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4 Days Sumba Island Tour

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The 4 Days Sumba Island Tour is and island adventure tour exploring the island and including Waikabubak, Anakalang, Mambro, Wanukaya and Lamboya in West Sumba. The tour may start from your city then fly into Sumba Island.

4 Days Sumba Island Tour Itinerary
Day 01 : Bali - Tambolaka (Waikabubak - West Sumba)

The 4 Days Sumba Island Tour begins as most of the Sumba tours with a pick up from your hotel in South Bali in the morning in order to transfer you to the airport for your morning flight to Tambolaka of West Sumba where you will be able to head it the Mona Lisa hotel  or similar  to check in and prepare for you trip. You will then embark on a tour of the city seeing all of the modern and traditional aspects of both the culture and the buildings around the city and also see such areas as Prailjing, Tarong and Waitabar which offer some of the most beautiful examples of the traditional villages of Sumba with the incredible ceremonies and architecture. You will then head back to the hotel where you will have your dinner, a free evening’s program and the overnight stay.

Day 02 : Waikabubak – Anakalang - Mambro
The second day of the 4 Days Sumba Island Tour begins with breakfast in the hotel before you drive to the Pasunga Village where you will see the royal family grave yard and the ancient village of Maderi. You will then continue on to the Kalada Village which is very large and offers plenty more to see. You will eat a packed lunch which can be enjoyed on the beach or in an area of your choosing and then you will head on in the afternoon to the Wawarongu Village where you will be able to witness and photograph the breathtaking views of the Savanna and the coffee plantations in the area. You will return to the hotel in time for dinner and another evening's free program.

Day 03 : Waikabubak - Wanukaka - Lamboya
Day three of 4 Days Sumba Island Tour is dedicated to the Waikabubak, Wanukaka and Lamboya and begins with breakfast at your hotel. You will drive to the Wanukaka area and see the Waigali village and the famous Andung (or Scoultree). After this the Praigoli village is a great opportunity to see the Kajiwa Stone and the Pascola Fields. If you are lucky enough to visit around the February or March time you may see the unreal battle ceremonies where horse mounted spear throwers battle from neighboring tribes as well as plenty of other festivities. Again you will enjoy your packed lunch on the beach with some stunning views and there is time usually for a dip in the beautifully clear water as well as a look around the markets. You will then head back to the hotel for dinner and a free evening as well as the overnight stay.

Day 04 : Waikabubak - Denpasar
The last day of the 4 Sumba Anakalang Wanukaka Tour is dedicated mainly to the return journey to Bali and to your hotel or next destination. You will of course have time for breakfast before you leave and you will have all transfers linked with comfortable and convenient efficiency. This is a great way to add an extra dynamic to your Bali holiday taking only three and a half days out of your time.