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Jimbaran Beach Bali

Jimbaran’s main strip consists of a long road running parallel to the beach with adjacent tributary lanes running to the beach baring hotels and villas. The main strip is largely reminiscent of an Indonesian town with food stalls and facilities have not been commercialized for tourist use. This creates an authentic feeling in the area offering a more cultural experience. Accommodation in this area ranges from midrange to top end depending on the area although all establishments tend to be excellent value.
Hillside accommodation is more secluded without such close proximity to Jimbaran’s facilities and the beach. However here the views and tranquil serenity drifting through the trees and the amazing views around the clock make up for this 5 minute drive. All establishments including those of the hillside have all required facilities and most offer free shuttle services to nearby areas such as the main strip and Kuta.

Jimbaran beach is a long stretch of white sand sheltered by the Bukit creating amazing beach scenery and completely flat water all year round. With luscious palms offering shade on the beach and simple colorful fishing boats unchanged for generations decorating the scene. Jimbaran beach is one of the lushes in Bali and rarely crowded. Clear waters meet white sands and the outcrop of the Buket is reflected on the south side end for picture perfect views.

Eating in Jimbaran is notoriously excellent in every genre in and outside of the villas, as well as the notorious fresh seafood barbeques. In the evening, warungs (restaurants) in 3 areas set out candle lit beach restaurants where fresh live fish can be chosen personally then marinated and barbequed over coconut husk as the sunsets. There are many of these establishments and visiting one at least once on any trip to Bali is definite Bali must for delicious food in a gorgeous setting with a breathtaking tropical sunset or a candle lit horizon provided by the local fishermen. All of these are very good and it is often possible to barter prices here, as there is a lot of competition. Generally speaking the busiest are the best and less crowded warungs are likely to accept lower prices.

Activities in Jimbaran itself are not particularly extensive, however there are quaint and traditional paths and routes all around the Bukit that make for excellent cycling and walking with amazing viewpoints. There are many world-class surf spots in this area as well as proximity to Kuta for beginners. Other activities in diving snorkeling, sailing, whitewater rafting and trips into the mountains etc, these are not undertaken in the Jimbaran area but excursions can be arranged from almost all villas.