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Entertainments in Kuta

There are many attractive things to be found along Kuta beach. Starting from the sea and working our way inland here are but a few. First of all you will see perfectly groomed swell lines marching towards the shore. These swells form perfect waves and you will see plenty of surfers shredding them up. The multicultural and cosmopolitan bunch of travelers and holiday makers are not shy to show a little flesh and this is all part of the show in the golden rays of the gleaming sun in Kuta Beach.

Along the beach proper you will have offers of relaxing beach-side massages and ice-cold bintangs to boot! Then as you cross the first road you will look left and then right (that is if you are used to living in a country where they drive on the right side of the road, which is not the case with Bali), and you will see endless masses of groovy youngsters and families alike hanging out and enjoying the never ending entertainment, cocktail bars, beach clubs, lounges and fantastic restaurants along this stretch of asphalt.

Exploring a bit further and you might try and see how many temples you can spot in the day. There are some very well kept temples along this more affluent part of
Bali, and if you happen to be here in March for the Balinese New Year, or Nyepi, then
you will have the experience of a lifetime as all the local Banjars bring out their giant, monstrous, horrific ogres, or ogo ogos, and take to the streets in an eerie yet comical procession. Some temples that stand out amongst the rest are Pura Batu Bolong, and Pura Penataran on Kuta sidewalk.

There are endless sources of entertainment to be found in Kuta Beach and perhaps the most famous is the nightlife, the shopping and the dining, of which there is enough variety to keep everyone happy. There are endless wellbeing spas and beauty clinics in Kuta Beach, and there are also a few reputable tattoo parlors specializing in contemporary designs with some very skilled and experienced staff. Discovery Esplanade is the latest development in Kuta’s shopping mall repertoire, and is also used to host annual events and celebrations.

There is also free weekly entertainment from select DJs, local bands, product launches and much, much more. One more omnipresent but overlooked attraction to Kuta is the fact that it caters so very well for tourists. There are plenty of facilities in Kuta Beach such as Commonwealth Bank and Western Union, international standard hospitals and clinics, travel agents and so on. You can arrange any tour in Bali from here and you every local is well aware of what’s on offer and simply asking any friendly face will have your question answered in minutes. Kuta is therefore a perfect start point for further exploration of Bali and Indonesia, as national tours can also be arranged here. Needless to say, if it is romance you are looking for, then Kuta is also the right place to start. Or if it is simply to meet and mingle with travelers, then once again Kuta is your best bet.