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3 Days Manado Tangkoko Minahasa Tour

3 Days Manado Tangkoko Minahasa Tour offers a short adventure tour to visit the Tangkoko Nature Reserves and Minahasa Highland. It is a simple adventure tour in Manado of North Sulawesi. The 3 Days Manado Tangkoko Minahasa Tour starts from the city of Manado.

3 Days Manado Tangkoko Minahasa Tour Itinerary
Day 01 – Manado - Tangkoko Nature Reserve

You will meet at the airport on the first day of The 3 Days Manado Tangkoko Minahasa Tour and be transferred directly to the nature reserve where you will see some of the rarest animals of Indonesia including the Black Macaque Nigra, which is the smallest monkey in the world weighing only 200 grams and is 15cm long. You will also see the horn billed birds and other strange animals all in their natural climate and surroundings but protected from the dangers of the modern world that they face. At nightfall you will then return to the home stay where you will eat a traditional dinner spend the night.

Day 2 - Trekking on the Volcano Mahawu
The second day of The 3 Day Manado Tour begins with an early morning wake up call ad then a hike into the forest where you will meet the local rangers and have the best opportunity to see the black crested macaques along the coastlines when they wake up early to search for food at Tangkoko. After this trek of several hours you will then return to the home stay for a shower and breakfast, which is preparation for the mount Mahawu trekking tour. You will be able t try the Minahassa style cuisine and enjoy the classic Indonesian sights of the peak of the Mahawu volcano and its surroundings. You will arrive in Tomohon in the late afternoon where you will eat dinner and spend the second night of The 3 Day Manado Tour.

Day 3 - Minahasa Highland Tour  - Departure
In contrast to many tours, The 3 Days Manado Tangkoko Minahasa Tour has a very eventful last day that begins with the substantial breakfast at the hotel and then the trip to the Minahasa area where you will many sights before leaving. You will see the incredible flowers in the markets of Tomohon, you will see the tiny towns located between the peaks of the volcanoes and the traditional jungle market where there area local delicacies such as rat, bed, wild pig, snake and dog if you are feeling adventurous enough to sample them. There are also a number of local fruits and other spices and dishes in the markets that have a very ethnic feel. You will also be able to see the Linow Lake which is the sulfuric crater where hot gases and colors bubble up from the center of this volcanic lake right on the peak of the mountain. There are other villages such as the Woloan village where you can see the classic traditional houses of this area and, the floating restaurant of Lake Tondano and the pottery making villages. This diverse day of local sights ends in your transfer back to the airport where you will continue your travels. It is possible if required to purchase low-priced tickets to destinations around Indonesia and East Asia from here.