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2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking

2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is an excellent opportunity to experience one Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island as a greatest trekking areas in only two days. You will reach the coned peak of Mount Rinjani located in the crater of the volcano where you will also find an incredible lake known as the Segara Anak. All this will be trekked across during 2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking as well as the chance to reach the peak before sunrise for the rewarding and astonishing views over Lombok, the Gili Islands and even the mountains of Bali as the new day’s sun lights up the view. 2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is a route intended for experienced trekkers or people of a good standard of physical fitness and is certainly not intended for beginners or anyone who is not particularly physically healthy due to the ongoing intense climbs over a relatively short time. The tour is eco friendly and offers guides who will talk you through the troubles that the national park is facing as well as the cultural and wildlife related aspects of the area.

2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking begins from your guest house or hotel with air conditioned transfer to the Rinjani Information Center in Sembalun Lawang where you will prepare and meet your guide as well as receive the briefing for the trip. You will make your own contribution to the national park in the form of the entrance fee and then you will begin you trek through the gentle ascent through the lowlands of cultivated land where you will see grazing animals and the approaching challenge ahead of you. You will have a short break after three hour of walking at 1300m. Then you will continue to pos three in Sembalun at 1500 meters where the views are incredible and also at this point you will begin to see indigenous wildlife that inhabit the area such as the wild pigs and the long tailed grey macaque monkeys around the camp site at Plawangan II Sembalun crater rim centre which is located at 2,639 meters above sea level.

On the second day, you will begin at 03.00 in order to reach the summit of the mountain before sunrise. At 3726m you will be able to see for miles and miles around from the second largest volcanic peak in all of Indonesia. The Wallace Line is also visible parting the two very different types of landscapes as well as the different wildlife that can be found on either side of it. After breakfast the decent is gentle with plenty of wildlife and stops for lunch as well as other rests leading you down to the gentle slopes of the lowlands where you will be able to enjoy the bar while you reflect upon the experience and then take the transfer back to your hotel where you will be able to take well deserved rest with the experience of 2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking behind you.