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Balinese Clothes

Clothes for Balinese are not only used to cover their bodies, but also used to cover a building especially holy building such as temples. When temples have just been built, Balinese held a special ceremony to cover the clothes, decoration and accessories all over the temples.

When Bali Art Festival were first held at 1979, each district showed their own original clothes. It was shown that in time, Bali was a part of Indonesia which had several kind of clothes. These clothes, until now, are used to attend many ceremonies held in many different time. Kain Poleng Sudhamala, Songket, Prada and Sekordi are name of clothes in Bali which have philosophic meaning in doing their ceremony ritual.

There are 3 sections of Balinese Clothes, such as :
Busana Agung
Usually used at big ceremonies such as wedding, teeth ceremony, or others. The clothes are using gold as accecories and its main colour.

Busana Madya
Busana Madya are almost like Busana agung, but more simple. Used only for big ceremony at temples.

Busana Alit
Used for doing cultural activities at villages. The clothes are just same like any other daily clothes, but they add more clothes (wastra) for cover their bottom side of Body and use another scarf (selempod) around their whist to show everybody that a person using that is still doing some social cultural