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Discount Hotels in Tulamben Bali

Discount Hotels in Tulamben, East Bali - Lowest Rates for All Hotels in Tulamben Karangasem.

Tulamben is located in the very east of Bali towards the south east side of the island, this is one of the places in Bali where the residents are almost 100% Balinese without any other people from other islands in Indonesia. This means that the culture here is very strong and that due to the Balinese Hindu religion couples with the fact that only a few tourists venture this far a field to visit their village, Tulamben has a feel that is totally traditional and slow paced surrounded by wonderful Balinese natural landscape of rice Padi fields and tropical woodlands covering the nearby mountainous landscapes that re without doubt some of the most beautiful scenes in Bali.

Tulamben in a similar way to other spots around Bali that have been found their way onto the tourist's map has become known for its amazing diving on the wall and more famously the Liberty wreck. This wreck sank due to Japanese missile in hostile times and was forced to head for the nearest land possible where it successfully beached on the shore of Tulamben. Then in the 1950s when the Volcano erupted the ship was pushed just of the shore into the shallow waters creating a an intact ship shaped artificial reef that has become vibrant with colorful coral and small fish with hypnotizing displays from shoals of larger fish. This wreck is very easy to dive and is regularly used on beginner courses as an opportunity for less experienced divers to witness diving of this class. Simply swim off the beach and watch the Liberty immerge out of the water.

Besides the diving this area is beautiful and aside from the area where the wreck is the beaches are secluded, empty and in their full natural glory. Most divers come up on day trips and so the feel is totally secluded although there are a few luxuries and mid range resorts here for those who wish to fulfill their dreams of a real tropical paradise. These resorts are ideal for couples and honeymooners due the beauty of the area, the relaxing culture and the secluded untroubled atmosphere that can be enjoyed with the luxuries of high class boutique resorts although due to the small number of such places if you wish to experience this, especially in the high season it is sensible to make a prior booking online to avoid disappointment.

There are plenty of Balinese and other Bali diving companies in this small area. The trip up here from the airport takes around 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic etc, but if you have an image of walking down the beach alone in a real tropical paradise then this is the place to find it and it's worth the journey. Candidasa is not far if you wish to benefit from their established tourism industry.
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