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7 Days Sumba Adventure Tour

7 Days Sumba Adventure Tour features most of the interesting places of Sumba Island and will give more opportunity for travellers to explore the hidden beauty of the island. This adventure tour covers Waingapu, Rende, Waikabubak, Wanukaya, Lamboya and Waikabubak.

7 Days Sumba Adventure Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Bali - Waingapu
The first day of the 7 Days Sumba Adventure Tour begins in Bali here you will be picked up from your hotel in the south of Bali and then you will be taken to the airport to catch a morning flight to Waingapu in the east of Sumba. You will then meet a representative from the tour who will take you to the Merlin Hotel or another similar location. From here you will then have a tour around Kampong Prailiu where you will see a traditional village as well as seeing the traditional Ikat cloth which is made in the area. You will also see the traditional house of the Sumbanese people and then head back to the hotel for your meal and the overnight stay.

Day 02 : Waingapu - Rende
The second day of the 7 Days Sumba Adventure Tour stars with breakfast in your hotel and then on to the traditional village of Pau Dan Rende as you passes through Melolo where the royal tombs of the Megalitic era lie. You will a house made from buffalo leather. You will eat a packed lunch and then travel to a palm sugar village where you will be able to see and taste the sugar, after this you will head back to the hotel.

Fay 03 : Waingapu - Waikabubak
The third day of the 7 Day Sumba Adventure sees a visit to the Prailiu where you will see the famous Ikat weaving. You will also see Anakalang which offers the Megalithic tombs of Sumba. You will also see the waterfalls and some of the natural beauty including the rice paddies and the more Sumbanese house and villages with dinner at the Monalisa Hotel.

Day 04 : Waikabubak - Wanukaka - Lamboya
The fourth day of the 7 Day Sumba Adventure is a trip to Wanukaka where you will see the Waigali village as well as the Andung tree. The Kadenger village is another great place on a hilltop and you will also see the Praigoli lifestyle and the Marosi beach where you will eat your lunch. After this there are some great graves known as the Watu Kajiwa which is the ancestor’s boat and the oldest stone grave in the area and then to the sandy beaches for a swim and lunch as well as having a free afternoon.

Day 05 : Waukabubak - Kodi New Resort
The fifth day of the 7 Day Sumba Adventure begins with an after breakfast transfer to the village of Ratenggaro and Pronabororo where there are extremely high roves on all of the traditional houses and the Megalithic tombs. There is also a battlefield to visit which will be in full action between February and March if you visit at that time. With a packed lunch and dinner at the hotel, everything is again taken care of.

Day 06 : New Resort - Half Day Tour
Day six sees the Ketewel village as well as the harbors and the traditional life surrounding the area. Overnight at hotel.

Day 07 Sumba Departure
Breakfast at hotel. Then the last day is primarily for travel back to Bali with a free schedule leading up to the transfer.