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Bali - Legian

Cheap Accommodation in Legian Bali can be found all over the area although most of them are concentrated in the southern areas. A common trend is that the further south towards Kuta that you go cheaper Cheap Accommodation in Legian Bali become and the further north towards Seminyak the more expensive the hotels get. This is a very general trade and there are plenty of expectations to this. With this being said the Padma area as well as around the double six areas are the best places to look if you are looking for budget cheap hotels in Legian which are suitable for families, couples and friends who are looking to get the most from their accommodation budget. When we talk about cheap hotels and budget accommodation in Bali we are talking about the 30 to 60 dollar per night range, not the backpackers and surfers idea of budget travel which in Legian is more like the 6 to 10 dollar region and for this accommodation you have to walk in an haggle as these places are very rarely online. In this article what to be generally expected from all of the budget family cheap Legian hotels will be explained.Cheap Accommodation in Legian Bali will almost always have a swimming pool so if you are embarking on a hotel with about a pool you should be paying a bit less than average. The pools will always have bar located close by and there is often a pool swim up bar which will be open at designated times. If this is not the case there will be a bar service as well as a restaurant service bringing you refreshments. Other facilities often include a spa or at least a massage area or service. There will also be a restaurant which will offer an included American breakfast as well as lunch and dinners which are usually extra and are western as well as Indonesian. Many of these cheap hotels in Legian are of the traditional style although there are some contemporary options. Most of the restaurants follow the traditional gazebo style with open sides looking out onto the garden area and the pool.The rooms in those cheap Legian hotels will differ depending on whether the style is traditional or contemporary although the facilities are almost standard across the board. You will have air conditioning and a mini bar as well as hot and cold drink making facilities, a private balcony or veranda or a balcony. There will be an en suite bathroom will have a bath and a shower with hot water and there will be fresh towels, bathroom products and all the other expected facilities. You can expect a very reasonable level of décor which is clean and unobjectionable; it is the lack of whistle and bells in this department that separate Cheap Legian hotels in Bali from the more expensive. What you will find is that the feeling of Balinese beauty and culture as well as service is the same almost no matter where you go.
Cheap Hotels in Legian: Overview Cheap hotels in Legian is similar in style to that of Kuta although the general standard is raised as is the price unless you are on a globe-trotting budget this price increase is virtually insignificant. Depending on what constitutes cheap accommodation in Legian is means to you there is everything from villa-style resorts with pools, restaurants, air conditioning and variety of extensive services and a real sense of character and class for around $20 to $30 per night, or in contrast, backpacker/ surfer’s accommodation consisting largely of a room with a bed, cupboard and bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink and is unlikely to cost you more than $7 for the privilege although in Legian even this level of accommodation is of a higher standard then that of southern Kuta. Legian accommodates all requirements as well as mid-range and luxury accommodation at low prices. Cheap Hotels in Legian: Price Reviews For the cheaper backpacker rooms that can be as little as $10 a night and can offer increasing luxuries when paying just $15, searching around Jalan Legian and its subsidiaries will reveal many humble little Losmen and budget bungalow rooms. The general layout is a traditional Balinese gateway that leads into a consistently beautiful tropical Balinese garden courtyard area regardless of price range and blocks of rooms or separate bungalows that surround the central yard that is pretty basic inside but always with a cheerful social scene and pleasant staff. Cheap Hotels in Legian: Facilities Reviews Most establishments offer pools and other services and are far more secluded and tranquil than in main Kuta with mini-bars, safes, and air-conditioning as more of a standard fitting.Prices increase as you near the beach and here you can find mid-range and top end resorts that can be surprisingly cheap for this standard of accommodation if you are in the budget to mid-range market. As for the higher level budget accommodation in Legian it is wise to make a prior booking online to prevent disappointment as the internet rates are cheaper and these places can fill quickly as they bridge the gap between Budget prices and mid-range facilities. Cheap Hotels in Legian: Location Reviews Budget hotels in Legian are usually far more tranquil and relaxed and more suited to couples and families due to the quieter and often not such a young demographic as can be found in the main Kuta area, breakfast, tours, and spas are often available. Expect hot water, balconies, pools, minibars, and other services. Whatever you go for it is almost always (apart from them in the most popular places) possible to agree a lower price for a longer stay.
Discount Hotels in Legian - Bali. Legian Hotels and Accommodation Reservation including cheap hotels around Legian Bali travel guides to find your desirable hotels in Legian either budget accommodation, cheap Legian hotels or star rating hotels. There are hundred of good quality hotels in Legian that meets your holiday budget. Make a booking for hotels in Legian will be much easier through this Bali travel directory. It is easy to find such as cheap hotels in Legian from USD 20.00 per room per night around Jalan Raya Legian, Benesari and Poppies Lane. With the listing of our travel directory, travelers will be guided to choose the hotels and accommodation according to their taste and preference.If we go to Kuta means we also go to Legian because both those two area in Bali can not be distinguished one to the other. Kuta is located at southern side of Legian that only 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International airport. Legian has been well known formerly as fishermen village before this area developed into an international tourist object in Bali. It always busy with all international and domestic tourists who spend their holiday in Bali. That is the atmosphere of Legian every day. However, nothing to worry about, Legian is not crowed of transportation as it has been well managed. Big bus and any other truck can not enter this area. All tourist bus which would take the tourists to Legian must stop at Kuta Parking Centre then dropped by small van to each hotel. Legian is famous called as Bali shopping paradise because you may be easy to get any things here, except electronic. The prices are vary depends on your bargaining ability Restaurant, night entertainment and shopping center are no so far from the place where you are staying. Thus, it will make you be most impressive for your holiday. Besides that, there are many alteration of hotels in Legian to choose for your stay. We provide you great discount hotels in Legian during holiday in Bali. You should only find the hotel you preferred to stay, checking the price and reserve. Our team will do further process for every reservation you preferred in Legian.

Legian, once a small village has now developed to such an extent that it is difficult to place a clear line between where Legian begins and central Kuta finishes, Legian is now a counterpart of what has become the Greater Kuta district and the consensus on the streets is that all north of the infamous poppies I and II is accepted as Legian. Legian accommodates backpackers, surfers and budget conscious travelers in the southwest extremities on Jalan Benesari, which runs down to ‘gang poppies II’ (poppies lane), this area extends east to the parallel Jalan Legian which is home to most of the major clubs, bars and restaurants and has an excellent combination of boutique stores and traditional stalls in the daytime. Jalan Legian extends North through the Padma and ‘double 6’ areas where the accommodation is more up market and the hedonistic Legian street clubs are exchanged for more tasteful intimate bars and live music cafes. East of Legian street is a local scene where you can mingle with the locals, sample the real local snacks and food and find very cheap motorcycle repair, locksmiths and other services you are willing to barter for!

To the west at the beach there is a the beach road that runs down to the Melasti area, it is where this roads ends that the more prestigious accommodation begins, access to here is good but the lack of the beach road can be thanked for the absence of large crowds on the beach, Melasti and further north Padma are much more exclusive, a private strip separate to the public road runs between these roads along the beach where many beach side hotels open out onto the front with private beach access. This trend continues up to the double 6 area where there is a strip of comfortable refined café bars where many reside during sunsets with good quality food and service but for a little more Rupiah then on Benesari or the beach road further south, though the scene here is cool. There is also the large ‘double 6’ open air Hacket club that is hidden around the side of the rest of the cafes that opens at 10pm and stays open until 8am for a full on hedonistic voyage.

For the more budget conscious traveler, many find Benesari is a perfect balance with quiet reasonable low cost home-stay with small bars, surf shops, mini-marts, restaurants and all other required facilities close by. The area is similar and close to poppies but far less crowded with a seemingly more friendly crowd, the beach here is also less crowded with all the same facilities as central Kuta including surfboard hire, massage, food hot and cold drinks and quick access to the poppies area and Legian Street but far enough away be able escape it when necessary and still find seclusion at the hotel.

Activities here surprisingly include surfing, generally the waves get bigger the further north and smaller the further south, on very small days a drive up to Seminyak can offer a decent size and on big days even the southern most area can be very big. Every year people die in these waters and often victims are intoxicated or inexperienced surfers in large swells when the currents are strong, if it’s too big wait for another day. The semi permanent peaks are named ‘Halfway’, where benesari connects with the beach, and Melasti, Padma and Double Six are named after their respective adjacent streets. The southern area is the best for a lesson and Kuta reef is a world-class lefthander of decent length with barrel sections and other smaller breaks including a right close to the airport. The reefs are best surfed above 0.7m tide from April to November when the winds are predominantly light and offshore.

There is no diving in the Kuta area or anywhere on the west coast due to exposure to swell, world class diving occurs all over the east and north coasts and excursions can be arranged from the many dive shops in Kuta and Legian. Tulamben is home to one of the best wrecks in the world and a diverse wall, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and the Gili islands offers exclusive native life including the Mari Mari. The Double Six club is also the Bungee jump facility and there is a very impressive water park call ‘the water bom’ in Kuta, also there is a cinema, bowling, billiard and many other familiar activities to indulge upon. Excursions can be arranged for white water rafting, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and cultural experiences from many resorts and local tour operators. Legian shares central Kuta’s qualities in terms of most budget accommodation and facilities in the south and a large more refined luxury area towards the north, the beach is quieter here and the lanes are less crowded, there is more of a person feel here that the rat race of poppies misses out on.