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Bali - Bedugul

Lake Beratan Bedugul is the name given to the shallow lake situated at 1231m above sea level in Budugul and is one of the most famous tourist locations in Bali. At a huge 3.8km wide and with a maximum depth of 22 meters the Beratan Lake holds a volume of 49km squared. The best way to reach the lake it through the dock at Ulun Danu Beratan temple, which is an extremely holy temple that is located on the lake and appears to be floating. This area makes an ideal cultural landscape with the surrounding traditional villages and is fantastic around sunrise and sunset. The lake is situated around 3 hours drive from the main tourist area of Kuta but is an amazing drive up through the traditional villages and the rolling padi fields of the hills of Tabanan and later the tropical forests and quaint little traditional villages that can be found along the winding roads that snake there way up the mountaintops until you reach the peak where the fantastic views of Bali and the untouched areas around the mountains can be enjoyed in a fresh mountain climate.In some areas of the lake it is possible to participate in a variety of activities and sports, although the most popular of these are to walk or drive around the perimeter, you can also step into the lake and enjoy paddling in canoes or kayak as well as the opportunity to try water skiing or banana boating this incredible scenery. If you really want to get the best view in Bali then why not have a go at Para sailing and look down over this incredible area from way above the mountains. You can also fish for the rich population of fresh water fish that live in the lake or combined any of the above activities to create a personalized activity adventure.Lake Beratan Bedugulis an excellent place to relax and spend a few days with many amazing view points and some good restaurants and cafes located in mind-blowing locations within this classic Indonesian scenery which is tempered by the rich Balinese culture that inhabits it. There is also a whole array of near by areas that are well worth visiting within the Budugul region including Tabanan where you can witness the bat caves and the monkey forests as well as some of the most important temples in Bali. Beratan Lake is a good place to visit if you area traveling around Bali as it is right in the center and can be integrated into any itinerary with excellent road access to the west including the conservation park and such coastal locations as Medewi and Balian as well as to the east towards the volcano and Amed and north to Lovina as well as the road that goes directly south and by passes Denpasar leading back to the south.For a couple who wish to get away for a few days or travelers and even families or friends traveling together, there is plenty to do for every one at Beratan Lake.

The enchantment of Bali is not only its beautiful beach, white sand and sun shine. Bali also has a beautiful mountain range landscape with its forest and lake like in Bedugul, Tabanan regency. Tabanan Regency nestles on the southwestern part of Paradise Island and is well known as green and fertile area.

The agriculture has been developed very well here. This regency borders Badung on the east, Jembrana on the west and Buleleng on the north. Northern side of this regency is Bedugul producing fruits and vegetables. Bedugul is one of tourism area which is perched about 1240m high from sea level. This area is so cold with the temperature 180c in the night and 240c in the day time on an average. The fantastic panoramic views decorate the area. We can visit the Ulundanu Temple and Lake Beratan, Blayu Village, Jatiluwih Village, Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bedugul (botanical Garden).

The Ulun Danu Temple and Lake Beratan lies at the village of Candikuning, the district of Baturiti. Both are being contiguous and they created a full satisfaction for everyone who has been there and accompanied by green mountain range and tropical rainforest which always become as their characteristic. On the lake Beratan we can use motorboats and canoes which are available to go around the lake, as well as parasailing and water skiing.

There are some caves used by the Japanese in World War II across the lake and there is a path to the top of Mount Catur  from those caves, which has an ancient temple at the top. The Ulun Danu temple itself is a big temple nestling on the side of Lake Beratan. Beside from the main complex of the temples, there are two groups  temple shrines in the lake. When the ritual ceremony or temple festival falls, a simple bamboo bridge will be built to connect the temple with the main complex upon the ceremony.

We will see greenery and the shadow of the banyan tree, a small garden with some of local flowers adding the beauty of the landscape in front of the temple. We can also watch additional attraction on other part of the temple area and also can get in touch or take an amazing picture with some wild animals such anaconda-like snake, giant bat, iguana, and some tropical forest birds based on your own request with certain amount of  fee. Black and white portrait paintings are available on the southern lake front pavilion near the wooden jetty. Relax on the stone like chair while the artist is painting our face patiently. This is based on your request. This can be surely a memorable moment on your journey around this island.

Blayu Village is a small village located on parallel side from Pacung to Bedugul. This village is known for its traditional Songket Sarongs which is used for ceremonial purpose.
Jatiluwih Village and Yeh Panes is a small village on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Jatiluwih means  truly marvelous  as the view is truly encompassing a huge region of southern Bali. A hot spring, Yeh Panes  lies on the road northwards of Tabanan.

The last one is Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bedugul (Botanical Garden) is nestled near Bedugul. It was established in 1959 in 120 hectares of land as a Branch of the Bogor National Botanical Garden, which has a large collection of native plants and over specimens of orchid.

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