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Cheap Accommodation in Bali

The idea of cheap accommodation in Bali is different to everybody and for the purpose of this article we will be concentrating on the budget hotel and accommodation intended for family and couple holidays rather than the budget backpacker and surfer lodges which are indeed extremely cheap but also incredibility basic. Accommodation such as this is widely available all around the island particularly in Kuta and the main holiday areas or around the surfing beaches. Even the shrewdest of family planning a holiday are likely to be able to spend more than 5 to 10 dollars a night on a room although when you look into this budget family holiday market there is a lot of variation in the quality of the different places. For the accommodation price of around 30 dollars a night up to around 50 dollars a night you can find some really nice places in Bali which offer everything you would need as well as a good level of luxury. If you wish to stay in the Kuta area then you will find more of these cheap accommodation around Benesari and the Legian area although there are far less in the Seminyak area. Sanur, Ubud and all around Lovina and Candidasa you will find cheap accommodation in Bali.

Expect your cheap accommodation in Bali to have a swimming pool with seating around the pool area and a bar of either the swim up variety or one located just outside the pool. This has always been something considered as a mid range facility and not standard in the cheap accommodation in Bali and although not all of these have pool, most now do so if you are paying towards the top end of the above marked price there should definitely be a pool and even at the bottom most places will have a pool. As well as this there is almost always a restaurant facility offering western fare as well as Indonesian and Balinese dishes. This is usually located overlooking the pool, in the front gardens or located somewhere within the courtyards or central gardens. Other facilities may include a spa or at least a massage facility as well as a tour desk and laundry etc.

The layout of the cheap accommodation in Bali often follows the traditional family compound set up which offers a connection with the culture where al of the rooms open out into a traditional garden. There are also the modern versions of this and many of the cheap accommodation in Bali even offer some luxury villas or suites which are grand and of the mid range class. The cheap accommodation in Bali always offer a pleasant and cultural experience which is some thing that Bali is renowned for and you don’t have to pay top dollar to get it. The style of the cheap accommodation in Bali is usually obvious just from the name of the place. Most traditional hotels have traditional names and the contemporary places tend to have modern names.