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Bali - Tanjung Benoa

Benoa Beach Bali is located in the southeast of Bali just above the on the southeastern most point of the Bukit Peninsula, Nusa Dua. This tourist area is less crowded than Nusa Dua and also less developed offering a more serine atmosphere with no thoroughfare of traffic what so ever due to the geography of the area. Benoa Beach Bali is a finger like mini peninsular that points north and along with the tiny island of Serangan located just to the northeast, it provides shelter for the Benoa harbor that is the main location for the mooring of luxury boats and large vessels. The accommodation around this area is exclusive with many 5 star hotels and very few budget places. There is a security check before you reach this area by road at Nusa Dua where a friendly but thorough check on possessions and vehicles coming into the area by the police and security using metal detectors.Benoa Beach Bali is a drive of about 30 minutes from the International airport and although a comfortable air-conditioned airport transfer is commonplace when staying at any of the places in this area. Benoa Beach Bali is famous of relaxed white sand beaches and water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing and a variety of different boating including canoeing, kayaking and fun boating such as banana boating and parasailing. The area was once just a mangrove swamp is now one of the most exclusive areas in Bali. This area has a very different feel to the rest of the island with big wide roads, no litter, plenty of tropical plant life and well maintained park areas that feel more like a Hollywood boulevard then an Indonesian island. This modern luxury feel to the entire area has been well blended with traditional statues and concepts and there are still the original temples and market areas that are positively teeming with life and vibrancy offering the real feel of the culture.The Benoa Beach Bali was badly affecting by the bombings in terms of tourist numbers also now the place is beginning to boom again and the places such as the galleria that has been closed for years is undergoing renovations for reopening. Nusa Dua and the entire area is the product of strategic placement of most of the 5 star villas away from the rest of the island in an area that can be controlled and maintained to higher level and also prevents the rest of the island from the negative effects that tourism can impose on a culture. Benoa is is also home to the Nusa Dua offshore reef that picks a lot of swell for surfers and a few other breaks such as the two spots next to the mushroom rock and the beach known as Sri Lanka. Unless you have the money to spend here in this luxury area then these are the only reasons to really make the trip down.

Tanjung Benoa is located on the peninsula located just north of Nusa Dua and can be access only via the Nusa Dua police checkpoint road and then driving north to the Tanjung Benoa area. Tanjung Benoa makes up the harbor area extending around to the Serangan area and offers some beautiful beaches and excellent harbor scenes, as well as this in a similar way to the development of Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa has blended into this area offering the same quality of resorts, hotels and villas as you will find around Nusa Dua.

Tanjung Benoa tends to offer more resorts and boutique villa set ups than Nusa Dua so if you are looking for seclusion with white sand beaches and water surrounding the area as well as the views of the harbor and the elegance and luxury of Nusa Dua, then Tanjung Benoa could be the place for you. Tanjung Benoa is perfect for couples breaks as well as wedding and honeymoon trips where you will be able to enjoy the excellent facilities as well as the traditional and modern private pool villas which are offered all around the area. There are also a number of excellent restaurants and you are only a stones throw away from the glitz and glamour of Nusa Dua.

Tanjung Benoa is located around 44 minutes drive from the international airport and does require passing through the police check to enter although if you are keen to embark on a tour or travel around the rest of the island you will be happy to know there is plenty to see in the south of Bali including dreamlands and the Uluwatu temple and with the by pass road leading up to the main area of the island of Bali and opening up the rest of the island. Having said this, Tanjung Benoa is one of the most convenient places from which to embark on one of Bail's many cruises and boat trips including visiting the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

Dinning and nightlife in the Tanjung Benoa is very good with a number of intimate and sophisticated bars and clubs which offer a whole range of different cuisine from all around the world including European dishes, Asian fusion as well as Mexican and much much more. In terms of spas there are some of Bali's very best spas located in the area of Tanjung Benoa including traditional spas and a number of modern or themed spas all offering some of the best treatments of the island. Activities at Tanjung Benoa include a whole range of different water sports and using the Nusa Dua eye to look around with a bird's eye view of the Bukit of Bali. Offing all of this as well as tropical beauty and culturally interesting areas such as temples and the traditional areas of the harbors, this is a luxurious area that is amongst plenty of areas of interest and tropical indulgence.


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