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Beaches in Bali

Bali is famed for its amazing collection of beaches offering everything from perfect romantic tropical hideaways, to social lively fun beach atmospheres to a surfers dream beach overlooking world class waves. So what are you looking for in a beach in Bali? It seems natural to begin with Kuta beach, Kuta beach runs all the way up the coast to Seminyak but Kuta beach is generally referred to the area around Poppies where the budget backpackers and surfers accommodation is. The beach in this area generally reflects the type of accommodation and nightlife local that is local to it. Kuta beach is a lively beach where there are many travelers and surfers who hang out and jump in the water when it takes their fancy. This can be a great place to meet other people and find surf buddies to take a trip out to reefs with. When you head further north to Legian it is the beach looks similar but is less crowded and more suited to groups of friend relaxing and then further still to Seminyak the crowds thin out completely and here like the classier accommodation of the area, there are less people mainly couples and families and here is ideal to get peace and quiet and read a book. Across the whole stretch of this bay there are plenty f facilities including toilets and changing areas, drink sellers and beach cafes and massage that is usually located under the palms that line the top of the beach giving shade to the those who prefer to look lightly brown then lobster red. And the surf is good across the entire area although is generally more crowded toward Kuta.

On the east side of the island the beaches are almost always protected from Bali’s pounding swell by offshore reefs that create great lagoons for swimming, snorkeling and a whole multitude of different sports. Here the scene is very different to that of the west, in the east the demographic leans more towards families and couples who are enjoying a quiet holiday away from the hedonistic youths of the island. In Sanur where the beach resort are well spread out along the huge bay there beach seems almost empty as you may have strain you eyes to pick out the next tourist, here the sands are perfectly white, the water flat, clear and turquoise and the paths are palm shaded leading you around traditional markets just off the beach.

Nusa Dua has a similar scene to Sanur but is possibly more beautiful with mushroom rock creating small bays as well as the main beach that looks out the famous Nusa Dua surfing reef. Here accommodation tends to be 5 star and of international standard which reflects the scene of the beach although without doubt this are is extremely beautiful and it is easy to find uncrowded area. Besides this there are plenty of incredible beaches on the island where you may find yourself as the only person there in perfect tropical beauty, for this try heading up to Padangbai.