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Lombok Tours

Lombok Tourism and travel information guide featuring all tours in Lombok Island. Lombok tourism industry has been growing since many years ago. Lombok tourism services and facilities are well established to cater the needs of each traveler to this island. Lombok tourism becomes one of the major income after agriculture. With its easy accessibility, this island can be reached by air from major cities in Indonesia and by sea or land from Bali an Sumbawa Islands. The development of Lombok Tourism has been spread into several tourist area such as Senggigi Beach, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air and Kute Beach.

Lombok is the neighbor to Bali although it differs in many ways to Bali in terms of culture, physical geography and linguistically as well as its development of tourism. However this is changing and with the international airport that is being built in the south of the island, there is no doubt that Lombok’s relationship with tourism is about to become more familiar the main reason to visit Lombok is to bask in its undeveloped beauty of dry lands and palm encrusted beaches and mountains. There is only really one area that is established in a similar way to any of the Balinese resort areas and that is Senggigi of west coast. It is possible to reach Senggigi via a direct fast boat from Bali and there you will find some amazing international and incredible resorts and some fantastic dining all at a substantially lower price than in Bali.

Differences also include the amount of people who speak English isles and there is a far more prominent state of poverty in the west of Lombok away from Mataram and Senggigi. Some of the highlights of Lombok that really shouldn’t be missed is the fantastic markets offering some incredible fabrics and pottery and are scattered across the whole of Lombok. Also the Gili islands are one of the main destinations of people coming through Lombok as there is incredible diving in this area and the three islands are small tropical islands with no cars or roads and are beautiful to relax on. The Gunung Rinjani is the highest mountain on Lombok and is an excellent challenging for the more adventurous of the travelers in the area. When watching the sun rise from the very top it is possible to see the whole of Lombok, and part of Bali and Sumbawa. Also another reason to come to Lombok is for the surfing beaches and reefs of the south coast. Surfers usually stay at Kuta where there is budget accommodation and a beautiful beach. This place is nothing like Kuta Bali and is more traditional in style, far smaller and quieter than Kuta Bali with no real nightlife of any kind. The surfing beaches include Mawi which is a heavy shallow left hand barreling wave and Grupuk which requires a boat trip and is suitable for beginners as long as the swell isn’t too big, this wave is a right-hander and there are huge right and left bombies at the front of the bay. There is also the world famous and extremely dangerous Desert Point which is arguably the best wave on the planet.

The only night life exists in Senggigi and on the Gili Islands where the parties go all night especially on a full moon. Otherwise the Muslim faith of the island steers the island away from drinking and hedonism which is one of the reasons that Lombok has not acquired tourists in the same way as Bali. It is import to be modestly dressed when not on the beach especially for women in order to show respect to the locals. A small price to pay to visit this incredible island.