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Bali - Bangli

Bangli is located to east of Gianyar around an hour drive from Bali International Airport. It lies in the middle part of the island and is one of the regencies in Bali with Bangli as the provincial capital. The total area is 520,81 square kilometers and is inhabited by more than 197.000 people. It shares the border with Buleleng on the north, Klungkung and Karangasem on the east, Gianyar on the north, and Badung on the west.Bangli is consisted of 4 districts : Bangli - town Kintamani Susut Tembuku Bangli does not have beach but offers tourist objects and the remnants of the Balinese historical sites. Recommended places of interest within the regency include Kintamani, Mount and Lake Batur, Kehen Temple, Penglipuran Village, Kedisan Village, Terunyan Village, Toyo Bungkah, and Puncak Penulisan Temple.
Kintamani is one of famous tourist object in Bali, perched in center part of paradise island on Bangli Regency. Bangli regency itself is one of eight regencies in Bali, which has not seashore; it laid away many historical stories. Looked from the geographical side, this regency itself nestles in elevated place, contiguous with Buleleng Regency in northern part, Klungkung and Karangasem Regency in eastern part, Gianyar and Klungkung in southern part while Badung and Klungkung Regency in western part so it is not astonishing if this regency has quiet cool weathered, sophisticated situation and a fresh fruit and vegetables and also friendly people. In the northern part of this regency lies two tourist objects Mount and Lake Batur offering panoramic views. Mount Batur was erupted in 1917 and again in 1926, gives a natural sense and it size 1,717 meters (5,633 feet). Everyone who has visited this place they surely feel astonishment. To reach the top of Mount Batur, you need to follow the main road from Penelokan Kintamani down the food of the mountain then climbing up through a small path. It takes up to 3 hours to arrive at the top. The fantastic view of Mount and Lake Batur can be seen from Kintamani while having lunch at the local restaurant. Please be assure to arriving in Kintamani by lunch time as it is sometimes cloudy during the day.How to get to KintamaniKintamani is around 2 hours drive from the southern part of Bali and is within 1 hour from Ubud. Travelers may hire a taxi to visit this place or it is recommended to taking part in the local sightseeing tour arranged by the travel agent. The tour to Kintamani will also include Elephant Cave, Holy Spring Water Temple in Tampak Siring and Tegalalang Rice Terraces.Accommodation in KintamaniThere are few small accommodations in Penelokan Kintamani and at the bank of Lake Batur. Recommended hotel are Puri Bening Hayoto, Surya Hotel and Lakeside Cottages.
Penglipuran Village is a traditional tropical Balinese countryside village located in the Bangli region in the middle eastern area of the island of Bali. Bangli is famous for particularly hot food and has an excellent history of uncertainty and working the fields. Most of the local people of the area work on the land farming and culturing rice and other tropical spices and fruits. At over 700 meters above sea level the journey to get to Bangli is incredible and the views throughout are the relaxing including the rice padi plains and hills as you approach the mountains and then followed by the slow winding roads that lead you up the mountainside and which is coated in tropical trees and woodlands. Along the whole way you will pass little villages and temples of the traditional nature that offer a cultural dimension to the areas beautiful geography. At this height the incredible views of Bali are enjoyed at a lower and fresher climate then in the south of the island and extend across to the towing mountains and volcanoes as well as down the hillside and across the east of the Bali.It is said that the area of Penglipuran Village takes it’s name from the word ‘Pengeling Pura, which translates roughly as remember your ancestors although another school of though is that the word Penglipur meaning ‘entertainer’ is the origin from which the Penglipuran Village has derived as past kings of the ancient times have been known to retire to the area when in need of some time out from their duties and when in need of cheering up when upset and had royal entertainers based in the area for this reason. Either way it he area is both beautiful and entertaining to this day and well worth an excursion when staying in the Ubud area or if planning a trip around the mountain areas.The residential areas of Penglipuran Village have a very particular look that is unique to the area and extremely aesthetically pleasing with rows of very small but tall traditionally built houses that are very decorative and with thatched roofs. These roads are straight and within the field areas meaning there is a tropical country feel as well as being very culturally interesting. All of these roads are inline with the direction of the mount Agung, which is the most holy peak and one of the most holy places on the entire island. This gives a lovely effect and also extenuates the impressive grandeur of Bali’s largest peak. These cobbled roads sharing their direction with the family temples that can be found in the gardens also facing mount Agung as with the rest of the island the mountain is very important to the culture. In Penglipuran Village its importance is even stronger which is not surprising as it is likely that the villagers’ ancestors where the people who have suffered the most from the eruptions that have taken place in the past. This being said, there has not been an eruption for many years and although the peak is still deemed as active, another eruption is not expected for a long time.
Bangli Regency is the only regency which has no beach in Bali. But despite of having no beach, Bangli has the biggest lake as the main water source for all of rice fields irrigation in Bali. The name is Batur lake, lies under the Batur Mountain in Kintamani. This regency has beautiful landscape of rice terrace, valleys, and mountain natural views.Bangli covers 520.81 square km of land and is divided into 4 sub-districts; Kintamani, Susut, Tembuku, and Bangli with Bangli as the capital city. Total population is 197.210 people working in many industries such as agriculture, tourism, and crafting industry. Here are some places of interest in Bangli Batur Temple - The temple was built to worship god Wisnu, who runs of the holy water in Bali. The volcano eruption ruined the temple in 1917, and now the temple already rebuilt to higher place Kehen Temple - This is the ancient temple in Bali, built in 12th century and is the largest and the most sacred temple of the region. Kintamani - It is a cool climate area of mountains where fruits and vegetables grow. Penulisan Temple - This is an ancient and the highest temple in bali. You better visit it in foggy mist to have more romantic and mysterious scene Penelokan - Here you can view the Batur Montain with blue sparkling water of Lake Batur. Trunyan Village - The village of original Balinese, which arrived in Bali around 16th century. This village is only accessible by boat through Lake Batur. Famous with Pacering Jagat temple, which not allowed to enter to visitor
Kintamani is located in the north of Bali and in the locale of the volcano Mount Batur and its beautiful expanse of fresh water lake. Kintamani is located about three to 4 hours drive from the south of Bali although the drive is a breathtaking trip through the middle of the real Bali where you will pass the rice terraces that make mirror-like staircases around the hills that lead up to the mountainous valleys that are covered with tropical forests and have rivers that run the full length of the island. One you have reached the area of Kintamani the temperature is far cooler and fresher in the mountain air where magnificent unspoilt panoramic views of Bali can be enjoyed from this secluded and un-crowded magical area. Tour to Kintamani is one of the most favorit Bali day tour and takes up to 8 hour. The tour to Kintamani combines with other tourist objects include Barong Dance, Sukawati Art Market, Ubud, and Tegalalang. The tour to Kintamani are arranged either in a private tour or sharing tour. It is not just the scenery that is beautiful and serine in Kintamani there is also a beautiful little culture that consists of the six different villages known as the Age villages (pronounced a- gee) that are spread around the crater of the Mount Batur. These villages are all different to any of the villages in Bali and collectively only accommodation 15,000 people who are mainly farmers and workers of the land. There are some very interesting fabric designs and cloths that can be purchased from the markets of these towns and each one has a totally different feel and will welcome you whole heartedly to look around the area.There are also a few important temples that guard the volcano from the evil spirits and there are many ceremonies that are in place to appease these spirits ensure the safety of the people of the island. There are also some amazing myths and legends connecting the volcano and its surrounding area which is hardly surprising since Mont Batur has erupted 24 times in the last 200 years and has repeatedly damaged and destroyed the surrounding areas including the villages and temples of the area. The volcano is still active to this day although another eruption is not expected.There are now some gorgeous little restaurants and villa of surprisingly high luxury in the area that makes an ideal spot for a couple who are looking for a place away from the tourists where the seclusion is incredible and the tranquility is divine. Kintamani has been the chosen location for these builds due to the breathtakingly incredible panoramic views to be had from the top across the glorious tropical mountain countryside. Kintamani is also the best spot to watch the new sun rise over Bali where you will see the sun breach before anyone else on the island shedding light upon the eerie mists of this sacred land. With the beautiful peaceful culture that invite you wholeheartedly into their areas and the incredible views and walking opportunities with countless incredible view spots it is no wonder that Kintamani has been selected as an alternative holiday location for those who really seek to escape the realities of back home and experience something completely different.

The regency of Bangli covers a large area of Bali in the North of the island including the volcanic area of Batur and the Kintamani area. Bangli extends right down to Tianyar and Tejakula where the regency meets the sea, form the highlands of the north of Bangli you can look out over the entire regency which is an amazing view from the rice padi fields down to the coast and the small villages and temples that Bangli encompasses. Bangli is one of the most fertile areas of Bali and is the main reason that the rest of the island is so fertile, the lakes and water couches that create Bali’s many rivers and streams that carve valleys out of the highlands and create streams that lead to the beaches all across the land all begin in the highlands of Bangli. This makes the north of Bangli a beautiful area to visit where there are many small villages and traditional communities dedicated to to the rice farming and the complexities of the fascinating Balinese culture.

If you wish to visit this amazing location of lush tropical forest, valleys, highlands, lakes and traditional villages from the south of Bali then the most accessible approach is to use the bypass towards Sanur and then follow it on to Gianyar. Past this point you will enter the rice terraces of Sidan as the roads rise over the Bukit Samprangan as you draw closer to Bangli. When you reach Taman Bali the climb becomes more noticeable as you pass through the woodlands and wind your way up the roads into Bangli.

The southern rice fields contain no real tourist attractions which is actually the areas main attraction. This is an area where the culture is preserved and you are unlikely to see another westerner and the rich traditional values and lifestyle can be appreciated in a way than just cannot be felt in places such as Ubud. Known to some of Indonesia’s most dedicated travelers as ‘the real Bali’ Bangli is one of the few areas that actually exhibits Bali as it was before the tourist boom, the Bali that people first started to come to the island to witness.

Pura Kehen is the main town of the area and is Bangli’s administrative centre with many palaces and large mansions that are excellent to visit as well as the area’s main temples. The temples in this area have more majestic appeal then most due to their grandeur and fantastic backdrop of classic Indonesian beauty. At the Batur area the feel is different and with the amazing trek prospects of the volcano itself, the Batur is an excellent challenge for any traveler. The landscape surrounding the area is largely unchanged with rainforests and valleys with tropical life and fresher temperatures. The lake at the top is home to water sports facilities and is a fantastic photographic opportunity that is a real jewel of Bali.


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