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Luxury Pool Villas in Bali

The number of luxury pool villas in Bali is growing all the time as more and more people are planning to stay in luxury villas rather then in a hotel room. Villas are also less costly to make and maintain. Bali villas are generally of a very high standard and can be found all over Bali in the main tourist location as well as some exclusive alternative locations in beautiful locations. The luxury villas are often in a small group of around 10 different villas each with their own private gardens and often with private access and many luxury features. The advantage of staying in this type of accommodation is that you will have much more space, a great deal more privacy and a far more tranquil atmosphere and facilities such as kitchenettes and living rooms. Usually luxury pool villas in Bali cost a little more than hotel rooms but often the price difference can be smaller than you would think and with one, two or three bedrooms options which may save buying two of three hotel rooms. Many of the luxury villas have there own swimming pools and outdoor and indoor seating as well as many other facilities.

Air conditioning is standard as well as hot and cold water in luxury en suite bathrooms which are usually large and spacious with a large hot tub and a shower as well as all of the bathroom amenities you would expect. Satellite television is also standard as well as mini bars, full kitchenettes, international telephones and often flat screen televisions and entertainment units. Bali Villas are available in a number of different styles and although you can find modern contemporary and traditional luxury pool villas in Bali in virtually any area there are certain areas where you will find a larger concentration of certain types. For example in Ubud you will find many of the traditional Balinese villas which are modern but offer the traditional feel where as in Seminyak there are many of the modern contemporary villas, generally both offer the same standard in luxury with the difference in presentation and views. There are also the beach and mountain luxury villas which are usually larger in size and offer a few more facilities and grand views with even less people and even more tranquility.

The facilities at the luxury pool villas in Bali really do vary from place to place depending on the size and capacity of the complex. Generally there will be fewer facilities than the hotels offer as the luxury villas just don deal with the amount of people that the hotels do but there is usually a restaurant of a great standard and a wonderful spa. The best thing about these facilities is that they are never over crowded due to the small number of guests. When in an area such as Seminyak or Ubud you will find that there are enough incredible facilities located around the area to try out rather than eating in every night anyway.