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Cheap hotels in Kuta

Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Overview

Cheap hotels in Kuta, Bali range in style, services and all-round hotel standard and cheapness and accounts for virtually every budget niche in the market. Now the definition or idea of exactly what constitutes Cheap hotels is subjective to whether you are looking for a villa style resort with a pool, restaurant, air conditioning and variety of other services with a definite degree of class for around $20 per night, or a backpacker/ surfer who desires a room with a bed, cupboard and bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink and is reluctant to pay more than $5 for the privilege. Kuta accommodates both of these requirements as well as everything in between and beyond.

Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Price Range

For the cheaper backpacker rooms that can be as little as $10 a night and can offer increasing luxuries when paying just $17, the infamous Poppies lanes, Benesari and other surrounding areas of Kuta have the highest concentration of services. The general layout is a traditional Balinese gateway that leads into a consistently beautiful tropical Balinese garden courtyard area regardless of price range and blocks of rooms that surround the central yard that are pretty basic inside but always with a cheerful social scene and pleasant staff. From this basic idea there are many bungalow setups and establishments that offer pools and other services as well as more secluded rooms with mini-bars, safes and air-conditioning when paying just a little more. If your budget is over the $15 a night mark you can expect a reasonable room with a decent level of luxury services, a pool and facilities. There are also more conventional Bali hotel style buildings slightly further north of this area, a general rule is the further towards Legian and Seminyak you go the more upmarket the accommodation becomes classier.

Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Location Reviews

If you wish to close to the beach you are likely to pay a little more although there are still many places located just off the beach that are surprisingly cheap. You may find the easiest way to get the very cheapest accommodation is to walk round poppies and Benesari until you find a nice place with availability that suits your needs. As for the higher level budget accommodation in Kuta it is wise to book ahead online as the internet rates are cheaper and these places can fill quicker as they bridge the gap between Budget prices and mid range facilities.

Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Facilities Reviews

Cheap hotels in Kuta is usually more social at the cheaper levels and without fail there are basic services such as transport hire and charter, breakfast and tours available from the reception. These places are excellent for networking and meeting surfing buddies or finding out where the party is. Many of these Losmen style establishments have excelled with pools and more refined rooms and services for only a dollar or two more. Whatever you go for it is almost always (apart from them in the most popular places) possible to agree a lower price for a longer stay.