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If for some reason you do not manage to see all of Indonesia 17,000 island, do not disappointed Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park just off the Cikampek toll road located in the south east of Jakarta city. It is a great place to get a cultural and culinary taste of Indonesia. Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park a rough translation of what Taman Mini means is an extensive park exhibiting the pavilions represented all the provinces in Indonesia.Traditional dances, handicrafts, music and food from around archipelago as well as a large walk through aviary and sky train make the Taman Mini Indonesia an excellent way to see some of that you will certainly have missed and even some that you never have found. Like most recreational parks in Jakarta, however it gets crowded on Sundays and public holidays. On the other days it can be so empty that it feels like you have got the whole country to your self.Take your Jakarta day tour to this park and combine with other tourist attraction around the city. It is recommended to join the local guided tour arranged by the travel agents. This will give more knowledge and information about Indonesia in Taman Mini.
The nearby Jakarta hideaways just off the coast, romantically called the Thousand Islands or Pulau Seribu actually closer to hundreds than thousands are very pleasant two hour boat ride away. Fringed with white sand and lapped by deep blue waters, The Pulau Seribu are a marine resort meaning that some of them have been developed and come with complete with luxury accommodation, restaurants and recreational sites. Pulau Seribu also offers the outdoor enthusiast, skin diver, snorkeller, sailor that they all need.Leaving the hustle and the bustle of Jakarta city behind for a weekend holiday for family or couple. It is a great travel destination within a short trip from Jakarta and spend one or two nights. This beautiful sun soaked Pulau Seribu is well worth visit. When planning for a holiday break in these beautiful island.
Jakarta is so rich in history with a lot of museums and restored buildings serving as living monuments to the past. Taman Ismail Marzuki is one of them, as the center of arts and cultural performance. With a program of events that keeps nearly every night covered. Tamain Ismail Marzuki gives a lot of visitors as well as residents of the Jakarta city access to performances ranging from gamelan orchestras and jazz groups to magical mask dances and poetry recitals. The center also exhibits contemporary works of art in its two galleries and has a planetarium which even when it is all done in Indonesian.Taman Ismail Marzuki shall be included on your Jakarta tour itinerary that will give more experience and information of what the national capital has for the visitors.
In the north Jakarta lies Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, a multi hectare leisure complex with an amusement park that while not quite its equal is often referred to as the Disneyland of Indonesia. It is in fact the largest theme park of its kind in South East Asia and has everything from stomach churning cork screws to toe more sedate big wheel, from which you can get more spectacular views of the city. If the weather is clear, tropical islands dotted across the horizon.Travel to Jakarta is not complete without taking a day trip to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Besides a theme park, this area is also a leisure destination for travelers seeking a beach holiday trip in north Jakarta. Many international chain hotels, fine dining, night life and entertainment awaits you for a wonderful moments.
Indonesia national parks, marine parks and nature reserves are emerging as viable attractions in their own right. This is good news for all as it means that animal and plant species are being safeguarded against extinction in millions of hectares of protected rain forest assigned for wild flora and fauna conservation and management.The following nature reserves and marine parks are among the most important and accessible in Indonesia. When visiting any of Indonesia natural sanctuaries, please respect the countryside and take your litter home with you. For divers and snorkelers, do not kill coral to take home as souvenirs. Be prepared if you plan to go on the Indonesia Adventure Tours.Ujung Kulon National Conservation Park - West JavaLocated on the southwestern tip of Java Indonesia, this is the Indonesia premier wildlife reserve where the last fifty or so Java rhinoceros survive. The animals are not surprisingly, elusive but proof of their existence is often visible. Even without a rare view of this very endangered species, the parks offers spectacular sights. The most popular part of the reserve is Peucang Island, where visitors do not have to venture far from the guest house to see the parks residents at close quarters.Ujung Kulon is around 6 hours travel by chartered boat from Labuan in West Java Indonesia.Gunung Leuser National Park - North SumatraLocated in North Sumatra, Indonesia, this extensive park is most famous for its Bohorok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center, where captive orang utans are brought and later rehabilitated back into their natural habitat. Orang Utans are not the only endangered species living under the protection of the park. Others include tigers, jungle cats, gibbons, leaf monkeys, deer, otters, and hornbills.Bunaken Manado TuaIt is the North Sulawesi underwater paradise. Magnificent coral gardens and incredible marine life that are a must for diving and snorkeling.Way Kambas National Park - LampungLocated in Lampung in the South of Sumatra, Indonesia. This parks offers some unforgettable experiences and is the only training center for elephants in Indonesia.Penanjung PengandaranJust south of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. This is a relatively small reserve but well worth the visit for great beaches, coral gardens, caves and spectacular nature walks plus a wide variety of birds.Bali Barat National ParkLies on the western Bali. This is the last home of Rothschilds starling. Terima Bay and Menjangan Island have spectacular reefs and drop offs.Komodo National ParkConsisting of more than the land the most famous resident of this national park has to be the Komodo Dragon, called ora by the locals. These are however almost two hundred different species of wild life including wild boar, buffalo, monkeys, flying foxes, deer, and yellow plume cockatoos.Pulau Dua Nature ReserveCalled Bird Island in English, this is a must for bird lovers. Lies within 15 minutes by boat from Karangantu harbour near the bay of Banten, Indonesia. Between April and August thousands of birds flies from Africa, Asia and Australia landing on the island to lay and hatch their eggs.Pulau RambutThis is another island bird sanctuary and is only 15 kilometers west of Jakarta, Indonesia. Actually two islets serving as a nursery for sea birds during the breeding season of March to July. Pulau Rambut has permanent population of herons, storks and cormorants.Baluran National ParkSituated north of Banyuwangi in East Java, Indonesia. It is on Java north eastern tip, this parks covers an area of 25,000 hectares.Tanjung Puting - South KalimantanIt is not an easy travel to the jungles of South Kalimantan, Indonesia but definitely worth the trouble. The boat trip along the Kumai and Sekunir rivers takes visitors through swamp forest full of life, especially birds and proboscis monkeys.
Indonesian arts and crafts are expression of life, born out of an extraordinary rich cultural heritage. Many Indonesia traditional works of art were developed n the courts of former kingdoms such as those centered in Java and Bali, and formed on integral part of religious and mystical ceremonies. The famous wayang theatres, for example, originate from ancient Hindu mythology and feature portions of The Ramayana and Mahabrata epics which have been adapted to suit local traditions older than anyone can remember.Here are some traditional arts of IndonesiaWayang Role ModelsWayang has always been more than just pure entertainment, it was and is even today a vehicle for public education, a medium of informal information and a means of abstract communication. Over time characters have become role models for the Indonesian people who are exposed to Wayang performances from a very early age, and are familiar with the stories. Different puppets and characters have different personalities depending on their size and shape. The personality of each is defined by the five crucial physical features; size, foot stance, nose shape, eye shape and slant of the head. The most refined and epitome of charm and temperance and apparently the ideal Javanese man is Arjuna the protagonist of the epic Mahabarata.Sounds of MoonlightMesmerizing performances can be seen in most places across the Indonesia archipelago and are as diverse as the various ethnic cultures if which they are a part. Rigid discipline and artistry are the hallmarks of dances from Java and Bali, while those originating from Sumatra, Maluku and most of the other island are characterized by more flexible gratefulness and charm, a distinction which is further accentuated by an entirely different, non gamelan musical accompaniment.Indonesia Batik to Bark ClothCloth and textile form another important expression of the Indonesia artistic tradition ranging from primitive bark cloths in Irian Jaya and Kalimantan to fine silk weaving from Sumatra and exquisite batik in Java. Used as clothes, baby carries, status symbols, gifts, integral part of ceremonies and even currency, cloths pays and important part of Indonesia cultural make up.Every province in Indonesia and ethnic group can lay some claim to fame for a particular style or colour of cloth and some extraordinary examples can be found.Indonesia Living TraditionsArtistic traditions are actively being preserved in Indonesia through carvings, silver craft, and leather as well as in the many art and dance schools which flourish not only in the old courts like Yogyakarta, Bali, and Solo but also in modern government run or supervised academies. The search is continually being conducted for new expressions better adapted to more modern times but still with roots firmly planted in tradition.

Jakarta is the national capital of Indonesia and is a special province located on the northwest coast of Java Island. It is the biggest city in Indonesia and was formerly named Sunda Kelapa, Jayakarta, Batavia and the Djakarta. The province covers an area of 661.52 square kilometers with more than 11 million people. Jakarta is the 11th largest cities in the world and being number five as metropolitan area.

The Jakarta Special Province is divided into five cities and one regency. Those are Central Jakarta, East Jakarta, North Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, and Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu. It is one of the international main gate ways connection other major cities worldwide and is connected to other cities in Indonesia by domestic air carriers from Jakarta International Airport.

It has also wide selection of accommodation spreading over the city. Discount rates are offered by many Jakarta Hotels for advance booking. If you are planning to travel, just check your desire Jakarta Hotels and get more information as well as special discount rates. Our hotels and travel press directory features plenty of special discount booking for all Jakarta Hotels including Jakarta sightseeing tours and travel package.

As a metropolitan city, Jakarta has been completed with many modern facilities for shopping, recreation and tourism. There are plenty of shopping centers, dining spots, night entertainments, budget accommodation and luxury hotels. Jakarta offers wide range of tourism facilities and services, tourist objects and attractions to cater the needs of each visitors from around the world. It also has historical sites, monuments, recreational parks and marine sports activities. Travel to Jakarta is never enough within only a few days.

Some other tourism objects are Sunda Kelapa Harbour, National Monument or well known as Monas, Rangunan National Park, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, Keong Max Imax Theatre, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol and many others.

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