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4 Days Toraja Highland Tour

The 4 Days Toraja Highland Tour is a soft adventure tour visiting some main tourist objects in Toraja Land. The tour stars upon arrival at Makassar either at the airport or from any hotel within Makassar. The highlights of 4 Days Toraja Highland Tour is the tomb of the royal family at Suaya Village and the traditional houses.

This experience includes all overnight stays at the recommended hotels and breakfast, lunch and dinner in the recommended dinners and local restaurants. You will have a guide with you at all times who will explain all about the reasons behind the sights that you see and help with communications as well as show you to all of the areas that you wish to see. When you visit the markets he will help with the bartering and the prices of different items as well as giving you time o yourself when you desire.

The 4 days Toraja Land Tour is one of the most unusual tours that you can find in Indonesia and has one of the most interesting cultures. The actual panoramas are incredible and for the most part of the island the land is un-spoilt and unchanged. You will also see the amazing forts that have been used by different people throughout history by these incredibly proud seafaring people.

4 Days Toraja Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Makassar – Toraja Land
The 4 Days Toraja Highland Tour starts and ends at Makassar Airport in Sulawesi and is a fantastic tour revealing the scenic and cultural beauty and uniqueness of the area. Once you land at the airport you will be met by the representative who will lead you straight to the hotel where you will stay overnight and rest ready for the start of the activities. You will however have a free program for the evening in order to relax and get a feel for the area.

Day 2 Toraja Land Tour
On the second day of 4 days Toraja Land Tour, you will eat your breakfast in the hotel and then you will make the guided trip using air conditioned transport to the Toraja Highland where you will visit the tombs of the royal family and at Suaya. These are one of the most unusual and interesting sight of the Four Day Toraja Tour as the tombs are located in hollowed out cave high in the cliffs that overlook the sea. To be left in these tombs is a great honor where your soul will be able to move from the cliffs protected and guided by the statues that stand at the mouth of the cave. There are complex reasons behind this as the soul will not leave the body unless it is away from the home and if buried the soul will be trapped so the dead are placed in stone tombs or in a hanging grave.

Day 3 Toraja Land Tour
On the third day of the Four Day Toraja Tour you will visit the village of Palawa where you will see the amazing houses that resemble the traditional boats that have been used by the Toraja throughout history. At over 1355 meters above sea level you will be able to see the views for miles around and enjoy them in mild and cool mountain climates. Here there are some amazing graves as well as some amazing view spots and strange little villages that all support this wonderful culture unchanged to this day.

Day 4 Toraja Land – Departure
Breakfast at hotel. Transfer back to Makassar for your next destination.