth residents, two must-do replies are accepting and returning their sincere smiles with "terimakasih," which simply means "thank you" in Bahasa Indonesia. Furthermore, these people would not tag you along and entreat tips or some moneys for certain favors; what they do is adjusted by their hearts. This is a unique quality which some other beautiful islands have lost their touch.

Unveiled luxury happens to cherish well some shrewd voyagers who have sought Lombok as their splendid leisure spot. You may opt for either Senggigi district, the most developed focal point of tourism highlights, or Gili Islands, the three enchanting mini-islands where a few available parties cater more than just the average all-night-long happy hours. Senggigi, reachable by a short ride with bemo or taxi, is a beachfront idyll that incorporates both irreplaceable cultural heritage and shopping pleasure. Batu Bolong, or familiarly well-known as Brahma's empty throne, has been the most popular site. It is a Hindu temple showcasing impressive sunset view at the stony tip, of which, according to the myth, the chiseled rocks have served as the seating of Brahma's, the god of creation. Alongside the renowned Senggigi Beach, there lie myriads of seaside hotels ranging from the simple backpacker stay to opulent five stars. Names such Senggigi Beach Hotel, Holiday Resort Lombok, Sheraton Senggigi, and many more can be instantly and easily booked through our brisk service. Beneath these hotels, there are interspersed home industries which sell valuable handicrafts like intricate, Lombok signature weaving. The handmade quality surpasses the budget price, meaning that there would be less sinful guilt yet more items to bring back home.

Three Gili Islands, which are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, are the hidden heaven-on-earths you must savor once in a lifetime. 45-minute cruise with the local ferry dashes you away from Lombok to your chosen Gili Island. Coming here, there is one existing golden rule that upholds any of these islands as an ideal getaway is the non-existence of engine vehicles. No traffic, no blaring motor bike, and no loitering taxi honking their horn on your hotel doorstep. The only ride here is cidomo, a horse-drawn open carriage to crisscross in the small number of population. Nonetheless, if floating in rich underwater and holding on to huge tame tortoises resemble your dreamy wishes, Gili Islands will not by any chance let you be disappointed. Play under the sun all day long but return to zealous bars during late nights for "lost paradise" parties are the only booked schedules for your stay in the assuaging isle. Commendable accommodations such Villa Ombak and Villa Almarik, whose owner is an original Italian, may be reserved through our faithful service.

The last venture perfecting Lombok as breathtakingly as possible is Rinjani Mountain. Being the runner-up of the highest mountains in Indonesia dares several fearless risk-takers to take up on the vertical challenge. While the professionals may make it through to the peak in three days and two nights, amateurs could always join the audacious trekking in four days trip. In fact, contacting us to inquire more about the available routes and the service of expedition agents would be the best start to make up this thrilling adventure for real. We ensure simply non-stop euphoria and guaranteed safety during the journey. Appearing as the ending of the dauntless climb later is the absolute pride over standing on top of the world witnessing in the closest distance a humongous caldera with a crater lake, Segara Anak, inside the sterile volcanic zone. All of the hard-work endured is suddenly paid off in an instant; the God's astonishing natural carvings are imbued with the ultimate pleasure of "no pain, no gain" principle. Exceeding adrenaline purifies you as a more resilient person who has conquered this Mother Nature's magnificence. At the same time, the mind-blowing landscape reminds you once again that Lombok is the truly "virgin Bali." Untouched, unforgettable, and unparalleled are what the unsurpassed indulgences in Lombok feel like.

Water sports in Lombok are some of the main reasons for the increase in the tourism industry in Lombok, whether you prefer to be under the water or over the water, there is plenty to get involved in or if you want to try something new then Lombok is a cheap place to get lessons in a new sport.

Firstly Diving is probably the most popular water sport in Lombok and accounts for the most tourists visiting the area. Most people who visit Lombok with diving in mind stay on the Gili islands, typically the largest and most developed of the three, Gili Trawangan. Here there is an incredible range of Lombok diving with many turtles, sun fish and bumper nose fish as well as awesome coral and other fish and larger animal including rays and sharks at some times in the year. It is not unusual to have over 20 meters visibility in the Gili Islands and sometimes you can see so far and clearly fish swimming that seem to be half a mile away. There is also Lombok diving on the south and east side of the island although most of the diving is for experienced divers and there visibility is not quite as good but there are other animals and creatures such as hammerhead sharks that can be seen which is very rare for most places in the world.

Second to Lombok diving is surfing and many surfers make the trip from Bali to get a bit of variation, less crowds and experience the difference of Lombok to Bali which is almost worthy of begin a different country. Surfers tend to base themselves in Kuta where there are no waves immediately but it is only a small drive through the beautiful scenery of Lombok to find the waves such as Grupuk and ekas of the east and Mawi and Desert point of the west. Grupuk is suitable for beginners as long as the swell is not too big but Mawi and Desert point particularly is reserved for the experienced surfers. Both of these breaks are further away from Kuta and have poor roads, desert point is very difficult to reach and is extremely dangerous although it is said by many to be the best wave in the world.

If you do not fancy surfing and diving sounds a little expensive or full on for your tastes then why not simply rent a snorkel and dive mask so you can swim through the lagoons looking at the life that inhabits them. You can see all of the different coral types and many small fish and sometimes even turtles and dolphins. This is much cheaper and be a great way to spend your time in the water and witness its beauty. There are also opportunities around the Senggigi area for motorized water sports and sailing different kinds of crafts as well as a couple of surfing breaks in the area. Lombok has a lot to offer in the water as well as out of the water.

Cultural performances across Lombok are diverse and varied with vibrant life and peaceful ceremonies. They include a scope of dances based on warriors to peaceful ceremonies for burials and offerings etc. The most popular of these is known as the peresean, which is a high-energy fight between two young men with rattan sticks and shields and a judge controlling the preceding and decides up on a winner. All most any festival and ritual in Lombok will be lead by the Gendang Belaq, a large drum that was originally used to lead people into battle. Today the Gendang Belaq is used for peaceful ceremonies and festivals and to welcome important guests.

The Perang Topat or rice cake war is a ritual ceremony, which again in derived from the days of war when the king would lead his people into battle during the unstable times of the Indonesian past. Here the blessing is to God for his deliverance of fertile soil and healthy harvest. Interestingly this ceremony is performed by both Hindus and Sasaks who celebrate this day in a number of ways, one of which is to throw rice cakes at each other. This ceremony is great to watch if you are around at the time which is the 6th full moon on the Sasak calendar which is usually in November or December.

The Lebaran Topat is an event celebrated by as part of the Moslem followers of Lombok and is a happy occasional where the traditional food of the people, the Topat is eaten with a variety of side dishes and prayer is performed for the safety and prosperity of the Mosque. This is usually limited to west Lombok so it is visible in Mataram and Senggigi and is a joyance affair. Another excellent fun event is the Male'an Sampi, which is a traditional event meaning ‘cow chase' where, cows race over about 100m of waterlogged grounds. This usually takes place in the farming off-season and displays a wonderful sight of social unity between the people of the villages. The cows are well treated and there are rarely injuries as this is their natural terrain. This even is organized by farmers and enjoyed by all. The farmers also consider the results of these races closely for breeding purposes.

The Batek Baris Dance is a march like dance where the Dutch military style is imitated, commands are given in Dutch although they are spoken in a Sasak Dialect. The Batek Baris Dance is usually performed during the Pujawali traditional ceremony processions. It is unclear whether the purpose to mock the Dutch, respect their influence upon the country or whether it symbolizes the strength of their own people during the Dutch reign.

All of the Lombok traditional and cultural dances are a wonder to see and it is certainly worth finding out the exact dates of any of the above or any other ceremonies and attending one that falls within your time in Lombok. Given the chance, it is even worth planning your holiday dates in order to catch one of the larger events.