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Bali - Nusa Dua

Discount Hotels in Nusa Dua Beach, Bali - Best rates for Nusa Dua Beach Hotels and Luxury Resorts. Nusa Dua Hotels and Luxury Resort Reservation at discount rates. Nusa Dua tourist area exists right on the tip of the southern Bali and is one of the elite tourist areas with various selections of 4 and 5 star hotels. The area is located around 25 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Airport or 35 minutes drive from Kuta Beach. Strategic location in the exclusive area makes Nusa Dua is different to other tourist areas in Bali. The neatly arranged park provides a harmonious impression and the blending of its natural beauty causing this area far greener and more beautiful, here also built a famous golf course namely Bali Golf and Country Club.Nusa Dua also offers facilities for tourist who would like to undertake conference or business meeting as has been supported and furnished with the biggest and the most complete conference’s facilities in Bali. In addition, Nusa Dua is second to none other tourist area in Bali in terms of providing shopping spots, recreational centers and restaurants. All exist in the integrated area.Nusa Dua Beach is a suitable place to relax whilst enjoying the blue Indian Ocean. You could swim and sunbath without being hindered by vendors. The pounding waves and the blow of set breeze would calm your mind so that make you fall into sleep in the warmth of the Bali’s sun.Holidaying in Bali and staying in one of hotels in Nusa Dua could be personified, as we provide special rates for recommended hotels in Nusa Dua. Your holiday would be exciting as all hotels in Nusa Dua are located on the edge of the beach and having easy accesses to shopping spots, restaurants and recreational centers by shuttle bus.So book now for your holiday in Bali and staying with one of hotels in Nusa Dua!.
At the very southeastern tip of the Island of Bali where the island tapers off into a peninsula is the prestigious Nusa Dua area. Nusa Dua beach is undoubtedly Bali’s premier top end resort area and it is not just the presence of the grand international hotels lining the tropical white sand beaches that are to thank for this Nusa Dua is unrivaled as a beach holiday spot. Nusa Dua is located only 15 minutes from the International airport and although it is the southern most point it has amazing access to the rest of Bali. The entire area has the feel of a well-established boulevard style location with excellent wide modern roads and beautifully kept gardens, which thanks also to the lack of through fare make for very pleasant tropical driving. The beaches here are white sand with turquoise/blue warm shallow lagoons offering excellent diving, snorkeling, safe swimming and a whole multitude of other sports.Due to the little thoroughfare of traffic down here the beaches are by no means crowded, a short drive north up the Benoa Peninsula reveals the same landscapes with less development and even less crowds.Accommodation is top notch with the likes of Ayodya Resort, Grand Hyatt Bali and Melia Bali, Nusa Dua Beach, Inaya Putri Bali represented here on the main strip. It goes without saying that prices are higher here then anywhere else in Bali but as with the rest of Bali the Value is outstanding. No expense or effort is spared in these fabulous beachside resorts, the private villas, gardens, views, location, spas, restaurants, services, facilities and grandeur excel far beyond perfection. There are also a number of mid-range hotels and villas that offer fantastic services at Nusa Dua prices.The nightlife here is classy and sophisticated with exquisite cuisine and bars and clubs that are sometimes almost reminiscent of a James Bond party. In the day the beach is the heart of Nusa Dua where a very chilled out scene awaits, the beach is so long that people seem to get spread right out creating the effect of having the entire beach to yourself. Most beachside hotels and resorts offer state of the art equipment for windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, water skiing, paragliding and all manner of other water sports and professional instructors where necessary. Also refreshment services, private sun loungers and even traditional Bale (out door day nap beds) that are so tranquil that they would be most home in a fairytale. The beaches are protected by offshore reefs that in the right conditions produce world class surf and also ensure that the water on the beach is completely flat and safe for children to swim in and far more comfortable, clean and warm then that of Kuta.The security in this area is very impressive with thorough but friendly car checks upon entering Nusa Dua from the mainland and security checks at hotels, restaurants and bars. These are always very brief and delicately handled creating a very secure feeling in the area.Activities here include the water sports already mentioned as well as a more refined selection of pass times including a challenging tropical 18 hole ocean front golf course, a bowls green and lawn tennis to mention a just a few as well as incredible boutique shopping or day trips and excursions that can be arranged from you hotel. Such trips include visiting Bali’s areas of beauty, culture and areas of interest or adventure trips such as white water rafting, surfing, SCUBA diving or hiking and trekking in the hills or mountains. It is also worth noting that Nusa Dua (or ‘two islands) actually has two islands just offshore that can be reached by boat or walked out to by foot at low tide, these are great for exploring and are rarely accessed, you may even have your own island for the day, just be careful you don’t get stuck by the changing tides!In general if you are staying in Nusa Dua you can expect a stay of pure exuberant tropical luxury with a beautiful white sand beach and classy nightlife. The entire area including the beach, resorts and restaurants tend to be modern contemporary in design with traditional Balinese style authentic trimmings. Highly recommendable for anyone who finds Nusa Dua within their price range.
Selection of villas in Nusa Dua Bali at discount rates. Sets on the southern tip of Bali with spectacular view overlooking the sparkling blue water of the Indian Ocean, Nusa Dua Beach Resort is within 30 minutes drive from Bali International Airport. It is one of the luxury and exclusive tourist resort in Bali. Luxury private pool villas in Nusa Dua and luxury resort are located within easy access to Nusa Dua Beach, Bali.Nusa Dua Beach remains as one of the exclusive tourist resort in Bali. It offers beautiful white sandy beach with spectacular clear blue ocean. Snorkeling and surfing is recommended on this area. It is different from other Bali tourist area; Nusa Dua is more developed with hectares of green garden and tropical flowers. The biggest Bali International Convention Center is located in this area. Most Villas in Nusa Dua have private beach which can be accessed from the hotel. Other villas in Nusa Dua which are not located on the beach usually has private beach where the guest can enjoy the sunbathing.
What Nusa Dua in Bali Has to Offer? Luxury Resorts, Hotels, Pool Villas, Gofl Course, Spa, Shopping and Dining? Find them in Nusa Dua and Book Your at Discount Price. Nusa Dua is the ultimate tropical resort destination. Located about 30 minutes drive from Bali’s International Airport, Nusa Dua (which means ‘Two Islands’) is part of the Bukit Peninsular with its clear ocean blue waters, abundant marine life, water sports, swimming, and sun. Geologically it is an interesting part of Bali since the rock is limestone and the sand is pure white crushed corals. There are many internationally famous hotels found along the coastline here, and each one looks about across the Indian Ocean due East and hence catches spectacular sunrises first thing in the morning. The beach drops of fairly steeply into a vast protected lagoon offering shallow and safe water for swimming, kayaking , windsurfing, and sailing, whereas offshore the reef soaks up the full force of the ocean swells and there are numerous surf spots to be found here and enjoyed by the more experienced surfers.Nusa Dua is for the more affluent tourists, and especially suits business conferences and honeymooners. All the roads around Nusa Dua are very well maintained and patrolled with check-points by security staff and police around the clock. Nusa Dua is popular year round for International conferences, meetings, congresses, plus other exclusive corporate events. Apart from the super-sized, super-deluxe five star hotels, other forms of accommodation include luxury private resorts and villas, many of which blend typical Balinese architecture and design with more contemporary Western design, and usually have pristine landscaped gardens and breathtaking architecture. There is the Museum Pasifika on offer as a major public attraction and it houses works of art from Asia and the Pacific Islands. Other than this, in order to truly benefit from the Nusa Dua experience it is best advised to be staying at one of the hotels, as this part of the world tends to be highly exclusive.Once you are in one of the hotels, then you can be assured all the gems of Nusa Dua are flayed on your plate. Another public facility is the Bali Golf and Country Club 18 hole Internationally recognized golf course with amazing views over the Indian Ocean. 700cc jet skis can also be hired and fired along the deep blue sea. Just watch out for the turtles and bathers as you pelt across the surface. If you like nostalgia then you could book a game of tennis at one the Grand Hyatt Bali’s courts where the Tennis International Commonwealth Tournament is hosted and played every year. If none of this tickles your turkey then the last Bali resort is to go jump on a camel and ride him along the beach down at Geger Sawangan Beach – good laughs for all. In the wet season, the predominant wind id from the west and therefore blows offshore at Nusa Dua. This makes the sea surface nice and clean and not so choppy like it otherwise is during the onshore cycle of the dry season from April through September.

Bali features with beautiful panorama, unique culture and way of life, the green mountainous area, wide sandy beaches and intricate artworks. The island also has magnificent tourist resorts including Nusa Dua. The resort lies on the Island's southeastern most tip about 15 km from Bali International Airport and is about 40 km from Denpasar. Nusa Dua offers perfect place for luxurious resorts supported by a crystal clear water and white sandy beach as well as complete tourist facilities. The hotels here generally large, high class and have rates that reflect their status. We can breathe the fresh air from a palm tree and kinds of flower around this area.

Nusa Dua Beach is perfect spot to relax and unwind under the tropical shine. Peaceful and calm atmosphere create nice holiday in Bali. There is no peddlers who will disturb your private relaxation. The beach is wonderful with sparkling blue ocean and gently sea breeze. If you are a shopping lovers, Nusa Dua provides various selections of good quality fashions, fine dining, and arts shops at reasonable prices.
Bali National Golf Club is alternative activities for golfers and is within a few minutes drive from major hotels in Nusa Dua.

Accommodation in Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is under the management Bali Tourism Development Center who controls all the development around this area. This exclusive resort features with four to five stars hotels both from local and international chains. There are many options of hotels in Nusa Dua, Bali including luxury resorts and private pool villas.

How to get to Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is accessible by land transportation from the airport and other part of Bali. Travelers can hire car and motor bike to explore the surrounding area. Alternatively joining the local sightseeing tours provided by the travel agent.


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