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Villas in Canggu

Canggu is a rural Balinese village about 20 minutes north of Seminyak area and south of Tanah Lot .This is a breathtaking village with its black sand beaches and scenic rice paddy fields as well as a peaceful village atmosphere that is great for everyone looking for a place to escape from the modern life without being too far from the sophisticated shopping and dining area in the neighboring Seminyak area. It is also great for surfer looking for challenging surfing spots.

Canggu is an up and coming area that has been developing villas for some time now but the feel of Canggu remains the same as it always has been with tranquil rice paddies and traditional villages around these areas that have not yet developed much in the way of tourist facilities. There are a selection of luxury private villas in Canggu and excellent place to eat and at the famous Echo beach you can find excellent waves most of the year round for surfing and there are increasingly more and more high standard restaurants being built all the time. It is however, for most of the people who stay at Canggu, the absence of these faculties and the hordes of tourists that come with these facilities, that is the actual reason why they chose to stay in a villa Canggu in the first place. Canggu’s main advantages is that there is an extremely high standard of accommodation and very quiet, tranquil and cultural surroundings that are still located only 20 minutes away from the facilities of Seminyak and the south of Bali. Also when you head north from Canggu you are can find village after village of traditional folk among the paddies and the amazing scenery as well as find your own perfect beaches with no one there to enjoy them but you and you chosen company.

The style of the villas in Canggu does differ but not in the same range as many of the other places in Bali. Most of the Villas in Canggu are excellent examples of classic traditional Balinese villa accommodation and is luxurious with modern faculties but with the real classic Balinese style when it comes to the interior decor and the architecture. The Villas in Canggu are often owned and kept by the original Balinese families that have owned the land for generations and therefore you will experience the welcoming and peaceful nature of the culture of the the Balinese people. Private Villas in Canggu usually offer transport and other facilities so you can reach Seminyak and the main tourism areas of Canggu and you can hire your own transport if you wish to explore further at your own pace. Many of the Villas in Canggu are set up and familiar with hosting honeymoon couples and marriages as well as general couples’ holidays and there is a presence of mature tourists here who do not desire to mingle in with Kuta’s party scene.

Facilities are in line usually with the rest of Bali even though the scene here is more traditional, you can find some of the more modern style Vills in Canggu and here you will most likely have some more high-tech modern features so really it depends whether you want every modern luxury or authentic, genuine and wholesome traditional Balinese hospitality. You can find both of these in Canggu away from the reams of tourists and with beautiful scenery and cultures that area still really unchanged from the tourism industry. One of the main advantages that Canggu has is that all this can be found at less then an hour’s drive from the airport and only a twenty minute drive to the vibrant and sophisticated centre of Seminyak.

There are plenty private areas for tourists offering luxury Bali villas and comfortable accommodations matching with the surrounding environment. Villas in Canggu are great for family holiday with children and couple in honeymoon. Generally, private Villas in Canggu feature air conditioned- bedrooms, private pool, sun deck, semi open living area, fully equipped kitchen and en suite bathroom.

Staying in private villa in Canggu allow you to enjoy the serenity of the village as well as observing Balinese village life, witnessing the wonderful sunset view and the beautiful black sandy beaches in the area including Berawa, Echo and Pererenan Beach.You will never meet crowded people when staying in a private villa in Canggu. Otherwise, you may enjoy more space, privacy, comfort and the personalized service from the staffs.