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3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking

3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is great intensive trek spanning from Sembalun to Senaru incorporating sightseeing with leisure and eco tourism as well as an immense adventure. The 3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is a trek intended for people will mountain trekking experience or at least those of a good level of physical health and fitness and can deal with groups or small parties with pick up and drop off from and from the hotels in Lombok.

Day 1 - Your first day begins 06.00 with a hotel pick and then registry at the Rinjani Information centre in Sembalun where you will meet your guide and trek into a national park. You will have route guides and details as well as information on the culture of the area and the work which is being done in order to preserve this wonderful national park including clearing the rubbish and conservation. As well as all of this the beautiful scenery can be enjoyed by all of those who are walking on this route. You will travel through grasslands towards the great mountain of Rinjani. You will then see the wildlife including the wild pigs and the monkeys that inhabit this area as you continue towards the crater rim.

Day 2 - On your second day of the 3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking you will begin at 03.00 which is in order to reach the peak before sunrise for the epic sight of the new Asian day beginning. You will climb the last and steepest part of the climb until you reach the peak and then you will witness what could be one of the most rewarding and stunning sun rises of your life with the most incredible panoramic view looking down over the path you have taken as well as on all around the island, the Gili Islands and even Mount Agung of Bali. You will spend the morning swimming and relaxing around the peak before you take the trip back down to the crater rim where you will spend the night again.

Day 3 - On the third day of the 3 Day Mount Rinjani  Trekking you will find that the long trail back down to 600 meters is through everything from thick tropical forests to open plains and fields as well as passing the temples as villages of the area. This is an excellent opportunity to see this area as well as make your trip to Bali or Lombok as well as the orchids and the black tailed monkeys which can be viewed if you are lucky enough to see these extremely rare breeds.