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Bali - Sanur

Belanjong Temple lies in Sanur in the eastern part of Denpasar on Danau Poso street and is around 7 kilometer from Denpasar. This temple features a pillar stone with 77 centimeters in length and a crown of lotus flower, which are in the trunk of an old banyan tree covered by its Spanish moss. The temple tells a military expedition of Cri Kesari Warmadewa to Gurun and Suwal.The name is presumably derived from the former names of Lombok and Sumbawa, the neighboring islands to the east of Bali. The document is sculpture in a bilingual script, Sanskrit and old Balinese. Kesari Warmadewa was the king who ruled over Bali in the beginning of the tenth century. The most striking sculptures are the characters, namely because the Sanskrit is written in old Balinese, whereas the old Balinese is Pre- Nagary character. This may be meant to show the kindness of the Balinese artists or to express that the King was Buddhist, because the Pre Nagary characters were only letters used by Buddhist. Blanjong had become the village of Hindu Balinese long before the dynasty of Kesari Warmadewa existed. Although the Pre Nagary characters were used , it might have been only the royal family who were Buddhist, and the people of Hindu.Sanur is one of the prime tourist resort in Bali and provides comprehensive tourist facilities and services including hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment. Belanjong Temple is located close to all major tourist facilities in Sanur. The temple opens daily and can be visited by both local and foreign visitors. It is recommended to use formal clothes with Balinese "Anteng".It is within easy walking distance from any hotels around Jalan Danau Poso.
Discount Hotels in Sanur, Bali - Lowest Room Rates for Sanur Hotels and Villas Special Offer. Sanur Hotels, Villas and Resort Reservation Directory. The travel directory offers selection of discount hotels in Sanur including Sanur villas and five star accommodation. Search your desire hotels in Sanur, check special rates and book online!Since 1930 has become the central of tourism in Bali Island. The natural panorama offered is very amazing combined with the unique culture of local Balinese communities who live in the coastal zone. The beach is unique and varies, from black sand beach in Padang Galak to white sand beach in Semawang collaborate with the blue ocean. There are many tourist activities cab be committed in Sanur. Spending holiday in Sanur, tourists can visit several historical tourism objects such as Le Meyeur Museum, Blanjong epigraphy which was written before 913 BC or Sakenan temple which built on the rock which is usually visited during Kuningan celebration. The tourists may also play canoes along the calm water or hire a boat to see beautiful corals in the sea. To spend holiday and enjoy the beauty, tourists may choose a number of accommodations types in Sanur such as home-stay, bungalow, hotel or villa. Simply just choose the accommodation type and hotels in Sanur which is affordable. The types of hotels in Sanur are varies starting from five star hotel such Bali Hyatt to cheap Sanur hotels and villas are available for all classes of tourists.Sanur can be easily accessed from all tourism destinations in Bali such as Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Jimbaran and others. The tourism facilities offered are the same as other places including hotels, villas, and other types of accommodations. Half of the hotels in Sanur are off the beach and also along Jalan Danau Tamblingan.We have special discount for all hotels in Sanur. Start planning your holiday to Bali and do not forget to contact us to check the hotel’s rate and room availability. The Bali hotels which we offer in Sanur are varies and all are given discount up to 70% off.
Sakenan Temple is one of the holy temples in Bali, located on the edge of Serangan, near Benoa Harbor.Sakenan Temple gives a pilgrimage with a shire built in a terraced pyramid. The shrine is situated in an open-air court of the temple with one gate guarded by statues of demon watchers. Behind the temple is another guardian statures to dedicate the divine soul of Danghyang Niratha, a Hindu priest from East Jawa, who spread Hinduism to Bali. He preceded his mission up to Besakih on the slope mount Agung, Temple of Penataran Agung Besakih. Not far from the temple of Sakenan is another smaller temple, which is called 'Sakenan Temple Wadong'. TheSakenan Temple was formerly one on the chief sanctuaries of the prince of Mengwi. Its functions is as a chief sanctuary, the temple of Sakenan still has connection with the temple of Uluwatu on the southernmost edge of this island. The ceremony day of the temple comes on the same day: Paditya wage Kuningan, once every two hundred and ten days. This ceremony is called Pamaridan Guru, meaning the returning day of the gods to Sunya Loka (the heaven), after blessing the word and granting welfare to all being in the world. The island of Serangan has become a pilgrimage island since some decades ago. Thousands of people of Denpasar and Mengwi come to visit this island on every Galungan day, on of the most important Balinese holidays.The legend tells, the word Sakenan is derived from the word 'Sang Kya Muni' the predicated for Buddhist priests. Muni is the highest of Buddhist. The Balinese are accustomed to addressing one's rank caste. They know someone's rank better than the name itself. Sakenan is believed to be the residence of a 'Muni' whilst in the effort of spreading Buddhism on this island. He proceeds his mission to Lombok next to this island. These holy holiest place including the temples of Sakenan and Uluwatu in Badung, Tanah Lot in Tabanan, Mas in Gianyar, Rambut Siwi in Jimbaran, and Pulaki in Singaraja. According to the legend, The temple of Sakenan is a monumental sanctuary (pandarma) deldicate to the sculls of the worries who were killed in the battle between the tropes of the people an one side, and the tropes of Mayadanawa, the fierce King, on the other side, with gods and the victory of the tropes of the Gods and the people.AccommodationThere is no accommodation around Sakenan in Serangan.How to get thereIt is about 20 minutes drive from Kuta and around 10 minutes from Sanur. No local sightseeing tour is arranged by travel agent. It is suggested to hire your own vehicle to visit this place.
Sanur is the original Bali seaside resort that has developed naturally over the years due to its physical and cultural characteristics and beauty. Sanur Beach is located just 25 minutes from the international airport, 15 minutes from the Kuta area, 10 minutes to Denpasar and with excellent by pass access to the rest of the island Sanur is a very well positioned venue. The locals of Sanur have been interested in Balinese spirituality and magic for generations and as with the rest of east Bali are particularly friendly, welcoming and accommodating. With this said it is surprising how un-crowded and peaceful Sanur is, there are many activities to try on the beach as well as beach resorts and bars and restaurants but this is all spread along a long coastline creating a secluded feel where the action goes unnoticed to the sunbathers and loungers upon unspoiled beaches that maintain the traditional Balinese feel.Sanur beach is a long stretch of beautiful white sands lined with palms that shade dreamy footpaths market stalls and relaxed beach cafes. Along the beach are a number of traditional groins complete with traditional Balinese Bale (raised shaded day sleeping and relaxing areas). Most are no longer used although a few are sometimes occupied by the odd fisherman who fish from these waters. The waters of Sanur are protected by a long string of offshore reefs creating large, warm shallow, safe lagoons that are perfectly clear and excellent for swimming, snorkeling and a whole array of water sports. Surfers will be pleased to know that the reefs around Sanur produce some of the best waves in the world in the right conditions although they can be very shallow and dangerous at low tides. There are also plenty of more consistent spots around the area for surfing.Other activities in Sanur are include sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing and cycling although the most popular activity by far is relaxing in the amazing beach resort’s beach access, pools and at cafes and on the sun loungers and sands. Accommodation in Sanur is of a mid to high range standard offering many dazzling beach resorts, international hotels and villas. There are some budget places but not in the abundance of Kuta, for budget accommodation look slightly outside Sanur in neighboring towns. This is due to Sanur being more of a family or couples holiday area, there are no big clubs and loud youths in Sanur, instead there are more classy relaxed bars and pub style bars that can be hard to find in Bali, food and drink is generally very good here and prices are not at all extortionate.Sanur’s positioning also makes for an excellent luxury base from which to explore the rest of the island, particularly the southern Bukit, east, Ubud and the mountains. Further up the east coast are many sleepy fishing villages that are far less visited then south Bali and offer a real taste of Bali.Sanur in round up is the perfect spot for many people who seek a family holiday or a more sophisticated beach holiday for couples or friends. Sanur is in the mid price range and is far cheaper than Nusa Dua but offers a more refined atmosphere than Kuta. Sanur’s positioning, activities and beautiful safe beaches all create the perfect spot where every family member’s needs are catered for in an area that still retains tranquil serenity. Sanur is more than unobjectionable and a recommendation for all but the more budget conscious backpackers and young
Sanur is a charming Balinese village that has been growing up since 1930. This original seaside holiday area has excellent facilities for tourists such as restaurants and shopping center combined with tranquil beach scene that is perfect for couples or family holiday. Moreover, the beach is protected by the reefs creating lagoons that the water is safe for swimming even for your children. Also, there are plenty water activities to do here, such as canoeing, snorkeling and many more.Administratively, Sanur is part of Denpasar City that it can be reached easily from other parts of the island such as 25 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport and is 30 minutes drive to the artists villages of Ubud. The beach at the village is varied, it has a black sand beach in Padang Galak and white sand beach in Semawang shaded by coconut trees combined with the unique culture of Balinese local community. In addition, you may take schedule public boat to the nearby Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan operated in Sanur Beach.There are plenty private villas in Sanur ranging from the luxury to the affordable one offering more privileges while enjoying your holiday in Sanur. Generally, the villas in Sanur feature swimming pool, air-conditioned bedroom/s, en-suite bathroom and other features you never get when staying in the ordinary hotel room such as semi-open living area and fully equipped kitchen. Staying in private villas in Sanur is the great way to start exploring the village including a visit to Le Meyeur Museum, watching the incredible sunrise and enjoying the beach activities.Find selections of private villas in Sanur of your wish in this website. You may love the one on the beach or other places in this area. You also get the complete review of the villa you want and then just make your booking online. You will get prompt confirmation regarding your book that yojustify”>Selection of villas in Sanur are available for online booking at special discount rates. Just check the listing of villas in Sanur then find your preferred villa.
Sanur is a peaceful and friendly fishing town on Bali's east coast, about 30 minutes drive north from Nusa Dua and 20 minutes north east of Kuta. It was in Sanur that modern tourism was first developed, and you can find, therefore, the most established and oldest hotels in Bali. In recent years the focus of tourism has shifted towards Seminyak and Nusa Dua, and Sanur has lost out on the one hand, but on the other hand is has profited by remaining quietly busy with a more elderly crowd of regular tourists and family holiday makers, and actually it has al lot to offer.There are some delightful restaurants aligning the main street of Danau Tamblingan, with some choice hangouts and bars too. There is a stream of designer boutiques and some fairly good health and well-being spas too. Local culture is still prevalent here and there are many local Balinese eateries (warungs) where local food at local prices can be enjoyed. The further you head towards the south of Sanur and the local residences and hotels give way to darker backstreets along Danau Poso. Apart from some Bali luxury villas and small private businesses, this is where youl will find Sanur's not so obvious red light district which comes moderately alive from nightfall.Heading back to the beach and youll find that the offshore reef has created a natural lagoon system unique along Bali's coast. The lagoons are vast and at high tide the water is deep enough for swimming, kayaking, glass bottomed boating, jet skiing, wind surfing, parasailing, and any other water sport that requires still and calm water. Offshore from the fringing coral reef and scuba diving, deep sea angling, sailing, and surfing predominate. So as you can see there is quite a diversity here when it comes to beach a sea-side activities. There is even a well established kite-surfing school that can be found towards Pantai Mertesari in the south of Sanur.There are various art galleries in Sanur such as Gallery Santrian in Jalan Danau Tamblingan, where youl will discover classic paintings and sculptures. Theres the Seiki Torige Gallery, with beautiful and unique expos of his incredible glass work. And theres also the Le Mayeur Museum, with works of art from this extraordinary and eccentric Belgian painter. So as you can see, Sanur has many places of cultural interest to experience. There are also Sanur's neighborhoods to be considered and explored, one of which is known as Blanjong area. It is here where the unusual temple Pura Blanjong can be found. This temple was erected as a cenotaph to Sri Kesari Warmadewa, a Buddhist apostle who is also considered to be the founder of the worlds largest Buddhist temple found in central Java and known as Borobudur Temple. There are also many traditional Balinese communities living in and around Sanur, and their culture can be felt and enjoyed on a daily basis due to the vast number of ceremonies that proceed through the streets here.

Sanur lies on the southeast coast of Bali with 18 kilometers of pristine white sand beach and is more peaceful atmosphere comparing to Kuta and Legian. The beauty of its surrounding area and breathtaking ocean view makes Sanur is a comfortable tourist place. Accommodation, art shops and restaurants resides along the beach, the main street and between the Balinese village. Since there is only few night clubs and no all night parties, Sanur becomes not favorite to younger travelers. But there are plenty of restaurants and bars to keep entertaining the travelers. It is also a great place for family holiday in Bali.

Getting in and out
The easiest and the fastest way of getting to Sanur from other parts on Bali is by tourist shuttle bus or by private taxi. For short distance around the south of Bali, Bemos are the alternative and you will be traveling with the local people. The only Bemo serves for Sanur is from Denpasar. There are two bus terminal where you can get those bemos, Kereneng and Tegal. Kereneng bus station links to Ubung and Batubulan while Tegal bus station links to Kuta, Nusa Dua and Ubung. When you ride on a bemo make sure to check its color. The dark green bemos serves from Tegal to Sanur and the yellow bemos serves from Kereneng to Sanur or visa versa.

Most hotels and losmen in Sanur will be able to arrange transport from and to the airport and Benoa Harbour. Many travel agents also provides shuttle bus service. Renting a car and motorbike is recommended for those possessing international driving license and having a good Bali map.

Sanur is departure point to get on boats to Nusa Lembongan from the end of Jalan Hang Tuah. The boat leaves daily between 08:00 to 09:00.

Sanur is one of the two main diving spots on the south of Bali and is a good place to learn dive. If you are a beginner then Sanur is a suitable spot to learn diving.