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Bali Street Food Guide

There are so many delicious foods you can find in Bali. Some of them are well prepared in fine restaurants, and some of them are just sold on the streets. Not all fine restaurants serve nice food, but also, not all street foods are terrible. Sometimes, you can find very delicious foods are sold on the streets. The taste is original, the food is fresh and the price is good. To taste the street food, here are some tips how to taste the delicious food and avoid an upset stomach. Explore the uniqueness and the typical street food in Bali.

Crowded place
Following the crowd can be good decision to begin tasting Street Food. It is a good indicator of the food quality. If you find an idle place on a busy street, there suppose to be a reason why that place has no customers.

Ask local people
No one could understand better street food than locals. They always eat in a place that does not bother their stomach or worse, can make them sick. Ask the taxi driver, shop assistant or office workers for best recommendations.

How they Cook
Watch properly how the seller cook the food. Ask them to serve fresh food, that have just cooked minutes ago. Hot food can eliminate microscopic bugs and germs that are present. And those are safer than food left out for hours at hotel

Antibacterial Wipes
Always keep an antibacterial wipes in your handbag. Use them before you eat. That can be a safe decision to keep away germs from your own hand.

Fill up on starch
Banana, rice, bread and noodles are good to fill your uneasy stomach until you feel better. They will restore an internal balance of your body.