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2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is an excellent opportunity to experience one Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island as a greatest trekking areas in only two days. You will reach the coned peak of Mount Rinjani located in the crater of the volcano where you will also find an incredible lake known as the Segara Anak. All this will be trekked across during 2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking as well as the chance to reach the peak before sunrise for the rewarding and astonishing views over Lombok, the Gili Islands and even the mountains of Bali as the new day’s sun lights up the view. 2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is a route intended for experienced trekkers or people of a good standard of physical fitness and is certainly not intended for beginners or anyone who is not particularly physically healthy due to the ongoing intense climbs over a relatively short time. The tour is eco friendly and offers guides who will talk you through the troubles that the national park is facing as well as the cultural and wildlife related aspects of the area.2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking begins from your guest house or hotel with air conditioned transfer to the Rinjani Information Center in Sembalun Lawang where you will prepare and meet your guide as well as receive the briefing for the trip. You will make your own contribution to the national park in the form of the entrance fee and then you will begin you trek through the gentle ascent through the lowlands of cultivated land where you will see grazing animals and the approaching challenge ahead of you. You will have a short break after three hour of walking at 1300m. Then you will continue to pos three in Sembalun at 1500 meters where the views are incredible and also at this point you will begin to see indigenous wildlife that inhabit the area such as the wild pigs and the long tailed grey macaque monkeys around the camp site at Plawangan II Sembalun crater rim centre which is located at 2,639 meters above sea level.On the second day, you will begin at 03.00 in order to reach the summit of the mountain before sunrise. At 3726m you will be able to see for miles and miles around from the second largest volcanic peak in all of Indonesia. The Wallace Line is also visible parting the two very different types of landscapes as well as the different wildlife that can be found on either side of it. After breakfast the decent is gentle with plenty of wildlife and stops for lunch as well as other rests leading you down to the gentle slopes of the lowlands where you will be able to enjoy the bar while you reflect upon the experience and then take the transfer back to your hotel where you will be able to take well deserved rest with the experience of 2 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking behind you.
3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is great intensive trek spanning from Sembalun to Senaru incorporating sightseeing with leisure and eco tourism as well as an immense adventure. The 3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is a trek intended for people will mountain trekking experience or at least those of a good level of physical health and fitness and can deal with groups or small parties with pick up and drop off from and from the hotels in Lombok. Day 1 - Your first day begins 06.00 with a hotel pick and then registry at the Rinjani Information centre in Sembalun where you will meet your guide and trek into a national park. You will have route guides and details as well as information on the culture of the area and the work which is being done in order to preserve this wonderful national park including clearing the rubbish and conservation. As well as all of this the beautiful scenery can be enjoyed by all of those who are walking on this route. You will travel through grasslands towards the great mountain of Rinjani. You will then see the wildlife including the wild pigs and the monkeys that inhabit this area as you continue towards the crater rim.Day 2 - On your second day of the 3 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking you will begin at 03.00 which is in order to reach the peak before sunrise for the epic sight of the new Asian day beginning. You will climb the last and steepest part of the climb until you reach the peak and then you will witness what could be one of the most rewarding and stunning sun rises of your life with the most incredible panoramic view looking down over the path you have taken as well as on all around the island, the Gili Islands and even Mount Agung of Bali. You will spend the morning swimming and relaxing around the peak before you take the trip back down to the crater rim where you will spend the night again.Day 3 - On the third day of the 3 Day Mount Rinjani  Trekking you will find that the long trail back down to 600 meters is through everything from thick tropical forests to open plains and fields as well as passing the temples as villages of the area. This is an excellent opportunity to see this area as well as make your trip to Bali or Lombok as well as the orchids and the black tailed monkeys which can be viewed if you are lucky enough to see these extremely rare breeds.
The 4 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking is an adventure mountain trekking to the highest mountain in Lombok and is excellent opportunity to explore the great outdoors and the incredible landscapes, scenery and cultural views that the Rinjani area of Lombok offers. On the 4 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking you will be able to see the lakes, forests, rice paddies and rural areas, temples and villages as well as indulging in the highly rewarding and memorable activity of hiking. The 4 Days Mount Rinjani Trekking Itinerary Day 1 Pick Up From Your Hotel - Senaru - Segara Anak Lake Your 4 Day Rinjani Trekking begins at your very own hotel lobby where you will meet the transfer at 06.00 where you will head to the Rinjani Trek Centre in the town of Senaru to meet your guide and begin the trek from a height of 600m. you will learn about the culture and traditions of the local people as trek through the forests seeing the wildlife of the area and taking stops at designated rest points there are camps at 1500m and two at 2000m meaning preference as well as weather conditions offer a choice of different routes. Ultimately you will arrive at the Segara Anak which is a crater with a great lake and some unworldly views over the area including the peak of Mt Rinjani as well as the Gili Islands and even Mount Agung of Bali. Day 2 Trek from Segara Anak Lake - New Mountain On your second day you will visit the Lake Anak (Child) within the Rinjani crater and then begin the steeper and rockier route leading further up the mountain. You will reach the peak of Mount Baru (New) which is a volcanic peak within the lake which last erupted violently in 1994. After you’re decent from this peak you will then eat lunch and spend the remaining time of the day relaxing and swimming around and in the lake as well as the surrounding area. Day 3 Climbing to The Top of Rinjani The third day of the 4 Day Mount Rinjani Trekking begins with a three hour climb to Plawangan Sembalun where you will again rest and enjoy the area’s views before an early night preceding the climax of the 4 Day Mount Rinjani Trekking. The fourth day begins at 03.00 which is necessary in order to reach the peak in time for the most incredible sunrise imaginable. You will be looking out over Lombok from 3,726 meters as the sun rises, lighting up the full achievement of the past four days. You will see the wildlife that somehow survives in this environment as well as the islands of Bali and Sumbawa as well as the Wallace line that runs through the whole of Indonesia parting the separate land masses as well as the species of wildlife that exist on either side of this Volcanic boundary. Day 4 Trek Back to Senaru Village - Hotel After taking in this unforgettable sight you will begin the decent back down the less demanding side of the mountain stopping along the way with plenty of see in terms of villages and the wildlife including the wild pigs, monkeys finishing with the gentle fields of the foot of the peak once at the Rinjani information centre the 4 Day Rinjani Trekking is over and you will be transported tired but tremendously satisfied to your hotel.  
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Visiting Lombok in just one day trip is easy from Bali as both islands are connected with regular flights starting from 8:00am to 19:10. Number of airlines have provided regular flights to Lombok. If you want to have another experience of other Indonesia travel destination but you do not have enough time to spend the nights in Lombok, then we recommend taking this 1 Day Lombok Tour. The one day Lombok Tour starts from your hotel in Bali around 6:00 for morning flight to Lombok. Arriving Lombok, meet and greet by our local representative. Continue the tour visiting the traditional hand weaving sarongs in Sukarare Village, the home industry of hand made pottery in Banyumulek Village, the so called origin village of Sasaknese in Rambitan. Lunch will be served in Kute Beach where you may take a few minutes to enjoy the white sandy beaches. After lunch the 1 Day Lombok Tour will continue to Senggigi Beach (if time permits) to see the tourism area of the island. Departs to LombokAirport for flight back to Denpasar, Bali.Arrive Denpasar Airport and transfer back to your hotel. End of your 1 Day Lombok Tour with us.

Lombok Tourism and travel information guide featuring all tours in Lombok Island. Lombok tourism industry has been growing since many years ago. Lombok tourism services and facilities are well established to cater the needs of each traveler to this island. Lombok tourism becomes one of the major income after agriculture. With its easy accessibility, this island can be reached by air from major cities in Indonesia and by sea or land from Bali an Sumbawa Islands. The development of Lombok Tourism has been spread into several tourist area such as Senggigi Beach, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air and Kute Beach.

Lombok is the neighbor to Bali although it differs in many ways to Bali in terms of culture, physical geography and linguistically as well as its development of tourism. However this is changing and with the international airport that is being built in the south of the island, there is no doubt that Lombok’s relationship with tourism is about to become more familiar the main reason to visit Lombok is to bask in its undeveloped beauty of dry lands and palm encrusted beaches and mountains. There is only really one area that is established in a similar way to any of the Balinese resort areas and that is Senggigi of west coast. It is possible to reach Senggigi via a direct fast boat from Bali and there you will find some amazing international and incredible resorts and some fantastic dining all at a substantially lower price than in Bali.

Differences also include the amount of people who speak English isles and there is a far more prominent state of poverty in the west of Lombok away from Mataram and Senggigi. Some of the highlights of Lombok that really shouldn’t be missed is the fantastic markets offering some incredible fabrics and pottery and are scattered across the whole of Lombok. Also the Gili islands are one of the main destinations of people coming through Lombok as there is incredible diving in this area and the three islands are small tropical islands with no cars or roads and are beautiful to relax on. The Gunung Rinjani is the highest mountain on Lombok and is an excellent challenging for the more adventurous of the travelers in the area. When watching the sun rise from the very top it is possible to see the whole of Lombok, and part of Bali and Sumbawa. Also another reason to come to Lombok is for the surfing beaches and reefs of the south coast. Surfers usually stay at Kuta where there is budget accommodation and a beautiful beach. This place is nothing like Kuta Bali and is more traditional in style, far smaller and quieter than Kuta Bali with no real nightlife of any kind. The surfing beaches include Mawi which is a heavy shallow left hand barreling wave and Grupuk which requires a boat trip and is suitable for beginners as long as the swell isn’t too big, this wave is a right-hander and there are huge right and left bombies at the front of the bay. There is also the world famous and extremely dangerous Desert Point which is arguably the best wave on the planet.

The only night life exists in Senggigi and on the Gili Islands where the parties go all night especially on a full moon. Otherwise the Muslim faith of the island steers the island away from drinking and hedonism which is one of the reasons that Lombok has not acquired tourists in the same way as Bali. It is import to be modestly dressed when not on the beach especially for women in order to show respect to the locals. A small price to pay to visit this incredible island.