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Bali Travel Tips

All travelers are welcomed to visiting Indonesia or Bali but must have a valid passport for at least more than six months. Entry visa is also required for those countries who need to apply visa. Only those Asean Citizen do not require visa but still need to have a valid travel document such passport and air tickets.
Be sure to check with the Indonesian Embassy or consular before departing to Indonesia or Bali.

Local Currency
Indonesia Currency is Rupiah or Indonesia Rupiah (RP/IDR) and has the following denominates
• Bank notes : 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000,50000, 100000
• Coins : 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000

Foreign Currency
Other foreign currencies are accepted in all Bali hotels, restaurants, art shops, air lines, freight forwarding andamp; cargo and other tourism related business. While most of the shopping malls in Bali do not accept payment in other foreign currencies. You need to change them first into Indonesia Rupiah.
Many changers and banks are available on services during working days from 08:00am to 15:00.

Credit Cards
Major credit cards are mostly accepted in retail establishment including hotels, restaurants and airlines. Check the person in charge if they accept credit card before continue shopping. Some retail companies requires additional fees up to 4% for payment by credit card.

When you go out from the hotel compound, it is recommended to dress properly. Take a light clothes to close your body as Bali is hot during the day.andnbsp;
If you visit Balinese temples, ceremonies and other religious event, you need to dress casually or in Balinese customs when required.
Bali is the land of prayer and full of religious festivals; Therefore you need to respect local customs and traditions.

Bahasa Indonesia is commonly spoken by all Balinese people but Balinese have their own language.
English is generally used by most of the people working in the tourism industry, banking and related business.