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There are a number of different Hotels in Bandung which are all competing for the niche group of tourists who enter the area. This provides a healthy competition across the separate levels although it does seem to affect the diversity of styles and layouts. It is possible to find hotels, suites and villas in the Bandung area as well as business hotels and fantastic services and facilities which are inline with the international standards that practiced travelers will be familiar with. Bandung is a hub of modern activity with superb shopping and dinning as well as a great nightlife and with only a tiny flight required from Jakarta many people come to experience the indulgence that the city offers. Business is another reason that many people enter the area of Bandung and there are a number of Hotels in Bandung that accommodate these needs specifically. There is also the fabulous tourist attractions located outside the town all of which are well worth viewing including the temples and palaces and the beautiful mountains which surround the city. The Hotels in Bandung include offer anyone traveling to Bandung with the accommodation they require providing you can target the best hotel for yourself.With a number of different standards of Hotels in Bandung ranging from major international conglomerate companies to small cheerful budget establishments and everything in between it can be difficult to make a sweeping statement in terms of facilities and amenities. As you would imagine the top end and mid range hotels all feature air conditioning and hot and cold water in luxury en suite bathrooms as well as satellite television and mini bars not to mention balconies and rooms service etc. but these facilities are now becoming more and more common in the budget Hotels in Bandung closing the gap between midrange and budget with the real differences lying in the quality of the décor, gardens and communal hotel facilities such as the spas, pools and restaurants. Of course you can still find the backpackers lodges and extremely cheap rooms although these are rarely bookable in advance.In terms of facilities the main hotels will feature a number of different restaurants located around the various areas of the hotel overlooking the gardens, the pool areas and the lobby. These will specialize in different types of cuisine as well as providing different images and styles from internet cafes to silver service. The spas are also of a great standard and offer many different types of treatments and there is often a large lobby with great shopping and recreational facilities. Multiple pools are common especially in terms of children’s facilities which can be very good in the Hotels in Bandung and the room service and staff is usually brilliant. Obviously facilities and grandeur vary greatly but usually you get what you pay for and the price is a good indicator as to where in the scale your Hotels in Bandung will fall.
GarutAn old Dutch hill station surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, and crystal clear lakes. Garut Hindu Temples and hot springs are often the destination for hikers attracted by spectacular views from the mountain tops. The choices of where to plan your next trek in the area are as varied as the sights along the way. Some like hike across to Gunung Telaga Bodas with its pale-green crater lake bubbling with pure sulfur.Mount GalunggungAn easy trip from Tasikmalaya by minibus, motorbike ride then a two hour walk is Mountain Galunggung. An active volcano that rumbled and belched less than ten years ago in an eruption that interfered with air traffic all over Java.If you enjoy walking around surrounded by spectacular views, hikes around the Golden Crater of Mount Papandayan, south west of Garut, an active steam hissing volcano that forms one of Java most glorious landscapes. The mountain is named after its bright yellow sulfur deposits and giants its fame due to its highly active and potentially dangerous steaming geysers and poisonous gases.TasikmalayaKnown for its painted umbrellas and unique blend of indigo, burgundy and mustard yellow batik, Tasikmalaya is a major center of various type of handicrafts made from rattan, bamboo, pandanus and other natural materials. Floor mats, baskets, hats, purses and lampshades produced by thousands can be found and may are sent through Jakarta to International market place including Bali.Kampung NagaThe small Salawu Distric Village of Kampung Naga is unique in that it has kept much if its traditional customs over the centuries. The village was built according to ancient Sundanese customs that dictates the use of only wood, bamboo, thatch and stilts.PangandaranPangandaran has both the advantage and disadvantage depending on how much time you have got of being further away from Bandung or Jakarta than the more well known Pelabuhan Ratu. Simple but adequate accommodation is readily available and the area of features a game reserve with hundreds of monkeys and other free roaming wildlife.Inland Boat TripOn the southern coast the next town east of Pangandaran is the small fishing town of Kalipucang. Its nearby river is the staging area for a great boat trip that take you pass the mouth of river and then further east, skirting the mainland between an elongated island that parallels the coast until Cilacap.Karang BolongAlong the south coast of West Java near Karang Bolong lies a small outcropping called Birds Nest Cliff. Here high above the rocky beach and pounding surf are several rickety bamboo scaffolds supporting a few very brave souls risking life and limb in search of bird nests deep in the half submerged cliff caves.

Bandung travel and tourism guides covers the information of how to travel to Bandung, find accommodation and hotels in Banding and book tours in Bandung of West Java. Bandung lies on the highland of 768 meters above sea level with cool mountain fresh air. It is provincial capital of West Java located southeast of Jakarta. The city can be accessed by car, buses and trains from Jakarta. One of the Indonesia travel destination and has been popular amongst domestic travelers for weekend holiday. Foreign travelers usually spend around one or two nights in Bandung to visiting the natural beauty of its surroundings then proceed the journey back to Jakarta or to Yogyakarta.

Bandung tourism industry has been well developed to support the main industrial sectors. Numerous hotels from simple accommodation to five star have been established to cater the needs of each kind of travelers. Most of Bandung hotels situate in the central part of the city and on the hill top facing the city surroundings. There are also some international chain hotels available in Bali. Discount rates for online booking of Bandung hotels are offered during low season period. Just select your hotels in Bandung as your wish then book them using secure link.

Recommended tourist attraction around Bandung area Gedung Sate, Gedung Merdeka and Asia Afrika Museum, Pakuan Building, Bandung Lautan Api Monument, Observatorium Bosscha in Lembang and Cihampelas shopping center.