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Cheap hotels in Ubud

Cheap Hotels in Ubud: Overview

Cheap hotels in Ubud are easy to find and there is a range of different price options in the budget range. When discussing Cheap hotels in Ubud or anywhere else it is important to disambiguate the term cheap which is a subjective to the income and general rate of expenditure of the person embarking on the trip as well as their personal idea of holiday budgets.

Cheap Hotels in Ubud: Price Range

Typically we are talking here about accommodation in the 30 to 60 dollar area which is usually used by holidaymakers rather than the budget backpacker places which can be found from 5 to 10 dollars a night. Cheap hotels in Ubud for families and couples coming on holiday are located all around the main town area as well as out in the lightly built-up areas which have some awesome views around the area. Now that the competition in the area has increased and with the added presence of the fantastic boutique resorts, all of the accommodation seen a rise in the bar of quality.

Ubud is often referred to as the cultural heart of Bali and has many traditional features as well as a well preserved traditional culture. In reflection of this local quality, many cheap hotels in Ubud exhibit the traditional styles and layouts which you will see around the area in an authentic manner. As well as this the pool areas and gardens areas are usually exquisite and where possible the views from these points are can be incredible. The pools are usually either incorporated into the gardens with a natural look or as a modern and luxurious element within the cultural paradise setting. Either way, there is usually also a spa offering a number of different treatments or in Ubud, it is likely that you will experience a better level of a spa treatment than in the other areas of the island.

Cheap Hotels in Ubud: Facilities Reviews

Services at cheap hotels in Ubud are usually similar to that of the more expensive hotels in the area. Cycling, hiking, and trekking are very popular with all hotels due to the ease of organization and the sheer beauty of the area which can be enjoyed from all of these points of view. If you feel you would like to partake in some of the more specialized activities you will find there is generally a tour desk where you can book using a variety of different companies who will come and pick you up from the hotel. White water rafting is among the favorite of the more adventurous who find that the scenery is more enjoyable when whizzing through it down the river.

Cheap Hotels in Ubud: Activities Reviews

Tours around the sights of Ubud and the rest of the mountain areas and trips down to the beaches of the eastern fishing villages are often also offered as part of the activity list. Many places offer Yoga and palates are also among the types of class and session you can embark on and many places have fitness studios and health spas.