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Bali - Singaraja

Discount Hotels in Singaraja, North Bali - Best Deal Singaraja Hotels and Accommodation. Singaraja is a town which located in the North of Bali facing to the Bali Ocean. It is the second largest town in this island. There are many natural tourism objects in this region such as beautiful beach with calm wave, mountain and hill surroundings, water falls, and amazing lakes. The tourists can reach this tow in three hours by car from the capital city of Denpasar. On the way to Singaraja, the tourists may see beautiful mountains on the left side of the twisting road. Not only natural tourism objects, but also historical and cultural tourism object may be experienced in this county. A number of temples such as Perancak Temple, Rambut Siwi Temple, or Beji Temple may be visited to see closer the tradition of Hindus cultures which mostly worshipped in Bali.Do not forget to visit Lovina Beach while visiting Singaraja. Innumerable accommodations with Bali Ocean view are available in this area. The quiet beach makes tourists loosing their stress. There is much information of cheap hotels we serve for the guests who wish to spend the night in Singaraja. Do not worry since we provide discount in Rupiah.Should you wish to know more choices of hotels in Singaraja, the followings are the hotels that we offer for you.

Early dawn of Singaraja allures you to saunter along Lovina Beach’s dramatic ocean scene. Those who recoil for a touch of the past may find glorious spectacles in the west facets, whereby authentic and esoteric temples sit undisturbed in effervescent divinity. Despite its tranquil setting yet less crowds, green pasture at the east entails delightful trekking for nature lovers who enjoy running the gamut over sprawled, emerald-gleaming savanna. There is as well a majestic city that leaps you in a jiffy to the olden days when Dutch laid a foot on the extravagant beauty of Bali. Buleleng, aside being the largest city in the Bali north shore, yields your amazed admiration due to its nostalgic European elements juxtaposed to gracious natural panoramas such as a rushing waterfall. You then could sprinkle a little bit of fun while savoring the city’s sublime facet, only at Singaraja’s gorgeous downtown.

Dolphins leaping beyond Lovina Beach’s volcanic sand sounds like a wild imagination coming true. Indeed, neither manufactured aquarium nor strict instructors may tame these exquisite aquatic creatures from flitting boisterously at Singaraja’s west coast underwater. While sprinting onboard along the beautiful fish, you can seize the chance of patting their smooth-sleek skin. Another alternative is to retreat toward lazy hotels for a leisurely sunbathing under the tanning sun. To complement it all, one glass of cool watermelon juice is served straight on your cabana table.

Balinese Hindu devotion has bred a number of exotic sanctuaries along Singaraja’s interspersed corners. Your preference might fall upon either Pura Beji at Sangsit in the east where local signature carving dominantly decorates the intricate design or Jagaraga’s Puri Dalam which encompasses peculiar modern relief with unusual depiction over planes and car robberies. Nevertheless, nothing can parallel to Gedong Kirtya’s details on Balinese old times’ sake as it comprehensively stores 3,000 original manuscripts referring to the northern island territory’s history. Skimming on the old chapters of the library unfolds before your very eyes a large collection of valuable writings on frond leaves which date from a paperless era, when global warning was just a sci-fi matter. Apart from the language barrier, strolling inside instills an intriguing sensation, as if a surge of information readily awaits your understanding to follow through, grasping on how Singaraja has evolved through the centuries.

To return to Buleleng, expect a fancy detour visiting a splendid waterfall hidden in this misty highland. Gitgit Falls, while thoroughly breathtaking, leaves you to dip in cool small streams which cut through spreading limestone and rush to yonder ends. Probably, they cease at two most favorite natural springs in the city’s east, Air Panas (hot) and Air Saneh (cold natural spring). It is best to plunge instead of dipping in, letting the water rejuvenate your vigor once more. Rendered as essential to induce local relaxation, the Air Panas shall penetrate in its mineral particles to subtly heal your physique. The other temperature challenges your guts to stay cool and wet for a while. You could, either way, get together with the whole family and sprinkle some splashes to each; or, savor the moment to overlook the city spectacle from higher ground. All sublimity is enveloped by the city, and by the special part of Bali, Singaraja, dedicated to your only wonderful visits of the year.