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Cheap Hotels in Legian

Cheap Hotels in Legian: Overview

Cheap hotels in Legian is similar in style to that of Kuta although the general standard is raised as is the price unless you are on a globe-trotting budget this price increase is virtually insignificant. Depending on what constitutes cheap accommodation in Legian is means to you there is everything from villa-style resorts with pools, restaurants, air conditioning and variety of extensive services and a real sense of character and class for around $20 to $30 per night, or in contrast, backpacker/ surfer’s accommodation consisting largely of a room with a bed, cupboard and bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink and is unlikely to cost you more than $7 for the privilege although in Legian even this level of accommodation is of a higher standard then that of southern Kuta. Legian accommodates all requirements as well as mid-range and luxury accommodation at low prices.

Cheap Hotels in Legian: Price Reviews

For the cheaper backpacker rooms that can be as little as $10 a night and can offer increasing luxuries when paying just $15, searching around Jalan Legian and its subsidiaries will reveal many humble little Losmen and budget bungalow rooms. The general layout is a traditional Balinese gateway that leads into a consistently beautiful tropical Balinese garden courtyard area regardless of price range and blocks of rooms or separate bungalows that surround the central yard that is pretty basic inside but always with a cheerful social scene and pleasant staff.

Cheap Hotels in Legian: Facilities Reviews

Most establishments offer pools and other services and are far more secluded and tranquil than in main Kuta with mini-bars, safes, and air-conditioning as more of a standard fitting.

Prices increase as you near the beach and here you can find mid-range and top end resorts that can be surprisingly cheap for this standard of accommodation if you are in the budget to mid-range market. As for the higher level budget accommodation in Legian it is wise to make a prior booking online to prevent disappointment as the internet rates are cheaper and these places can fill quickly as they bridge the gap between Budget prices and mid-range facilities.

Cheap Hotels in Legian: Location Reviews

Budget hotels in Legian are usually far more tranquil and relaxed and more suited to couples and families due to the quieter and often not such a young demographic as can be found in the main Kuta area, breakfast, tours, and spas are often available. Expect hot water, balconies, pools, minibars, and other services. Whatever you go for it is almost always (apart from them in the most popular places) possible to agree a lower price for a longer stay.