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Bali - Kuta

Kuta Beach has attracted many travelers from around the world either for leisure or business. Lies 30 minutes drive from the provincial capital of Bali and is within a short drive from Bali International Airport. No comparison for Kuta Beach. The beach stretches along 8 kilometers with golden sands, gently waves and provides a suitable place for sunbathing, swimming and surfing. Various tourist services are offers by local people such as full body massage, learning to surf, simple hair coloring and curling, to attractive tattoos body signs.Learning to surfMany company offers surfing lesson and can be found along the main road of Kuta Beach, Legian Street as well as individual right on the beach. If you eager to surf but do not know what to do, then it is suggested to learn from the surfing company who will provide well trained surfing guides. Rates are varies from USD 35.00 to USD 50.00 per person per lesson. Do not forget to prepare surfing suits, just in case they do not provide one.The surf clothing brands such as Surfer Girl, Bilabong, Volcom are easily find on Jalan Legian and shopping malls around Kuta and Legian.Cheap surfing lesson is usually offered by beach boys including surf board but no insurance coverage on their price. Swimming GuidesThe waves are quite strong and high during a certain time of the day. It is recommended to swim between the red-yellow flags and keep swimming close to the beach. Underwater strong currents sometimes happens and can push you to the deepest area. Renting a body board is also suggested if you do not have swimming experience.Other Activities and ServicesAs an international tourist resort, Kuta remains attractive for travelers to Bali. Local people still wants to sell something to visitors to Kuta Beach from traditional massage, fresh fruits, soft drinks, surfing lesson, souvenirs and many more. If you do not want be disturbed, just answer " No, Thank you" or say in Indonesia " Tidak Terima Kasih". Once you bargain, they will try to get you buy. This will ruin your beach holiday so far.
Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Overview Cheap hotels in Kuta, Bali range in style, services and all-round hotel standard and cheapness and accounts for virtually every budget niche in the market. Now the definition or idea of exactly what constitutes Cheap hotels is subjective to whether you are looking for a villa style resort with a pool, restaurant, air conditioning and variety of other services with a definite degree of class for around $20 per night, or a backpacker/ surfer who desires a room with a bed, cupboard and bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink and is reluctant to pay more than $5 for the privilege. Kuta accommodates both of these requirements as well as everything in between and beyond. Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Price Range For the cheaper backpacker rooms that can be as little as $10 a night and can offer increasing luxuries when paying just $17, the infamous Poppies lanes, Benesari and other surrounding areas of Kuta have the highest concentration of services. The general layout is a traditional Balinese gateway that leads into a consistently beautiful tropical Balinese garden courtyard area regardless of price range and blocks of rooms that surround the central yard that are pretty basic inside but always with a cheerful social scene and pleasant staff. From this basic idea there are many bungalow setups and establishments that offer pools and other services as well as more secluded rooms with mini-bars, safes and air-conditioning when paying just a little more. If your budget is over the $15 a night mark you can expect a reasonable room with a decent level of luxury services, a pool and facilities. There are also more conventional Bali hotel style buildings slightly further north of this area, a general rule is the further towards Legian and Seminyak you go the more upmarket the accommodation becomes classier. Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Location Reviews If you wish to close to the beach you are likely to pay a little more although there are still many places located just off the beach that are surprisingly cheap. You may find the easiest way to get the very cheapest accommodation is to walk round poppies and Benesari until you find a nice place with availability that suits your needs. As for the higher level budget accommodation in Kuta it is wise to book ahead online as the internet rates are cheaper and these places can fill quicker as they bridge the gap between Budget prices and mid range facilities. Cheap Hotels in Kuta: Facilities Reviews Cheap hotels in Kuta is usually more social at the cheaper levels and without fail there are basic services such as transport hire and charter, breakfast and tours available from the reception. These places are excellent for networking and meeting surfing buddies or finding out where the party is. Many of these Losmen style establishments have excelled with pools and more refined rooms and services for only a dollar or two more. Whatever you go for it is almost always (apart from them in the most popular places) possible to agree a lower price for a longer stay.
Discount Hotels in Kuta - Bali. Kuta Hotels Special Offer including Cheap Accommodation in Kuta, Bali. Booking a hotel in Kuta becomes very easy now. Wide selection of accommodation around Kuta area provides international standard services and facilities to meet the needs of both international and domestic travelers. is your travel agent partner based in Bali offers competitive discount rates for recommended hotels in Kuta. Online reservation for hotels in Kuta is simple with us using secure server. Kuta is one of pioneer of tourist resort in Bali and it has been well known since Dutch colonization. This area is located in southern part of Bali and it becomes an area located at Badung Regency. Kuta, with its white sandy leaning along the beach is being most primary interested for Bali tourism and much preferred by domestic and international tourists. The wave’s flashy that relieve on the golden white sandy beach would increase the beauty atmosphere along the beach. Kuta beach is used for a place to do surfing by tourists who love surfing and often be used for international surfing competition. Many international scale activities conducted in Kuta beach. If you walk along the Kuta beach, you will be astonishment to see as many tourists get Bali’s island sunshine. Many of them also swim while enjoying the freshness of sea water and beauty of beach spread of Indian Ocean. As one of tourist resort in Bali offers various tourism facilities to serve the tourist’s needs that will be in holiday starting from hotel, restaurant, night entertainment, and place of shopping. Kuta also called as international village in Bali because this area occupied by culture heterogenic between local people, domestic and international tourists. Hotels in Kuta spread along Kuta beach and amongst the local people villages. There are many of Bali hotels to choose in Kuta starting from a cheap one with low standard facility up to luxury five star hotel even villas with private swimming pool. The location of Bali hotels in Kuta are more amongst the local people houses than some other on beach side. In prices, for better location and facilities would have better or more expensive rates to be offered. We would be very pleased to assist you to get a hotel in Kuta you need including discount and in rupiah currency. The choices of hotels in Kuta area are preferred to be for hotels which have swimming pool and well maintained room.
There are many attractive things to be found along Kuta beach. Starting from the sea and working our way inland here are but a few. First of all you will see perfectly groomed swell lines marching towards the shore. These swells form perfect waves and you will see plenty of surfers shredding them up. The multicultural and cosmopolitan bunch of travelers and holiday makers are not shy to show a little flesh and this is all part of the show in the golden rays of the gleaming sun in Kuta Beach.Along the beach proper you will have offers of relaxing beach-side massages and ice-cold bintangs to boot! Then as you cross the first road you will look left and then right (that is if you are used to living in a country where they drive on the right side of the road, which is not the case with Bali), and you will see endless masses of groovy youngsters and families alike hanging out and enjoying the never ending entertainment, cocktail bars, beach clubs, lounges and fantastic restaurants along this stretch of asphalt.Exploring a bit further and you might try and see how many temples you can spot in the day. There are some very well kept temples along this more affluent part ofBali, and if you happen to be here in March for the Balinese New Year, or Nyepi, thenyou will have the experience of a lifetime as all the local Banjars bring out their giant, monstrous, horrific ogres, or ogo ogos, and take to the streets in an eerie yet comical procession. Some temples that stand out amongst the rest are Pura Batu Bolong, and Pura Penataran on Kuta sidewalk.There are endless sources of entertainment to be found in Kuta Beach and perhaps the most famous is the nightlife, the shopping and the dining, of which there is enough variety to keep everyone happy. There are endless wellbeing spas and beauty clinics in Kuta Beach, and there are also a few reputable tattoo parlors specializing in contemporary designs with some very skilled and experienced staff. Discovery Esplanade is the latest development in Kuta’s shopping mall repertoire, and is also used to host annual events and celebrations.There is also free weekly entertainment from select DJs, local bands, product launches and much, much more. One more omnipresent but overlooked attraction to Kuta is the fact that it caters so very well for tourists. There are plenty of facilities in Kuta Beach such as Commonwealth Bank and Western Union, international standard hospitals and clinics, travel agents and so on. You can arrange any tour in Bali from here and you every local is well aware of what’s on offer and simply asking any friendly face will have your question answered in minutes. Kuta is therefore a perfect start point for further exploration of Bali and Indonesia, as national tours can also be arranged here. Needless to say, if it is romance you are looking for, then Kuta is also the right place to start. Or if it is simply to meet and mingle with travelers, then once again Kuta is your best bet.
Kuta is the largest tourist location in Bali and accommodates the most coast side tourists and fun loving locals in the island. Located in the south of Bali just 10 minutes from the International Airport and with excellent access to the bypass opening up areas such as Sanur, Jimbaran, the capital of Denpasar and Uluwatu etc. Central Kuta is a truly diverse town with amazing shopping, eating, drinking, clubbing, surfing, accommodation and beach life of all kinds. Kuta still has a large surfing scene with surf shops and blond adrenaline junkies lining the streets of some areas but recently this has been diluted with a mixture of young beach goers, families and couples due to the more extravagant scene within the south of central Kuta.Most of the accommodation in the south is nothing short of top-notch luxury with very few surfer and backpackers’ super budget home-stays. With close proximity to the high street style shopping strip where Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Okely and all surf brands and sports brands etc are represented at Boutique outlets. Shopping here also involves haggling at stalls over smaller and more ethnic affects. There are many eastern treasures amongst useless and unwanted goods. Bartering is an enjoyable exercise and should be done casually, in Kuta often try to pay a third of the original offer, stick to a price if you know its reasonable and say you will try somewhere else if the shop owner will not budget from realms of ridiculous. If you don’t know how much something should be especially when buying something of more value then ask a local friend, even a worker in you local bar or resort won’t mind helping you out.The south is very close to the beach and at the south end, stylish bars line the sea front and ‘warung’ food and drink stalls sit upon the sands under palm shade. On the beach you can by sweet freshly prepared tropical fruit, drinks (both hot and cold) including Bintang (Indonesia’s bottled beer, a subsidiary manufactured by Heineken), massage and plentiful surfboard hire etc. This end of the beach is particularly social where many world tourists chill out under the shade of the palms that extends the whole way across the upper side of the beach, or sunbathing closer to the sea. Generally the further north you go the less crowded the beach gets, a 10 minute walk will show you a complete transformation and 20 minutes will lead you to a much more secluded and relaxing area.Surf wise there are breaks from the very bottom of Kuta, through Legian, Double 6 and Seminyak, a general rule is the further north you go the bigger the waves get, the southern most point is usually the best spot for a lesson but with a big swell even that can be deliver dangerously large barreling waves. Kuta reef is a world class left-hander of decent length with barrel sections, it is best surfed at over 0.7m of tide and can be reached by fishing boat for about Rp.50,000 return. The best time to surf Kuta is between April and November when the winds are predominantly light and offshore.Central Kuta has a Variety of stylish bars and restaurants always offering exceptional value though the quality of food differs widely between different places, for top restaurants and warungs alike, the amount of customers inside is often a good indicator of the quality of the cuisine.Heading slightly north will bring you into the contrasting ‘poppies’ area, famous for its super cheap accommodation, a selection of useful and interesting stalls amongst complete tourist tack and low price excellent value eating. Poppies I and II are home to backpackers, surfers, locals and young Australian holiday makers and has a very lively scene, these street are small alleys (gangs) able to accommodate one large car in width and are often crowded.Activity wise there is no diving that takes place in the southwest due to large swells over the reefs although there are many dive shops in Kuta offering excursions, package deals and courses at very reasonable prices. It is always advisable to use reputable companies endorsed by PADI when diving though Kuta’s companies are all very professional. Also a wide variety of surfing, bungee jumping, water-park visits, bowling, billiards, super cheap cinema etc are available all without breaking the bank.Many people choice Kuta at the first stop on a trip or a secure base to explore the rest of the island, it is easy to make local and foreign friends in Kuta and it is always pleasant to be around the facilities and familiar faces of Kuta so for most people it is hard to stay away for long.Generally the South of Kuta offers a high class of accommodation and has almost a complete lack of young party goers and surfers, this area is perfect for families and couples looking for luxury at a low price within the main facilities of Kuta with excellent entertainment and very close to the beach.The Northern area is great for party goers, surfers and backpackers who want to be right in the action, the beach scene is lively and social, there are many cheap but decent restaurants and bars and a few hops brings you onto the notorious Legian street where the Clubs pump till 4am.
Kuta Inexpensive Accommodation from Budget Hotels and Cheap Accommodation in Kuta, Bali Numerous of inexpensive accommodation including homestay and inn are mostly located on Kuta area, particularly around Poppies Lane 1, Poppies Lane 2 and on Jalan Benesari. The prices are of course very cheap, the facilities and services are very basic. But the services are equal the money you pay for it. The are also plenty of mid range accommodation in Kuta and Legian, offering good value accommodation at reasonable prices. This type of mid range hotel usually features with swimming pool and air conditioned rooms. Some expensive hotels and resorts including those five star accommodation are mostly concentrated along the main beach of Kuta, Legian, Tuban and others are in Seminyak.Kuta has been the best place and the most favorites spots for teenagers and surfers from around the world. Australian teenagers has been chosen Kuta and Legian as the second home during weekend and long holiday. Other travelers are also followed and have been attracted by the exciting of nightlife, clubs and ranges of shops. The golden white sand Kuta beach is one of the most attractive value for any traveler visiting the paradise island Bali. Either you are here for business and leisure, Kuta beach offers a really amazing beach area for everyone. If you are looking for mid range hotels in Kuta, then we have them listed here with online booking system. Other recommended hotels, resort and villas in Kuta are available. Arrange your visit to other parts of Bali, stay find more information and special rates through us! Kuta Inexpensive Accommodation and Cheap Budget Hotels in Kuta Bali
Located on the southern part of Bali in Badung Regency, Kuta is internationally famous for its white sandy beaches that is perfect for swimming and surfing. This premiere tourism spot is about 10 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport and is the hub of other parts of the island. Thus, it is great to start your holiday here where you can have easy access to other areas such as Legian, Seminyak, Sanur and Denpasar.Kuta is used to be a place for surfers and backpackers. But, this village is now turns to be an international village where local people, domestic and international tourists gather in one place to enjoy all the island has to offer. The area is now ideal for families, group of friends and even for couples. Walk along the busy street of Jl. Pantai Kuta further north to Jl. Padma, you will meet shops, restaurants as well as entertainment spots.There are also lots of accommodations including luxury villas in Kuta ranging from the simple accommodation to the luxury private villa. But, if you want to stay in Kuta, it is recommended to book your villas ik Kuta advance as it will be difficult to get a single room during the holiday season. But still, staying in a private villas in Kuta offers more advantages than staying in a common hotel’s room. Browse selections of private villas in Kuta to suit your very need. Browse the villa’s information and make your booking online. We also offer discount rate for every villa in Kuta you book. Moreover, the online reservation is safe, simple and hassle free.Enjoy your stay in your private villa in Kuta as well as enjoy the white sandy beach of Kuta Beach. Also the famous sunset view. Later on, you may visit other tourism areas in this island easily.

For a long time Kuta has been extremely popular with a real cross section of different tourists. Kuta has a real pulse and is a great place to be whether you are on a family holiday or a traveling surfer. Kuta offers everything from top end accommodation around the Tuban area where you will find great shopping and dinning as well as the most beautiful beach area and the most sophisticated area of the Kuta region. As you head further north the atmosphere changes into more of a budget area with a combination of different accommodation options such as the budget family or couples options which offer the very highest in budget accommodation down to surfer's and backpackers accommodation which is generally of a good standard. Around this area there are many excellent restaurants offering great food at very low prices. There are some real gems in and amongst this area which also offers very average dinning, speak to people in the know to find out where the best places are. As you head further north into the Legian area you will find that the atmosphere turns back into the family side of things.

Kuta has been growing and developing at a very fast rate and even in the last year there have been many changes. Kuta is lifting the bar on all levels of accommodation as well as the standard of food and particularly in terms of nightlife. Many of the main clubs have grown in size and there are a number of brand new clubs which mean there is a lot more choice in terms of how to spend your nights with so many entertainment options and great restaurants. Kuta also offers a fantastic beach area where you will be able to relax in and around the beach restaurants and cafes as well as the new bars opening in the area. Whether you are interesting in surfing on the beaches and splashing in the water or relaxing on the sun loungers and enjoying a whole selection of refreshments from fresh tropical fruit and Indonesian snacks to international refreshments, you are sure to enjoy the strip of paradise. Kuta beach has a number of different moods as you walk along the coast including the highly tranquil southern area around Tuban and then as you reach Kuta Beach you will find a very social area which is great for meeting people as well as surfing. Then as you head further north up the beach from here you will find it gets less crowded and more and more relaxed and tranquil with the exception of the double six area.

Kuta is an excellent place to enjoy a holiday with so many scenes which are all separated although overlapping offing so much diversity. The bars are cool and the food is excellent and with a great beach scene and proximity to the airport and the connecting by pass roads that really open up the rest of the island, you will find that Kuta is definitely the most convenient area to stay.