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2 Days Mount Ijen Trekking

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The 2 Days Mount Ijen Trekking is an overland trip from Bali to East Java and cross from Gilimanuk t Banyuwangi. Once you land on Javanese soil you will continue drive towards the hotel where you will have dinner and overnight. After this day of traveling you will be then ready to make the ascent up the Ijen.

2 Days Mount Ijen Trekking Tour begins in the very early morning after breakfast at the hotel. You will firstly pass through a traditional village and meet at the rangers post to notify them of your journey and then continue to hike up the peak. After about an hour walk you will have made it to the very peak of the Ijen which dominates the scenery of the east Javanese area.

Here you will see the deep turquoise lake that is deep in color as well as depth. This lake is eerie and surrounded by the clear smooth rock cliffs that have stood around the lake for generations. The cliffs are very tall and surround all but one small part of the peak where the ridge has fallen through. Here a dam has been build out of the surrounding natural resources in order to protect and regulate the flow of the lake into the nearby river that runs past the traditional villages and down to the main areas of the lowlands. When volcanic activity is high the lake has been known to bubble and even boil over the sides of the ridge of this magnificent scene. You will reach the peak in the very early morning and usually before the sun rises. This means that you are able to witness the dawning of the new Javanese day from the highest point in the east of the island and watch the colors of the lake and the entire panorama changing as the huge red sun ascends over Bali.

In the morning the sky is clear and usually as the day continues there will be clouds that develop and hand around the peak meaning you will not have the same kind of view. However as you descend back down the peak you will be seeing everything in a new light and be able to take in the full nature of the area. You will no doubt receive an excited response from the villagers who rarely see people coming through there area and you will have chance to go to the local traditional market in order to purchase some unusual and interesting items.

On the last morning 2 Days Mount Ijen Trekking Tour continue to Bali where you will pass through the western national park of Bali and head back to your hotel or chosen next destination and The Mount Ijen Crater Trekking Tour is over.

2 Days Mount Ijen Trekking Tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Depasar – Ijen Resort & Villas
Visit the small town of Banyuwangi, the east most of Java island.

Day 2 : Trekking to Mount Ijen.
See the Ijen crater, and sulfur miners. Back to hotel for lunch then departure back to Denpasar. Drop to any hotel in Bali.