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Dinning in Bali

Dinning in Bali is fantastic with so much variation in dishes and foods across all the different budgets and in all areas from western food to the local and other Indonesia dishes. There are many very cheap places to eat around Kuta including food from all over the world such as Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese and of course Indonesian and Balinese of course. There area many restaurants that offer a selection of Indonesian and western favorite foods, some are obviously better than others but the value for money are almost consistently excellent. Further north in the Kuta area through Legian and Seminyak the restaurants tend to improve where you can find food of a very high standard although the price is obviously going to be a little higher, never the less, the value for what ever you pay is almost always very good indeed. Around the Oberoi area of northern Seminyak you can find a selection of very classy restaurants especially by the beach here where Bali’s top sunset restaurants are located providing excellent food in a fully luxurious location that is guaranteed to make you feel famous.

In the Ubud area dinning again is very good with a similar selection of food to Seminyak although in Ubud there tends to be a more contemporary dinners and a much better selection for vegetarians. As with the art scene in the Ubud area, restaurants in Ubud are often more creative and inspired in terms of the layout and surroundings and the contents of the menu than in other areas of Bali. Many of Ubud’s restaurants also boast magnificent views of the tropical countryside including padi fields, woodlands, river valleys and the large temples not to mention the fantastic mountains that stand proud just to the north.

Nusa Dua and Sanur are also excellent laces to eat with many different restaurants for many different budgets and as with any area in Bali there are also vibrant markets open both day and night offering all of the local cuisine and fresh fruits and juices. Nusa Dua tends to have more of the top class restaurants then in Sanur although Sanur does have a few particularly good places that are very reasonably priced. If you area staying in a villa, hotel or boutique resort it is very likely that the food within the resort will be of top level and many places have more than one restaurant offering different moods and menus. As with many places and indeed at home, a very good way to find the best places is take a walk down the main strip in the area you are staying and go into a restaurant that is busy. This works particularly well with trying local food and in any area where there are expatriates. Another gem that should not be missed upon a trip to Bali is the seafood Warungs on the beach in Jimbaran. Here barbeque fish is served in the most extravagant way and very reasonably priced.