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Komodo Adventure Tours - Komodo National Park Tours

1 Day Komodo Adventure Tour is a full day adventure tour visiting two different small islands on the Komodo National Park, Rinca and Komodo. 1 Day Komodo Adventure Tour starts at 05:30am from your hotel and leaving Labuan Bajo at 05:45am. The boat trip sails directly to Komodo Island to see the dragons around the range hours, then stop a while around the pink beach near Komodo Island. The 1 Day Komodo Adventure Tour continues to Rinca Island where hundreds of dragons are steping around the ranger house. The last one is Kalong Island to see thousands of bats on their natural habits. Komodo, Rinca and Kalong are three small islands on the Komodo National Park conservation and are the most visited spots in West Flores. The 1 Day Komodo Adventure Tour is to discover the world heritage that has been well preserved until now. A full day or overnight trips leads you to the real nature where you can get in-touch with wild habitat around the Komodo National Park. This will bring you back to the nature around the breathtaking panoramic views. The Komodo Dragons and other wild animals live in their natural habitat.Boat sailing to Komodo takes up to 3 hours with a few minutes stop around Manta Island viewing the under water coral. Arrival Komodo Island and trek into the dry forest for approximate an hour to see the dragon. Proceed to Loh Buaya in Rinca Island to see the dragon spreading around the forest. This will be a wonderful time watching the giant lizard or Komodo living on their natural habit. The trek will last one hour.The last visit on 1 Day Komodo Adventure Tour is to Kalong Island where hundreds of wild bats hanging on their caves. Sail back to Labuan Bajo and arrive around 20:00.
The 2 Days Bali Komodo Rinca Island Tour is the shortest tour to Komodo Nationa Park. This 2 days tour features Rinca Island as tje second prioritized land when one seeks for Komodo Dragons. The 2 Days Bali Komodo Rinca Island Tour is arranged from Bali as the easiest connection to Labuan Bajo. You might think just as well, though the truth stays on the other side of the table. Being a neighbor to famous Komodo Island allows this brilliant wildlife territory to bring up monitor lizards as largest as in the prior tourism destination. Less crowded number of visitors, however, is one feature Rinca Island proudly boasts which leads to unspoiled natural habitat, conveying various species of birds and mammals like wild pigs as well as buffalos. The undersea quality is also marvelous, complete with crystal clear azure water, colorful coral gardens, and myriads of minute fish. Only with one visit, we guarantee, your priority for which is the massive lizards' beautiful den will swap for good. 2 Days Bali Komodo Rinca Island Tour ItineraryDay 01 Bali - Labuan Bajo - Rinca Island - Labuan BajoYour rendezvous with the beasts starts immediately on the first day of 2 Days Komodo adventure. Snatching you up from the hotel in Bali, our local representatives have dealt with all necessary documents for your fly from Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport to Flores's Labuan Bajo Airport. Once you arrive at Labuan Bajo Airport in Flores, our pick up service drives you to the local harbor. A convenient boat, in which delicious lunch is served in your private dining quarters, is ready to cater for your two-day venture to Rinca Island.From a distance, Rinca Island encapsulates primitive appeal as the green trees and shrubberies are omnipresent, covering all details the island might embellish. This seemingly hidden beauty beneath the green façade, perhaps, provides much reason for the local ranger to take you on trekking through the dry forest on foot. Surely as you trot further inside, few fascinating species may pop up out of nowhere; various birds crisscross the blue sky, while wild horses, buffalos, deer, and pigs are scattered around looking for grassy area to settle in for the night. Your local ranger will often remind everyone to stay quiet since Komodo Dragons dislike disturbance very much and to look up whenever you feel like being spied conspiratorially. Indeed, young Komodo Dragons which live slithering on trees love to eye newcomers on the island. Their presence above the ground actually safes them away from the cannibalistic elders that bask under the sun every early morning and afternoon. You might observe as well how the adult monitor lizards gather in groups while traveling from one place to another. These giant beasts' staring and flicking-out tongue may eerily threaten your comfort, but the local rangers are all equipped with a long-forked stick and familiarity that prevent the ferocious cannibals to assault at any given time.  Late afternoon sail to Labuan Bajo harbor. Arrive and overnight at hotel.Day 02 Labuan Bajo - DepartureBreakfast at hotel and transfer to the airport. Soon, you will bid goodbye to Flores and Rinca Island and be off to Denpasar, Bali. Our final touch transfers you comfortably from the airport to your chosen hotel in Bali. Hopefully, the overwhelming sensations of the previous couple of days lead you to curiously dare for another trip with us of which we will welcome with wide open arms.
The 2 Days Komodo Adventure Tour to visit the Komodo Dragons is offered for those who are on a limited time scale and wish to see the very highlights of the areas of Komodo is relation to the magnificent creature on the land and under the water and get a grasp of the culture. This is a great chance to add a new dimension into your Bali holiday and witness part of the diversity of Indonesia as an entire country with so many different cultures and landscapes within it. You will be able to view the fabled Komodo dragon on this 2 days Komodo Tour which is the world’s largest lizard that grows over 10ft in length and frequently weighs over 365 pounds. These creatures have been known to be dangerous taking children from building as well as large animals from farms.These creatures are best viewed with a guide who is an expert so that you can be safe. There are certain times in the day when the dragons must remain calm and not active to regulate their body temperature so it is then safe to see them. As with most 2 Days Komodo Tour actually begin any city in Indonesia and then proceeds to the airport by air conditioned transport. You will then fly to Labuan Bajo in West Flores where you must take the water transfer over to the Rinca Island where on your first afternoon you will be able to have a Komodo dragon experience. You will also see all of the other unusual and interesting animals of the area as you trek through this strange dry island and soak up its beauty and strangeness. From here the local ranger will lead you to the preservation where you will be able to the young dragons that are breed and tend to stay in the low down branches of the trees. 2 Days Komodo Adventure Tour Itinerary On the 2 days Komodo Tour all of your meals, travel expenses and admission prices are already taken care of and you will only need extra money for extra food and drinks and for if you wish buy anything from the traditional markets. You will also be able to compare the differences in culture and scenery as well as wildlife that Komodo..Day 1 Arrive Labuan BajoArrive Labuan Bajo in West Flores and join the boat tour to Rinca Island. Lunch on board. Tour back to Labuan Bajo for overnight. Dinner at local restaurant.Day 2 Labuan Bajo – DepartureBreakfast at hotel. Labuan Bajo tour visiting Batu Cermin or Mirror Cave and photo taking from the hill top over the harbor. Transfer to Komodo Airport for flight to next flight. What's not included in this tour. Personal expenses and insurance Tipping for tour guide
3 Days Rinca Komodo Bidadari Island Tour a good tour combining adventurous visiting the Komodo Dragons within the National Park featuring Rinca island and Komodo island. 3 Days Rinca Komodo Bidadari Island Tour explores the national parks to see Komodo Dragons and other wild animals such as buffalows, deers, macaque, and sort of rain forest birds. While Pink beach and Bidadari island offers nice beautifull tropical beach for you to relax enjoy white sandy beach or just laze darken your skin. If you are interested, you can snorkeling on its clear crystal water with it beutifull underwaterview.Then drop you to nice cozy hotel in Labuan Bajo for your rest at the end of this adventurous trip. You can then proceed the trip to other tourist destination of Flores island such as Kelimutu 3 colors lake or some unique traditional villages nearby. 3 Days Rinca Komodo Bidadari Island Tour ItineraryDay 1 : Labuan Bajo - Rinca Island - Komodo IslandUpon arrival at Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo (western part of Flores Island), our guide will welcome you then transfer to the harbour. You will get aboard and sail to Komodo National Park. Upon arrival at Loh Buaya, the entry point on Rinca Island you will start trekking to see Komodo dragons at their natural habitat. During the trekking tour you may spot also long-tailed macaques and wild water buffaloes. Late afternoon cruising to Komodo Island. Stay overnight on the boat near Komodo Island.Day 2 : Komodo Island - Rinca IslandAfter breakfast on the boat trekking at Komodo island. You will visit friendly Komodo village and observe daily community life. After discovering the land and its life you will sail to the Pink Beach for swimming and snorkelling. Islands in Komodo National Park are mostly dry and harsh, but below the surface of the water the view is the exact opposite. Marine life of all shapes and sizes enjoys the rich waters surrounding the islands. The Park is one of the richest marine environments in Indonesia and therefore one of the best snorkelling sites. In the afternoon you will sail toward Bidadari, a small isle close to Labuan Bajo. Afternoon cruising back to Labuan Bajo harbour then our driver will take to Puri Sari Beach Hotel or Bintang Flores Hotel. Stay overnight at the hotel.Day 3 : Labuan Bajo - DepartureDepart your hotel to Labuan Bajo airport or proceed your trip to other destination. End of your 3 Days Rinca Komodo Bidadari Island Tour with us.
3 Days Komodo Tour offers an opportunity to experience all of the nature, adventure and travel that the Komodo National Park area has to offer during three days and two nights tour. The 3 days Komodo Adventure Tour  mean that will a chance to have much more efficient method of travel with the advantage of local knowledge but you will also learn more about the area with the expert guides who you will meet along the way of the trip. The 3 days Komodo Tour includes all of the main activities such as trekking in the national parks, snorkeling on the beautiful untouched reefs, spotting the Komodo dragon and also enjoying the best beaches and dinning in the area as well as sleeping in the recommended hotel in Labuan Bajo on the last night.The 3 days Komodo Adventure Tour begins upon arrival at Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo and taking to the ferry port leading you to Rinca in Komodo National Park. You will have lunch that is provided aboard the boat that heads over to Komodo and once you have made land you will have the entire afternoon to walk around the national park area and will no doubt seeing the Komodo dragons and other interesting species that can only be spotted here in the wild. Once you have hiked to Komodo’s centre you will then spend the night on the boat. Tour Highlights Rinca Island Komodo Island The Komodo Dragons 3 Days Komodo Tour Itinerary The early start to your full day adventure tour begins with movement by boat off the island of Rinca and towards Komodo Island itself. You will have breakfast aboard and once birthing you will be able to trek through the dry forest where you will see more Komodo dragons living in the natural habitat. It is also likely that you will see the baby dragons in the low down branches of the trees in the park. After a day of adventure tour you will reach the beach where the guide will show you to a particularly beautiful part of coral and reef where you will have the chance to see the beauty under the water as well as on the land.This 3 days Komodo adventure tour proceed to Labuan Bajo for approximately 3 hours boat sailing. Arrive Labuan Bajo for overnight. On the last day you will get the chance to see the stone mirror caves and the local market before transferring back to Bali to your hotel of choice.Day 1 Arrive Labuan Bajo – Rinca IslandUpon arrival in Labuan Bajo, our local tour guide leads you to the harbour for a day boat tour to Rinca Island. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.Day 2 Rinca Island – Komodo – Labuan BajoBreakfast aboard. Full day adventure tour with a boat trip to Komodo Island. Lunch on board. Sailing back to Labuan Bajo for overnight. Dinner at local restaurant.Day 3 Labuan Bajo – DepartureBreakfast. Labuan Bajo sightseeing and departure transfer to Komodo Airport for flight to your next destination. What is included in this tour? Boat transfer Airport transfer in Bali and Labuan Bajo Accommodation at per tour itinerary 2 lunch and 2 dinner 2 breakfast Tour guide   What’s not included in this tour Personal Insurance Air tickets  
The 4 Days Komodo Tour offers a great opportunity to witness the fabled sights of the Komodo National Park as well as enjoying the culture West Flores and seeing the capital city of the island. The 4 Days Komodo Tour may starts from any of cities within Indonesia as there are regular flights linking to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo. 4 Days Komodo Tour Itinerary. The 4 days Komodo Tour is just a short adventure trip to visit the Komodo Dragon on Rinca Island and Komodo Island.Day 1 Arrive Labuan Bajo – Boat Trip to Komodo IslandPick up from Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo for a boat trip to Komodo National Park. Meals and overnight on board.Day 2 Komodo Island – Rinca IslandThe second day of the 4 Day Komodo Adventure Tour on the Komodo Island begins with breakfast onboard and is followed by a trek through the dry forest of the Komodo Island. You will see everything from the giant (guinea pig like) rats as well as the buffalo, wild horses, Timor deer, a whole array of birds and of course the fantastic lizards including the Komodo Dragons. As well as the fully grown adults there are also the young Komodo Dragons which usually sit on low branches of the trees. All of these animals are unique to the Komodo National Park. After this guided tour you will then sail to Pink Beach which is a beautiful spot with white sands of a pink tint and clear water as well as lagoons and reefs which are great for swimming and perfect for snorkelling with so much life to see. You will then dine and sleep aboard the boat.Day 3 Rinca Island – Labuan BajoThe Rinca Island is the main destination of the third day of the 4 Day Komodo Adventure Tour where you will trek through the forests seeing similar animals as well as other species and some of the conservation work that is carried out in the area. There will more young Komodo Dragons and then head to the Pantai Bidadari which is an incredible beach for swimming and more snorkelling in an unspoilt area. Lunch is provided on the boat before heading to the Golo Hill Hotel (or similar) for your dinner and overnight stay.Day 4 Labuan Bajo – DepartureThe final day of the 4  Day Komodo Adventure Tour begins with breakfast in the hotel and then you will undertake a short trip to the Batu Cermin where you will see the mirror stone caves before heading t the airport for your connecting flight back to Bali or your chosen destination. The 4 Day Komodo Adventure Tour is a great all-round adventure of the Komodo area and is perfect for tourists with a few days spare for some sightseeing/ What’s not included in this tour Personal Insurance Tipping for tour guide
Knowing for its famous Komodo dragon, Komodo National Park in West Flores becomes a favorite destination on this island. Yet, if you have longer time on this island, Flores has lots of places to visit. Besides having beautiful landscape with the combination of natural beaches, mountains and colorful lakes, it is also interesting to visit traditional villages to get close to the local culture. This 6 Days Komodo Wae Rebo Village Tour is arranged for those like to explore new places as well as enjoy the beauty of this island has to offer.Komodo National Park is situated between Sumbawa and Flores and is usually accessed from Labuan Bajo of west Flores where you can fly direct from Bali and other airports and then head straight out into the National Park on a boat. Rinca Island is the closest and easiest Island to reach out of all the islands in the Komodo National Park making it ideal for those who want to see the fantastic scenery of the Komodo National Park and its strange and magnificent inhabitants such as the infamous Komodo Dragons. This 6 Days Komodo Wae Rebo Village Tour will visit Wae Rebo and Denge Village in West Manggarai including the Komodo Dragons in Komodo National Park.Rinca Island also has the advantage of being less frequented than Komodo and the other islands which are the main spot that tourists like to spend time. This means that as well as seeing all of the incredible animals on the Rinca Island and enjoying the perfect white sand beaches and perfect diving and snorkeling conditions. 6 Days Komodo Wae Rebo Village Tour Itinerary Day 1 Labuan Bajo - Denge VillageArriving in Labuan Bajo then, you will meet our guide who will drive you to Denge village for 4 hours drive with several stops in Lembor area to see the unexposed world wonder ”Lingko” - The spider web shape rice fields. It’s probably the only such a rice field ever exist on earth. Lunch box will be served en route, Proceed to Denge for overnight and dinner at Denge Guest House.Day 2 Denge Village - Wae Rebo VillageAfter having breakfast, then 6 Days Komodo Wae Rebo Village Tour will lead to 4 hours trekking to visit the Wae Rebo traditional village that is located about 1000m above sea level. In this village, you will see the authentic traditional house of Manggarai made of 5 levels with the high roof. For the third day of your tour in this island, you also have a chance to get close with the local people and their culture by staying in a house in this village. Sleeping mattresses are provided. Dinner and overnight at the local villager’s house.Day 3 Wae Rebo Village - Labuan BajoAfter breakfast having a trekking to Denge Village. Lunch will be provided in this village. Continue the trip to Labuan Bajo via Dintor and Nangalili. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Labuan Bajo.Day 4 Labuan Bajo - Komodo Island - Komodo IslandMorning after breakfast at your hotel transfer to the pier of Labuan bajo to visit Rinca Island for Komodo Dragons, after 2 1/2 hours sailing start your trekking walking through the typical dry forest to explore the Island of Komodo dragon, you will find not just the Dragons but also many wild animals like, deer, wild buffalo, long-tailed macaque and wild pig also numerous of birds. Keep your eyes look up as sometime you will find the young Komodo dragons on the trees. Return to boat and proceed to Kalong Island in Komodo Island to see the fling foxes set out from the mangrove tree at 06 - 07 pm. Lunch, Dinner and overnight on board.Day 5 Komodo Island - Pink Beach - Manta Point - LabuanbajoEarly morning start your trekking on Komodo, walking through the typical dry forest to explore the Island of Komodo dragon, you will find many wild animals like, deers and wild pigs and also numerous of birds. A local ranger will lead you through this natural preservation, Return to boat and proceed to Pink beach for swimming and snorkeling in unspoilt coral reef amongst colorful tropical fish. Sail toward MANTA POINT to exploring Huge Mantas by snorkeling even watching from your boat trip. But we do not guarantee these objects, depending on the weather condition. Lunch will be served on board and afternoon sailing back To Labuan Bajo. Overnight at hotel in Labuan Bajo.Day 6 Labuan Bajo - DepartureBreakfast at hotel. Departure transfer to Komodo Airport for your next flight. End of 6 Days Komodo Wae Rebo Village Tour.

 Komodo National Park and Flores Adventour Tours

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Komodo National Park is one of the Indonesia's national park covering hundreds of small islands on the western part of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara. Travel to West Flores are easily made from Bali by planes, bus and Pelni. The fastest way to reach Labuan Bajo is by air which is around an hour and 50 minutes flights. Komodo National Park Tours starts from Labuan Bajo then continue with boat trip to Rinca Island, Komodo Island and other small un-inhabited islands nearby.

The customized Komodo tours range from day tour if you are staying in Labuan Bajo, 2 days Komodo tour to 6 days Komodo Diving Tour. The more days you have, the bigger opportunities you will have to explore the surrounding islands. Komodo adventure tour does not only visiting the giant lizard or the dragons but take a chance to explore the beauty of under water world within the Komodo National Park. Diving, snorkeling and fishing are your adventure activities that any one can not wait.

How to manage your Komodo Tours efficiently at reasonable prices. With us your adventure tour to other parts of Indonesia including Komodo in West Flores will be easy. All special tour are offered at discount rates. As the Komodo adventure tour departs daily from Bali, it will be efficient to plan the tour including air fare or without air fare. But if you take Komodo Tours then proceeding the adventure tour to other parts of Flores, we suggest to take our Komodo Tours without air fare.

Flores Island offers breathtaking panoramic views, amazing underwater world and rural trekking areas. By combining your Komodo and Flores Adventure Tour, you will have the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and interact with the local people.

The Komodo adventure tours usually begin in Bali with air conditioned transport from your hotel to the airport and then a flight to Labuhan Bajo in the west of Flores. From here you then take a boat out to the Komodo Island and the Rinca Island where the adventure begins. This adventure tour usually only takes a morning and then you will be witnessing the beauty and wildlife of these areas before you take your first nights accommodation in this strange and magical land. It has never been easier to make these kind trips with more frequent flights and tour operators who specialize in linking and transferring tourists quickly across to other areas in Indonesia and combined this service with deals on over night stays and meals at recommended hotels and restaurants. This means that not only is it faster and stress less to use these services, it is also invariably cheaper and a more effective use of your time in the area.

You will be accompanied by a guide who is a local and has a keen knowledge and interest in the area and about the safety precautions when trekking through on the Komodo Adventure, he will be able to fill you in on the historical facts and the facts about the animals of Komodo. You are guaranteed to see the magnificent and terrifying Komodo dragons as it walks in its natural landscape. This is one of the only areas in the world where these beasts can be spotted in the wild. There have been new safety measures that mean that the local people and the Komodo dragons can live side by side although it is not allowed to feed the dragons now. You will also see some of the other strange indigenous animals such as the flying foxes of the mangroves and the giant rats. There are also other large lizards to see in this beautiful land ad as if all of this was not enough you will get chance to snorkel around the bays and lagoons and see the thriving marine life of the area.

All of the Komodo adventure tours  are aimed at different tourists although there are general tours that all people may want. Some Komodo adventure tours focus more on the Komodo dragons where as others focus on the diving and snorkeling as well as having trekking tours where you cover more land by foot and witness more of the fabulous land. There are different lengths of time available so you can fit the Komodo Adventure Tour into your Bali holiday and make the most out of it possible depending on your personal interests and time constraints. Obviously the more time you spend the more the flight and travel costs become worth while although the short trips are excellent if you have limited time. All meals and transfers are included in the prices as well as overnight stays and any admission costs encountered along the way.