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Bali - Tabanan

One of the most popular and worthwhile points of interest in the Alas Kedaton area is the monkey forest which is a small forest that occupies a reasonably sized area and due to the Balinese Hindu respect and beliefs about monkeys, Alas Kedaton is also considered a holy area and also has some interesting temples and ancient stories and myths. The monkeys roam free in the yards and in the trees that have been preserved, some of which area extremely old and huge with thick trunks and covered with long vines. This is one of the few areas in Bali that is protected and where monkeys can breed and live in comfort and safety.When entering the money forest you will find the monkeys have made it their own and inhabit the entire area including the temples and surrounding walls. The monkeys, thru to the fable have a habit of being cheeky and may snatch things that are hanging out of bags or pockets or even sometimes things that are being loosely gripped in you hands. This is usually down to the fact that many people bring food for the monkeys and you can buy bananas and other foods at the gates. The likelihood is that you will be robbed of these shortly upon entering the park and then probably not bothered again as you walk around. It is however worth keeping an eye on what they are doing although the experience of walking among these incredible primates is invigorating and highly memorable as well as being extremely cheap and located in the south west of Bali.In the same area around Alas Kedaton there are also the bat caves and tree zones around the bats where the bats can be seen hanging out. These huge bats are quite a spectacle and the sight of these magnificent creatures in flight is incredible and very Indiana Jonesish. There are usually locals around that are used to handling the bats who will open out the bat’s wings so you can see their full size up close and their entire wingspans.
Batukaru Temple, otherwise known as Watukaru temple is one of Bali’s largest temples and is located in the Tabanan area that is just north of Seminyak and the Kuta area. Batukaru Temple is about one and a half hour’s drive from the international airport and offers a long maze of wondering and much to see. The Batukaru Temple is set in the plateau are which is set aside from the local residential areas as a place reserved for worship and holiness alone. The result is a very peaceful atmosphere where you have time to walk around all of the different areas of the temple at your own pace and soak up the Balinese vibes and serenity. As with most of the temples it is possible that you may acquire a cling on hawker who offers to guide you around the area, if you wish to employ their service agree on a price before hand, 20,000 to 30,000 rupia is a reasonable price although there is no reason why you need their service. Sometimes however the person may be knowledgeable in the temple and offer interesting information. Really the best way to see the Batukaru Temple is by employing the use of a professional tour company who will pick you up from your hotel and guide you round the temple and other areas of interest that are close by and are always well learnt in the history and facts of the areas they guide. These tours are inexpensive and include comfortable air conditioned transport and packed lunch.The Batukaru Temple is located in the Tabanan area so it is easy to reach from any of the southern resort areas and also offers a drive through the Balinese tropical countryside. This is the first real area where traditional panoramic views can be enjoyed when driving out of Kuta. The history and past of the Temple of Batukaru is unclear and shrewd with mystery and is it not really clear how its importance came to be and there is little to no data about the Batukaru Temple in any of the ancient scrolls and parchments that are usually relied on for most of the history of Bali. The main festival of the temple of Batukaru is Umanis Wara Dungulan which is around the biggest Balinese holiday of Galungan and comes around every six months. When the festivals are on it may be that you are unable to visit the inside of the temple but this is not always the case and if you are equipped with the correct garments such as a sarong and respectful clothes you may be invited in to the see the proceedings of the temple.The structure of the temple is in line with the general layout and building of a Balinese temple and has the outside, middle and inner areas each of which with their own importance in the keeping away of the bad spirits ad the beckoning of the good. The most holy area is in the center and there area areas reserved for the preparation of festivals.
The views are sensational from Jatiluwih as you can look south over the rolling hills of Tabanan and the endless padi fields that chisel memorizing patterns into the landscape and look north or rather up at the impressive mountains that from here seem very close and as if this wasn’t enough looking east you can see further rice paddies as well as small groups of tropical trees leading right up to the coast and a sea view.Places of interest include in the area include the monkey forest and bat cavers that are located within the woods and are a protected area with some ancient trees with huge thick trunks towering high into the canopy with vines draped over the entire area. There are also many large and interesting temples to visit and the agricultural complexes as well as the unique Balinese ceremonies of the area that relate to the harvests of this organic land that affects the people of the area so much.There are some excellent places to stay in the Jatiluwih area, most of which are based on the traditional bungalow villa set up and the palace like grandeur of the brick villas that are also incredible. There are also some cheaper budget places but all tend to be cheaper than the south of Bali for the standard of service and accommodation received. Sometimes it can be difficult to find ATMs or banks when you are in the north of Jatiluwih so it is often a good idea to take out the money you require for the trip if you are visiting or if you plan to stay in one of the luxury villas it can be a good idea to either pay up front for the standard rate to avoid carrying large sums of money of have the cashier hold the money although most places have private security boxes. However crime is not a worry in this area where Karma is the only policing required.Jatiluwih is an excellent place for couples or honeymooners to come and enjoy the area and stay in the fabulous accommodation however it is a perfect spot for anyone to visit who fancies a little culture and serenity to go with their Kuta holiday.
Tanah Lot is one of the most visited area in Tabanan Regency. It is one of the regencies in Bali that produce best agriculture. The regency is bordered by Buleleng to the north and Badung to the east, Jembrana to the west and Indian Ocean to the south. You will enjoy the scenic view of terraced rice fields when you pass the regency on the way to Gilimanuk Harbor. The main attraction when you visit the area is the mystical Tanah Lot Temple. This is one of the most important temples for Balinese Hinduism built on the rock surrounded by seawater and is guarded by black sea snakes. Thus, the temple can be accessed only on low tide. Besides its mystical history, this place is perfect for enjoying the spectacular sunset view and in special occasion, you may see Balinese religious ceremony being held in the temple. It needs about an hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport to get to this place.The location is perfect for holiday escape as the location that is quite far from the bustle of Kuta and Legian. You will not meet any crowd but the breathtaking view of the terraced rice field and the sound of the nature. We have listed private villas in Tanah Lot and the discount for your online booking. Enjoy all the privileges of staying in your preferred villas in Tanah Lot combined with tranquil and the spectacular view for your memorable break. Furthermore, you may explore many interesting places in the nearby area such as the fresh mountain air and the exotic view of Bedugul/Lake Beratan, Alas Kedaton and Taman Ayun Temple. Choose you preferred villas in Tanah Lot to enjoy the spectacular view of the sunset as well as the scenic view of terraced rice field right from your villa. Browse detail information as well as the photos of your preferred villa in this web and make your online booking. Save your budget by making online booking through us for villas in Tanah Lot is in discount rate.

Tabanan Regency Travel guides and destination information while holiday in Bali. Tabanan Regency lies on the southwestern part ofBali and  is well known as green and fertile area. The agriculture has been developed very well here. The regency borders Badung on the east, Jembrana on the west and Buleleng on the north. Northern side of Tabanan around Bedugul area produces fruits and vegetables while southern side produces good quality of rice.

Tabanan covers 839,30 square km of land and is divided to 10 sub district including Baturiti, Penebel, Pupuan, Marga, Selemadeg, Kerambitan, Tabanan as its capital city, Kediri, Selemadeg Barat, and Selamadeg Timur. The total population is more than 374.000 people mostly live on agriculture, tourism industry and government offices.

Natural resource have become the main destination of tourism activity in Tabanan. Those include Tanah Lot, Bedugul and Lake Bratan.

Places of interest include in Tabanan

  • Blayu Village - The famous place which produces Songket Sarongs.
  • Jatiluwih Village and Yeh Panes - You can plunge in the hot spring and enjoy the natural view of highland here.
  • Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bedugul - This Botanical garden is a branch of Bogor Botanical garden with large collection of plants.
  • Luhur Batukaru Temple - This temple is one of the six sacred temples in Bali
  • anah Lot Temple - Famous with sunset view and its spectacular location.
  • The Margarana Monument (Bali's National War Memorial


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