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4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour

The 4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour is a great tour in Sumba Island that allows you to be one of the exclusive growing tourism scenes which still offers today what many people have traveled to the more famous areas of Indonesia to se in the past. Traveller will experience the local culture of Sumba by joining the 4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour. As well as this proximity to traditional and timeless lifestyles the culture of the people of Sumba. The main attractions include the incredible fight dance of the Pasola which depicts the legendary battle between the two groups of horsemen of the tribes of West Sumba. Today you will see the two symbolic groups of men throwing spears at each other while riding on horseback. This is as dangerous as it sounds although miraculously or due to the skill of those who take part, serious injuries are not common. The blood spilled in the Pasola serves as a sacrifice for a better rice harvest. The Pasola event takes through February and March in the areas of Lamboya and Kodi although dates are not fixed and are dependant on the Rato (high Priest). Interestingly the main festivities begin a few days after the full moon coinciding with the arrival of the sea worms. Nyale in the Wanukaka region occurs at the same time where a black cock is sacrificed and its heart is examined by the high religious people who can read the signs from the Gods that determine whether to proceed with Pasola.

4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour Itineray
Day 01 : Denpasar - Tambulaka - Waikabubak (West Sumba )

The first day of the 4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour begins in Bali where you will be transferred from your hotel to the airport and then you will be picked up in Sumba at Tambolaka where you will check into either the onalisa hotel or an equivalent establishment. You will then have a city tour in the afternoon including a traditional market and the villages around the city of Waikabubak.

Day 02 Waikabubak - Wanukaka - Pasola Tour
The second day of the 4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour begins with breakfast in your hotel and then you will head to the Pasola festivities. You will witness the fantastic battle between the groups of horsemen and see the ceremony where you will see the sea worms coming in on the beach as well as the Rato who will lead everybody back to the Pasola later in the day. There will be a packed lunch provided and in the afternoon you will return to your accommodation with a free schedule and dine at the hotel.

Day 03 Waikabubak - Kodi Pasola Tour
The third day of the 4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour features a two and a half hour drive to Kodi for another Pasola festivity with lunch on the beach and then returning to another free schedule.

Day 04 Waikabubak - Tambulaka - Denpasar
The final day of the 4 Day Sumba Pasola Tour is essentially the return journey to Bali although there of areas of interest passed on the way. This is a great opportunity to witness this rare even while you are staying in Bali with ease and convenience.