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7 Dya Flores Overland Tour

The 7  Days Flores Overland Tour reveals all of Flores main sights as well as spending time on the boats and seeing the Rinca Island in the beginning of the experience.  The 7  Days Flores Overland Tour starts on your first afternoon with a great opportunity to see the giant monitor lizards known as the Varanus Komodoensis in their natural environment. From here you will trek on across the Rinca Island and see the flying foxes in the mangroves before climbing back onto the comfortable boat where you will dine and sleep on the first night of your adventure.

The next morning you will take the boat tot pink beach where you will go ashore to find the Komodo Dragons. This is an unforgettable experience where you will see these large terrorizing beasts in their only natural habitat. You may even see some of the young Dragons that sit in the low branches of the trees in the area. You will no doubt witness the rest of Komodo's fascinating wildlife and before coming back to the beach for snorkeling where you will see some of the spectacular happenings under the sea as well as above the ground.

From this point onwards you will sail back to Labuhan Bajo for overnight. The 7  Days Flores Overland Tour continue on the following day across the to east of the island stopping at all of the main places and some of the quiet and less visited places that are around such as traditional villages. You will pass through the Maggarai Regency where you will see some of the traditional tribes who have been living and the spider shaped rice paddies that area nearby. You will see huge cathedrals and witness megalithic cultures and markets that are still surviving to this day in the volcanic highlands around the north of the island of Flores.

The 7  Days Flores Overland Tour then goes on to show you the north coast and the natural springs along the way as well as stopping at any point for photos breaks. You will see more shrines and historical buildings and statues that are unique to Flores and a spectacle to the eye. The three colored lakes are one of Indonesia's most amazing sites at the top of the volcanic ridge. The changing colors of these lakes have still not been explained and this creates a magical view that you will not want to turn away from. You will then continue to Kelimutu where you will see the sun rise around the lakes and the rest of the sights in the area before flying back to Bali and receiving a transfer to a hotel of your choice. All of the expenses for Flores overland tour are paid for including admission prices and travel expenses as well as all over night stays and all of your main meals.

7  Days Flores Overland Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive Labuan Bajo - Rinca Island. Overnight on board.
Day 2 Rinca Island - Komodo Island - Labuan Bajo. Overnight at hotel.
Day 3 Labuan Bajo - Ruteng. Overnight.
Day 4 Ruteng - Bajawa. Overnight.
Day 5 Bajawa - Moni. Overnight.
Day 6 Moni - Kelimutu - Maumere. Overnight.
Day 7 Maumere - Denpasar.

This tour may starts from Maumere on the eastern part of Flores Island and ends in Labuan Bajo.