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1 Day Bali Yogyakarta Borodudur Tour

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The One Day Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour departs from Bali and is therefore an excellent way to put a totally different dimension of you holiday while only taking just one day out of you scheduled time in Bali. The mains points of interest in the One Day Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour are the world famous Mendut Temple and the beautiful surrounding areas that are located around the Borobudur and Yogyakarta location.

The One Day Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour reveals a completely different island to and location to Bali where there is very little similarity in terms of culture and physical scenery and landscapes a collection of other small temples are located around the area and even if temples is not your main interest there are same diverse and very interesting temple locations and some of the oldest Buddhist temple from the very ancient times.

Every island in Indonesia has different cultures and many have different languages that exist in small areas as well as telling a tale of the different nationalities that have affected Indonesia in the past years before they gained Independence. There are some excellent opportunities to buy some of the most unusual Batik cloths and other fabrics as well as silver and gold from the palace metal smiths of Yogyakarta at Kota Gede and the Sultans Palace. The One Day Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour is also available for those who are able to make there own way to Yogyakarta at a cheaper rate, the tour is exactly the same and includes recommendations on accommodation in the area as well as dining and general tips for staying in the area as well as recommendations of other areas to visit if you area spending more time in the area. As for those who are traveling from Bali the itinerary is as follows.

At around 4.30 in the morning you will picked up from your hotel where ever you are staying in Bali and then check in at the airport at 6.10 after just a 1 hour and 20 minutes flight you will arrive in Yogyakarta and meet with the representative from the One Day Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour.

You will then proceed to the temples, palaces, markets and the Borobudur area before you will return to the Yogyakarta airport at 18.30 and fly at 20.00 back to Bali where you will meet another representative with comfortable air conditioned transport and then return to you hotel at around 23.00 after an amazing day of experiencing what will seem like a completely different country. The travel times for air port transport are dependent on your location in Bali so if you are close by it is likely to be shorter and there will be a slightly earlier wake and a later return time for anyone who books from Ubud. It is recommended that if you want to do the One Day Yogyakarta Borobudur Tour and are staying further out that you spend one night in Kuta or Jimbaran in order to lessen these distances.