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The 3 Days Komodo Diving is a great tour allowing you to dive the best sites of the Komodo National Park over two nights as well as seeing the wonderful sights on land as you pass from dive to dive and getting an idea of the culture.  Upon arrival at Komodo Airport, you will be met by the guide who will then transfer you to the ferry port where you will take a boat over to the Komodo National Park where you will spend the night on the boat. You will however have time for your first dive where you will see many incredible sights in the corals that cover the reefs in the area.On the second day of the 3 Days Komodo Diving you will wake up and eat your breakfast on the boat before proceeding to see he Komodo Dragons on one of the main islands of the Komodo national Park, either Rinca or Komodo. These animals are incredible and it would be a crime to pass through the area without seeing them but fear not, you will be back in the water in no time in the Komodo National Park. The dive site selected depends on a few factors including the standard of the divers, the divers’ wants and needs, the time of the year and what is available to see and of course the captain will make the final call depending on time and the weather and currents at the time. You will then return to the boat for another ride whilst you relax and ready your self for the dives of the afternoon before then finishing for the day and returning to Labuan Bajo where you will check into a hotel and enjoy a meal in a local restaurant.On your final day of the 3 Days Komodo Diving you will eat breakfast in your hotel and then you will get the chance to visit the Batu Cermin where you will find the mirror caves which are a great site to see before then heading to the airport in time for your connecting flight either back to your hotel in Bali or to your next destination within Indonesia.The 3 Days Komodo Diving will allow you to dive at least three times as well as seeing the Komodo Dragons during your service interval period and the mirror caves when you are back on the mainland before you leave to the airport.3 Days Tour ItineraryDay 1 Arrival Labuan Bajo - Rinca Island - Labuan BajoOvernight at hotel in Labuan Bajo. (Lunch, Dinner). Day 2 Labuan Bajo - Manta Point - Batu Bolong - Labuan BajoBreakfast at hotel. 2x dives within the Komodo National Park. ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Day 3 Labuan Bajo - DepartureBreakfast at hotel.  
Diving around Komodo National Park will be one of the best adventure tour you may ever have. The 4 Days Komodo Diving is a great option to explore the beauty of underwater world around Komodo National Park. Most of the diving sites are within the island around the national park. The 4 Days Komodo Diving cover the island of Tatawa, Padar, Sabolon, Bidadari, Rinca and Komodo. Tour to West Flores is now very easy since regular flights between Bali and Labuan Bajo serves daily. Travelers take morning flight from Bali and arrive Labuan Bajo at noon. Komodo diving and tour program varies from one day diving to 7 days diving.4 Days Komodo Diving LiveBoard ProgramDay 1 Denpasar – Labuan Bajo – Sabolon.Pick up from Komodo Airport for your boat trip to Komodo National Park. Car and boat transfer will be arranged for afternoon trip to Sabolon Island. Afternoon and night dives will be arranged around Sabolon. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.Day 2 Sabolon – Tatawa Kecil – Komodo Island.Early morning continue the 4 days Komodo Diving with a boat transfer to Tatawa. Breakfast is served on board. Two morning dives will be arranged around Tatawa and Crystal Rock. Proceed to Tatawa Kecil for another dive then finally night dive at Pink Beach. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.Day 3 Komodo – Rinca Island – BidadariEarly morning trekking for about 3 hours to see the Komodo Dragon in their natural habitat. Walking shoes and mineral water shall be prepared. Two morning dives take after breakfast in Batubolong and Takat Makassar. Continue to Bidadari Island. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.Day 4 Bidadari – Labuan Bajo – Departure.Breakfast. Morning boat transfer to Labuan Bajo for your next destination.
5 Days Komodo Diving Tour starts from your hotel in Labuan Bajo or upoan your arrival at Komodo Airport. It is one of the adventure tours visiting the Komodo Dragon and the beauty of its under water world. The 5 Days Komodo Diving Tour brings your life's experience a truly memorable. Komodo Diving Tour is the right option for travelers looking to go wild into the real nature.5 Days Komodo Diving Tour ItineraryDay 01 : Arrive Labuan BajoUpon arrival at Komodo Airport of Labuan Bajo, our local tour guide leads you to your hotel in Labuan Bajo. Free at your own pleasure. Day 02 : Labuan Bajo - Komodo National ParkThe 5 Days Komodo Diving Tour starts in morning from your hotel. Diving relies much on personal taste. The understanding in terms of personalized service has been extended to covering marvelous scuba diving experience. Therefore, our second day intends to explore tantalizing diving sites nearby Komodo Island. Enjoy 2 dives with fabolous underwater view and beautiful sunset at one of remote small island near Komodo Rinca. Overnight on boat.Day 03 : Komodo National Park Explorer and DivingMorning wake up for your 1.5 hours trekking tour exploring the Dragon island of Rinca. Here you are guaranteed meeting the giant lizard on their real habitat. Our experience Ranger will escort you exploring the prehistoric like park. Turquoise crystal water upholstered with luxurious coral gardens on the seabed unleashes irresistible fascination that intrigues you much on the first sight. Indeed, Rinca Island, neighboring the previous Komodo Island, possesses intact marine resources. A school of glistening jacks swirling around delicate tube sponges and multihued massive shells offer a bedazzling spectacle to behold. Rinca Island's wonderful oceanic landscape with no doubt shall have you enamored to its bewitching beauty. At the end of the day, piquant dinner and relaxing accommodation are catered on board.Day 04 : Rinca - Labuan BajoThe turbulent waves haul your boat toward smaller island nearby to enjoy other spectacular diving tour. There are at least 50 dive sites on Komodo island which is choosed for you depending on weather condition and personal interest. Immersing in a morning dive seizes cold water tingles on your skin, although it is the perfect timing to observe underwater ecosystem rushing on its routine. Myriads of minute fish float and bask under the water surface, while the sea weeds dance powerlessly to the ocean current rhythm. The sun ray exposes white seabed sand where a few hidden medium-size carnivores await for the right bait to idle by.Breakfast followed with kicking-back moment aboard is the next schedule, though you may as well insert fishing as an alternative. Another diving before the sunset discovers more sublime marine environs beneath a different facet of Komodo Island. Our assigned diving master will showcase the top-notch corners to soak in for the rest of the day. Retreating back to the hotel at Labuan Bajo for dinner and overnight sleep sums up the penultimate day. Reveling in such a world-class aquatic pleasure leaves you famished and exhausted. No worry need to arise since our trip advisor has booked a fine hotel in Labuan Bajo Flores, complemented with fabulous dinner gourmets. You may saunter along the city's coast later, enjoying the peaceful serenity in a private getaway.Day 05 Labuan Bajo - DepartureHotel's breakfast buffet ensures you for the last excursion before flying back to your destination. Flores' Batu Cermin (Mirror Stone Cave) is the final touch that completes the whole 5 Days Komodo scuba diving adventure tours.

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Komodo diving and adventure tour is the best way to discover the amazing under water life in Komodo National Park. The regions with many un-inhabited islands are the home for wild animals. The underwater life around the national park offers great opportunities for divers to have a memorable adventure tour. With Komodo diving program, your dreams to discover West Flores.

Diving in Komodo National Park area is one of the best diving experiences in the world, you only have to open any of the international diving and snorkeling magazines to uncover the wonderment that lies under the water all over this protected area. As The Komodo National Park lies right on the Wallace Line that runs through Indonesia, it is possible to view a huge array of life in this, one of the most biodiversity areas in the entire world where all of these Asian and Australasian animals and plants thrive on the intense tropical sunlight and free flowing nutrients that constantly run through the area in the life bringing currents.

Komodo diving program will cover your travel interests to see the beauty of under water world. Recommended Komodo diving  takes from 1 day tour up to 6 days live board diving cruises. The Komodo tour program can be started from Labuan Bajo where you take a boat trip or live board cruises to the islands around Komodo National Park. Komodo diving is one of the most recommended adventure tours in West Flores. There are more than hundreds diving sites that can be explored.

Reefs teeming with tropical fish of all shapes sizes and colors are located all around the area and it is very common to see the larger creatures such as manta rays and sharks if you are diving in the specific places. There are some of the world’s largest fans and huge coral formations on wall and wrecks and you will have chance to undertake three dives a day to view these wonderful and beautiful dives. As one of the richest diving environments in the world Indonesia is actually home to more species of fish then anywhere else in the world. In the middle of the passage between Sumba and Flores there are one of the richest currents running through the area and a huge tidal flow. This does mean that many of the dive sites in the Komodo National Park are only suited to experienced divers but there is still plenty to see if you are a beginner and there is no better place to learn and build up to the main diving sites. There are also many times when the tidal currents are weaker and then divers of all abilities can experience almost all of the diving sites in the area.

There is also diversity from the north to south axis where in he north there are the classic clear tropical waters with great visibility and pristine hard corals where as in the south there are far more soft corals and invertebrates in the cooler richer waters. With more than 50 main diving sites and hundreds of other equally as good sites as well as more and more sites being found all of the time and water temperatures that range between 24-26 degrees in the north and slightly cooler in the south where all that is necessary is a thin short wetsuit. Visibility can be up to 40 meters and conditions are usually favorable all your around although the north of the park does experience the north western monsoon and encounter wind and rain in January and February but this is incidentally the best time of the year for visibility in the south of Komodo National Park. There are many operators and it is easy to get recommendations for diving in Komodo although most of the operators are very good and it is obvious to distinguish between the two.