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Bali Travel Doesn’t Have To Be Just A Dream!Experience The Culture Of Bali, Indonesia At A Price You Can Really Afford! Affordable Bali travel opportunities are in abundance. Yet, many people think that a trip to Bali, Indonesia is out of their price range. This is unfortunate, because those that never have the opportunity to visit Bali, Indonesia are missing out on a truly remarkable experience.Bali travel is about more than just the beautiful scenery – though this is certainly a draw to this tropical island paradise! In addition to the mountain views, white sand beaches, and sparkling waters, Bali, Indonesia also offers a rich cultural experience that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.In fact, the charming people and colorful temple ceremonies that take place have caused many to consider Bali to be the “Jewel of Indonesia.”One of the most alluring cultural draws of Bali, Indonesia is the fact that it is the only part of the large Indonesian Moslem Nation that is still predominantly Hindu. As a result, Bali provides a look at a unique religion and many varied ceremonies.The villages of Bali, Indonesia are a sight to behold. Each is divided into a small community of no more than 120 families, as well as a group of temples. Tourists can’t help but marvel at the close-knit ties within these communities.If you would like to experience the culture of Bali, Indonesia, let a trained vacation planner help you plan your trip. Whether you are interested in Bali travel, Lombok travel or travel to one of the other regions on the island, our travel specialists can provide the personal attention you deserve -- to make your vacation one you will never forget.
Bali Beaches are one of the many things that make Bali such a great place to spend a summer vacation and if beaches are your cup of tea, there are a number to choose from on the paradise island. Bali offers a number of different types of Bali Beaches from lively social beaches to deserted beaches and pristine brilliant white sands to volcanic black sands. So if you are booking a beach holiday in Bali it is good to make sure you are going to be on your dream beach as you can rest assured that your perfect beach will be somewhere on the island. This article offers an overview of the different beaches in Bali that may appeal to the different needs of the variety of tourists that pass through Bali.If you are looking for a social environment close to the budget and midrange accommodation and the bars and clubs then Kuta beach is for you. This white sand beach is beautiful during the dry season and is a great place to surf and meet other people as well as starting the night with some drinks while the sun sets. With the most social area at the south of Kuta beach, as you head further north up the coast you will find that the atmosphere turns into a more laid back family scene around Legian and then into a couples or family scene around Seminyak where there are some beautiful high class restaurants and bars located right on the beach.For a family or couples atmosphere with a little more class you can try Sanur for a long white sand beach with lagoons of clear water and shaded paths running up the beach passing market stalls, beach cafes and water sports facilities. Nusa Dua offers a more up-market scene similar to Sanur with possibly more beautiful with interesting out crops of rock adding features to the coastline.If you are interesting in surfing then you will enjoy the beaches along the Bukit at the very south of the island of Bali. All of these Bali Beaches provide excellent reef breaks and usually a long walk down a cliff to a white sand beach with a lagoon. If you are interesting in diving the north coast or the north east will be your place where black and white sand beaches offer excellent snorkeling and there are many great dive sights located close by. Black sand beaches are usually found in the volcanic areas along the northern areas of the east and the west of the coastline al though there are still plenty of white sand beaches. Thos who really want to get away from it can choose a luxury boutique villa outside one of the smaller seaside villages such as Candidasa, Padangbai, Lovina or Singaraja where there will be a much more tranquil and secluded atmosphere perfect for honeymooners as well as those who are looking for a more relaxing break.
Bali Eco Tourism is becoming more and more popular as people are gradually becoming not only more environmentally aware but also more active in there attempts to thing about the amounts of energy used and other human activities that are damaging to the world. In line with this there is a growing interest in cycling trips and tours in Bali and trekking as well as all sorts of other environmentally friendly activities. even more and more of the locals are becoming aware of the problems and since the global warming summit in 2007 of the united nations which was held in Bali and the advertising and public response of this there are more and more 'stop global warming’ tee-shirts visible on the streets of Bali every day.There are many ways that travelers can keep environmentally aware and also focus the money they spend into making sure that it goes to the local people and not the pocket of the fat cats that are getting a monopoly on Bali and do not have the best interests of the local people at heart. Firstly simple things like avoiding the top end accommodation and only staying in places that are owned by the Balinese, using the transport offered by the local people and eating in the local warungs and smaller restaurants that are owned by the Balinese. This way you can ensure that you are helping the local people and not the western fat cats.There are also more dedicated eco tourism resorts in Bali, a few of these high class places are located in the far west of the island in the conservational park. These places offer accommodation that is very conscious of its carbon footprint and uses solar panels and sorts of new technology in order to cut down on power used and damage to the natural landscape. There is also a lot of forestry projects that these places are involved in at it is possible to be a volunteer in some of the reconstructive practices that are going on right now such as the replanting of tree and the saving of animals.With projects like Bali eco tourism, this going on in the middle of the forest it is possible to be involved in this kind of Eco Tourism in Bali whilst staying in some high class accommodation. This is becoming an alternative holiday from mingling with the crowds in the south of the island. This has been spurred by the increasing education in the area of Bali towards the need for Bali Eco Tourism as a way of using the foreign money from tourism which is the main income of the island and applying it to the upkeep and maintenance of the environment and education of the importance of this. Recycling is growing in Bali now with companies that collect bags in the same way as in most western countries. For being away from the crowds and enjoying the peace and serenity of the jungle and tropical woodland or a deserted beach and with the knowledge that you are helping this worthy cause, Eco Tourism in Bali is an excellent alternative for those who care.
Bali is located within the Indonesian Republic which is the largest archipelago in the world. Bali is at the very south of Indonesia and is located almost exactly east of the main island of Java and where the Capital city of Jakarta is located, is just west of Lombok and only 8 degrees off the equator. Due to Bali’s location at the very south of the archipelago, Bali is subject to the full force of the swell from the Indian Ocean that comes up from the Antarctic and provides surfers with some of the best waves in the world and the Balinese people with a culture that is heavily influenced by the power and spirits of the sea.Bali is only 5,632 square Kilometers in its entirety which equates to just 2,175 square miles. Bali has a distinctive shape wide diamond shape that is 90 miles on the north to south axis and 140 miles across the west to east axis. The north of the island is mainly mountainous with a large active volcano in the north east called mount Batur which towers at 1,717 meters and last erupted in March 1963 although the highest point in Bali is the holy Mount Agung which is located almost in the centre of the island and is an impressive 3,142 meters high. The peak of mount Agung is actually an active volcano that has not erupted for over 30,000 years although its last eruption is said to have been one of the largest known volcanic events in the history of the earth. The south of the island is mainly flat and hosts most of the Balinese population including the capital of Denpasar and the main areas of tourism interest. There are a many rivers all around the island that flow from the high peaks all the way down to the sea at all side of the island and feeds the complex irrigations systems that feed the rice paddies that cascade down the hillsides in the hilly areas of the centre and north of the island providing the staple diet of the Balinese people, nasi (rice).The island of Bali has two seasons, the wet and the dry season, these seasons correspond with summer and winter of the southern hemisphere that are the wet and dry seasons respectively. The intense extremes of the tropical climate combined with the beauty of the island and its sensitivity to extreme natural events has spawned the fascinating religion of Balinese Hinduism which is hugely influenced by the mountains, seas and natural events that from a historical point of view have been regular.Almost the entire coastline of Bali is surrounded by tropical reefs that protect the beaches from the large swells and supply surfers and divers with world-class conditions for there chosen sports. The reefs are home to some of the world’s most incredible marine life in both deep waters and the shallow reefs.
Bali offers fantastic tourist object and recreational facilities for travelers from white sandy beaches, mountainous area, arts and cultural activities. Holiday in Bali is not complete if you do not have time to explore the real beauty of the hidden country sides, experience the uniqueness of Balinese culture, feel the fresh mountain atmosphere and laying on the soft white beaches. The paradise island awaits you for an exciting experience.To make your Bali tours well organized, we recommend to arrange and choose the places you are going to visit during the tour. It seems that this small beautiful island has anything for visitors to enjoy. Tour plan can be divided into 5 destinations such as southern part, central part, eastern part, northern part, and western part. By dividing this specific tourist areas, your Bali tours arrangement become easier and more enjoyable.Recommended places to visit on your tour around Bali :Southern Part of Bali Tanjung Benoa - The area is famous for its wide selection of water sports recreation and marine activities. Tanjung Benoa is within easy drive from Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Ubud and other areas. Choose from the water sports recreations that is suitable to your age and interests. Nusa Dua Beach - A tranquility beach for those seeking quite place to relax on the beach. Nusa Dua Beach is well developed beach area with no paddlers hanging around. Uluwatu - Great place for sunset from the rocky cliff Uluwatu Temple. Be aware of naughty monkeys as they can take your belongs rudely. Dreamland Beach - A new developed beach area with its amazing waves and sparkling blue ocean. Dreamland is a perfect place for surfing. Jimbaran Beach - Place for some luxurious hotels and villas. When sunset has sets Jimbaran offers romantic place for dinner on the beach front. Selection of fresh seafood are available at the open air restaurants and cafes. Kuta Beach Beach - The most crowded beach on the southern part of Bali with amazing rolling waves run into the beach. Best place for surfing, sunset and swimming. Sanur Beach - The premier tourist area lies on the south eastern part provides travelers tranquil atmosphere. Place to watch the sunrise and to learn some water sports activities including scuba diving. Denpasar - It is the provincial capital city of Bali and is the center for all government offices, business, shopping centers and markets. Denpasar is around 40 minutes from Nusa Dua, 30 minutes from Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak and Legian, 50 minutes from Ubud, 15 minutes from Sanur. The traditional and art markets are Kumbasari, Badung and Kereneng. Central Part of Bali Celuk, the center of gold and silver works with lines of art shops and galleries. Batuan and Mas, the home of Balinese painters where you can find various types of paintings. Ubud, home base for talented craftsmen, painters and dancers. Ubud is a remarkable and wonderful tourist area with unique Balinese cultures. It seems that Ubud is inhabited by mostly artists and is the home for famous art museums and galleries. Ayung River, the gorgeous river becomes very popular amongst the travelers who love the real adventure tours and white water rafting tours. Bali Bird Park, features various types of birds from all over Indonesia and around the world. This Bali Bird Park opens daily from 08:00 to 21:00. Tegalalang, offers breathtaking rice terraces on the northern side of Ubud. Goa Gajah, located on the steep bank of Petanu River on the eastern side of Ubud. This Hindus sanctuary was built 700 years ago. Tampak Siring, a holy spring water temple built to purify the human being bad spirits. Eastern Part of Bali Kintamani, one of the most favorite places in Bali providing georgous view overlooking the active volcano, Mount Batur. Lake Batur, As one of the widest lake in Bali, located on the food of Mount Batur in Tanah Abang Village. There is one accommodation on this village. Kehen Temple, one of the ancient Balinese Hindu Temples in Bali, located in Bangli Regency and is built during the 11th century in the terraced mountains. Besakih Temple, the biggest and the holiest Hindu Temple in Bali nestled on the slope of Mount Agung. Renowned as the mother of all Balinese Hindu Temples. Goa Lawah, located on the main road to eastern part of Bali overlooking the ocean. Thousand of bats live here. Candidasa, one Bali tourist resort located in the eastern coastline where you can find selection of hotels and accommodation. Amed and Tulamben, lies further to the east of Bali as a perfect place for diving and snorkeling. Northern Part of Bali Bedugul, a mountain region as part of Tabanan Regency with collections of tropical plants and trees reserved in the biggest natura gardens. Lake Beratan, the second biggest lake in Bali located in Bedugul. Suitable place for fishing and canoeing Lovina Beach, lies on the quite area on the northern part of Bali. Western Part of Bali Menjangan Island, around 3 hours drive from Denpasar and Bali International Airport. Menjangan is one of the best spots for diving and snorkeling. To visit those places, you can arrange your local tours through Bali travel agents or just rent a car and drive it your self. When driving in Bali, an international driving license is a must. Bring along with a good Bali map to avoid wrong direction.
Enjoy The Enchantment Of A Bali Spa Experience! Add The Perfect Spa Treatment To Bali Travel Packages And Save! One of the most commonly requested additions to Bali travel packages today is a spa treatment. Bali, and other areas of the island, are well-known for their variety and number of spa opportunities.A Bali spa treatment is one that will remain a fond memory for years after the vacation has ended. A spa experience provides visitors with a unique ability to become one with the Bali culture -- while enjoying the luxury that a spa treatment provides.Luxury spa treatments in Bali can be easily added to many varied Bali travel packages at an affordable price. Among the Bali spa options just waiting to be discovered… Treatment within luxurious private rooms Access to extensive resort facilities following spa treatment Warm, welcoming staff Bali travel packages offering discounted spa treatments with hotel stays Full spa treatment options, including massage, scrub, facial, and more The use of special blends made from fruit extract and herbal plants found in Indonesia Aromatherapy using local flowers, herbs, and spices to help you relax and balance your mind, body, and spirit Since each Bali spa has its own unique characteristics, your travel representative is best suited to help you select the one that is right for you.We specialize in creating Bali travel packages that are unique and personal, guaranteeing you experience a vacation unlike any other.Contact us today for the perfect Bali vacation and spa package – indulge in an unforgettable visit to a Bali spa.
There are so many delicious foods you can find in Bali. Some of them are well prepared in fine restaurants, and some of them are just sold on the streets. Not all fine restaurants serve nice food, but also, not all street foods are terrible. Sometimes, you can find very delicious foods are sold on the streets. The taste is original, the food is fresh and the price is good. To taste the street food, here are some tips how to taste the delicious food and avoid an upset stomach. Explore the uniqueness and the typical street food in Bali.Crowded placeFollowing the crowd can be good decision to begin tasting Street Food. It is a good indicator of the food quality. If you find an idle place on a busy street, there suppose to be a reason why that place has no customers.Ask local peopleNo one could understand better street food than locals. They always eat in a place that does not bother their stomach or worse, can make them sick. Ask the taxi driver, shop assistant or office workers for best recommendations.How they CookWatch properly how the seller cook the food. Ask them to serve fresh food, that have just cooked minutes ago. Hot food can eliminate microscopic bugs and germs that are present. And those are safer than food left out for hours at hotel buffet.Antibacterial WipesAlways keep an antibacterial wipes in your handbag. Use them before you eat. That can be a safe decision to keep away germs from your own hand.Fill up on starchBanana, rice, bread and noodles are good to fill your uneasy stomach until you feel better. They will restore an internal balance of your body.
Bali tourism has been rapildly growing and nothing to worry about the safety and security. The local authorities have taken some measures on security issues from the main entry point such as airport and seaport. The number of foreign travelers have increased in total numbers of arrival. The development of tourism infrastructures and facilities have been completely done.If you have never been to Bali and plan for a vacation to this paradise island, just need to prepare money and time. Everything you might need while in Bali seems to be available. From accommodation, sightseeing tours, dining, shopping, adventure tours and recreational facilities are ready on services.Keep in mind the places you want to visit, the location of the accommodation in Bali and other activities to join. Planning your vacation ahead will avoid undesirable things when on holiday. Bali lies on the tropical continent which provides two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. Rainy season starts from October to April, and dry season is from May to September. The best time for holiday in Bali is during dry season but it is also recommended during rainy season as Bali does not have much rains during this period. The island still has sunny days during rainy season. It means, Bali is worth to visit all year round.Once you are here on the island, you might be amazed with the natural beauty of the island and the charming people. This will create another experience of your lifestyle when coming home. The intricate artworks, the unique culture and the breathtaking panoramas make a new idea for travelers of how life in Bali is so wonderful. The Balinese daily life and activities, colorful religious ceremonies, and the gorgeous nature blend harmoniously keeping the balance of the universe with the human being.An abundance of Bali tourism services including hotels and travel package are available on this directory including comprehensive information local cultures, places of interests, tourist areas and activities.
The small Bali island with a population of more than 3 million draws more than two million foreign visitors each year and around million domestic tourists. This beautiful island has become the most popular destination, offering all comforts and complete tourism facilities. However the original charm of Bali still very much attracts visitors from around the world .The island amazing panoramic views, unique temples and spectacular festivals blending perfectly with the natural beauty of its landscape.The most Bali tourist resort is Kuta Beach with a six kilometers golden sandy beach as a favorite place for most international travelers including domestic. Kuta Beach has been renown as the weekend destination for most of the Australian surfers. The resort is enhanced by numerous fine dining, cafes, bars, night clubs, art shops and shopping malls.Travelers seeking more secluded and relaxed atmosphere generally having their holiday on the other parts of Bali such as Sanur, Ubud, Candidasa, Nusa Dua, Seminyak and Singaraja. Drive from the southern part of the island to the peaceful Candidasa, to the north Singaraja and Amed the rapidly developing village to become a tourist place are recommended.If you are looking for the upscale hotels and villas, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Seminyak are perfect choice for you.Besides the beach resort, some visitors also travel to the villages to experience more the unique Balinese culture and the traditional life. The most popular village resort is Ubud, located in the central part of Bali around an hour drive from the southern part of the island. Ubud has been long renown as a cultural center with beautiful landscape, charming people and plenty of artworks as wells art galleries. The traditional Balinese dances are performed regularly in the central part and other villages nearby.Other places that worth to visit during a day trip include Denpasar the provincial capital of Bali, Klungkung as the ancient capital of one of the Balinese Kingdom, Singaraja the old Bali's provincial capital. There are numerous tourist object that can be arranged into a regular day tour. The most visited places are Kintamani, Bedugul, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Lake Batur, Besakih, Jatiluwih, and many others.Bali is an island with major Hindu population drawing a particular views which can not be found in other parts of Indonesia. The spectacular temples Tanah Lot offshore temple, the biggest Besakih temple perched on the slopes of Mount Agung, and Pura Luhur Lempuyang. Regular temple festivals held in very part of the island, creating a colorful views throughout the island.The island of paradise Bali is worth to visit all year round but be aware of peak season period during July, August, September, Christmas and New Year. Most of hotels are tightly booked, the prices are doubled up and tourist places can be crowded.
Looking For A Bali Travel Special?An Opportunity Filled With Adventure?Consider Booking One Of These Amazing Bali Tours… When thinking of Bali, one can’t help having visions of exciting Bali tours. For those that love adventure, there are a number of Bali tours that are sure to thrill even the most hardcore adventure seeker.For those that want only mild thrills, there are certain to be adventure tours in Bali that will meet their much milder tour needs as well. Everyone can find a Bali travel special that fits their unique needs!Before booking any tours in Bali, learn about the various Bali travel special opportunities and tours available today. Find the right company and the right adventure to meet your desires. Some of the many tours in Bali available today include… Whitewater rafting in the Telaga Waja River or the Avung River Trekking through Bali backcountry, including breathtaking jungles and intriguing rice fields Mountain cycling tours Kayaking Ocean rafting Village tours Canoe tours Safari jeep rides to remote areas of Bali For most of these tours in Bali, it is recommended that children under the age of ten do not attend. In addition, these tours may be a bit rigorous for those over the age of 60. Therefore, we encourage guests to strongly reconsider these Bali travel special opportunities if they do not meet these age recommendations.With the plethora of exciting Bali vacation and tour options available, you’ll have no shortage of activity on your Bali vacation! Contact a representative today. We will provide you with the information you need to help you make the best decision for you and your travel companions – and make your Bali vacation a truly memorable experience.

Bali travel destination reviews where all your holiday needs for a great vacation in Bali becomes part of your life. The small paradise island for every traveler looking for something special either for leisure, business, meeting and education.

Travel Bali in its peak in tourism which is due to the fact Bali is one of the most desirable tourist and holiday destinations in the world for a diverse array of people who are looking for a tropical holiday with a unique and friendly culture. Bali offers plenty of high luxury and also many areas where you can escape these tourism centers and experience the real natural traditional areas of Bali and all of the island’s beautiful sights. When coming to Bali most people either stay in one of the resort locations in the south of Bali which are all located beach side in picture perfect locations or in Ubud which is located in the hills that lead up to the mountains and is the cultural heart of Bali with incredible views of Balinese tropical countryside.

There are also many boutique resorts in Bali that offer supreme luxury and are located in secluded spots thus giving you the best of both worlds. The reason why holiday to Bali is growing in popularity once again is that there really is something for everyone. Each Bali resort is focused on a certain type of traveler and has a scene as well as atmosphere relevant to is respective travelers. For instance Kuta is the budget travelers and surfers preferred place to stay and also has the highest concentration of bars and clubs all at low prices. There is also Legian and Seminyak that are north of this areas and offer accommodation and night life that is also vibrant but much more sophisticated. There is also Sanur that is perfect for a family holiday with lagoons that are safe for swimming and plenty of large international resorts and activities and Nusa Dua that is located at the very southern most tip of the island and is the most exclusive areas of the island for your holiday in Bali, which is like a super high class Sanur.

Other locations in clued Jimbaran, which is ideal for all travelers who deserve the pinnacle of luxury Bali holiday and wish to be in an area where travel around Bali is a little easier. Bali is a place where no matter what your budget is you always get a good deal whether you are spending $4 a night or $400 you will get your moneys worth and feel completely satisfied with your choice. All of hotels in Bali and restaurants seem to be climbing up the status ladder and it is now common to have an infinity edge pool in a hotel that costs under $7 for a night. So you can imagine the perfection and luxury you can find as you spend more money on your well-deserved break.

With activities such as world class surfing and diving and with island hopping opportunities, a wonderful culture, beautiful resorts in Bali located on the beaches and in the forests as well as perfect weather and shopping that is simply out of this world. This is the reason why a  holiday to Bali appeals to everybody.