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Bali - Candidasa

Candidasa is a secluded northeastern beach town located away from the tourist hot spots of Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua in the tranquil and traditional eastern real Bali. Candidasa is physically and culturally extremely beautiful, it is widely accepted that Bali’s most beautiful scenes are in the northeast where black sand beaches meet vast rich flowing rice terraces, and huge mountains decorated by luscious tropical forests and of course the impressive presence of the Volcano.Candidasa is around an hour and 30 minutes drive away from the airport, Denpasar or the tourist hotspots, which is the one of the main attractions for most people who visit. Offering unspoilt landscapes and culture where you can find your own tropical paradise and indulge in the real Balinese charm that still remains unchanged here dispite the growth of tourism and what’s best of all there is no need to sacrifice luxury accommodation to experience this.Accommodation in Candidasa is not as plentiful as in other areas of Bali but there are a selection of high quality hotels, villas, traditional Balinese bungalow villas and modern contemporary villas. Many of these have infinity pools, luscious natural spas and all luxury services one may expect from the southern more tourist populated areas. These are well spaced out along the long sea front with very large grounds and gardens that further the secluded feel. There are also a few budget places although surprisingly it can be difficult to barter to the prices you can easily get in Kuta. There is also the presence of specific diving resorts in this area and listed on this site.The resorts here generally have very cozy restaurants offering exceptional cuisine from around the world and Bali’s famous breathtaking BBQ fish and seafood with delicate salads and side dishes often served on the beach front, by the pool or on terrace balconies but always somewhere with an amazing view. Besides eating in your resort a selection of independent restaurants that are also of a very high standard, these are not over priced but also not the budget bargain prices of Kuta although neither is it the bargain basement food of Kuta.Activities include beautiful hiking for all abilities down to leisurely strolls, cycling, swimming, diving and snorkeling. The diving and snorkeling in this are of Bali is unreal, some of the best diving in the world is very close by such as the Liberty wreck in Tulamben and various sites in Amed and Candidasa itself. Boat trips can be taken from this are directly to Nusa Lembogan and Lombok for small guided or unguided trips and diving, surf specific trips. In the Candidasa there are also many points of interest including the islands mother temple of Pura Besakih and local indigenous villages. Adventure trips can be taken into the mountains, up the volcano and for whitewater rafting is also popular.In round up Candidasa is comfortably located in the center of the most untouched and culturally rich corner of Bali and can be enjoyed in high-class accommodation. An ideal location for couples honeymooners and mid to high budget dive orientated travelers who will all bask in the natural and cultural tranquility surrounding Bali’s most sacred area. The beach side traditional style bungalows are recommended here to really get the full experience. For those who search tranquility and distance from the rat race Candidasa is tropical perfection.
Candidasa is located in the eastern Bali, opposite to Lombok Island. It is a quiet location with strong Balinese tradition still alive up to the present. Candidasa is a beautiful location with a genuine panorama. Here stands Besakih Temple that is well known as the biggest temple in Bali. To reach this location needs more or less one and a half hours drive from Kuta and Ngurah Rai Airport.Candidasa is popular with its diving sites or snorkeling spots where visitors could see the colorful and charming underwater scenery. Visitors could enjoy and also visit historical places including finding out the daily activities of the original tribe Balinese community in Tenganan Village that is known with its custom, culture and art.Most tourists only visit Candidasa at daylight, however there is no mistaken to spend several days into this chic and beautiful surroundings and to refresh fatigued mind as the result of daily exhausting activities. The available discount hotels in Candidasa comprise various hotels starting from star hotels to cheap ones. Please check the rates we offer. We have discounted rates for various accommodations and discount hotels in Candidasa.

Candidasa is a traditional and cultural tourist area located on the east coast of Bali and is around an hour and a half's drive from the international airport. Located in the real east of Bali you will find that there is a highly relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in the east of Bali and the local people are friendly and have a high focus on the traditional and spiritual parts of traditional Balinese life. There are a number a ancient sights to see in the area including temples and palaces as well as areas of extreme natural beauty showcasing the classic Balinese and Indonesian landscapes of rice paddies that stretch over the lowlands where you will also find coconut groves and carve out the hills leading up to mountains and volcanoes which are covered in tropical forests, lakes and rivers. There are also many cultural areas such as some of the largest temples and some grand and beautiful palaces as well as traditional villages located along the coast and right up into the mountains. Candidasa is located right on the beach and offers a long coastline of black and white sand beaches as well as great facilities and plenty of hotels, resorts and villas that can be found along the beach and on the hillside overlooking the beach.

Candidasa has a number of excellent resorts, hotels and villa arrangements which vary between the budget, mid range and top end types of accommodation although usually these establishments will exhibit the traditional style with the use of local materials and thatched roofs in the classic Balinese style and the colonial style which will often be more luxurious and exhibit classic hardwoods and international classic values. All of these places in Candidasa offer great facilities including spas, restaurants pools and other services. Diving and snorkeling is very possible in the east of Bail and in the Candidasa area and due to this all of the Candidasa hotels offer snorkeling facilities as well as links to diving companies for diving. There are also a few specialized diving resorts which offer not only a luxurious level of accommodation and all of the different facilities you would expect of any of the hotels, but also offer dive tours and dive courses for those who want to learn. The pools and facilities are all ready to go and usually there will be a boat and land transport to all of the surrounding diving areas.

Tours into the mountains to the lakes such as Lake Batur and the mountains as well as the Bali Age Villages and the temples located in the mountains close to Candidasa are also common and a great way to spend at least on of your days. With all of this around you and a great family atmosphere, Candidasa is perfect for those who are interesting in getting away from the crowds and enjoying the traditional landscapes as well as the more cultural areas. Candidasa is also popular with couples and honeymooners as well as those interested in diving.