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South Borneo adventure tours provides selection of South Kalimantan Tour for travelers looking for something special. The adventure tours can make your holiday even one of the most enjoyable.

South Kalimantan or South Borneo is the southerly of the four provinces of Borneo which is one of the larger and less traveled islands of Indonesia. Nicknamed as the Province of a Thousand Rivers, there are many rivers and valleys that are great fro trekking as well as boating which is one of the most pleasant and cheapest ways to travel in the area. The River Barito is the longest river in the whole of the Indonesian Archipelago and is over 6,000km long. South Kalimantan mixtures of cultures on the island as Borneo has been greatly affected by its history of trade that consists of hard woods, minerals, oil, petrel, tropical rainforest products and fruits and spices. Today all of these trades are regulated and by visiting the area you can see the importance of the reforestation campaigns that are in action and the benefits and positive outcomes they are already having to this wonderful and beautiful area of the world.

With perfect tourist less white sand beaches and incredible jungle and boating opportunities as well as hiking in the rainforest and in the highlands there is so much to do before you even looking into the cultural aspects and the historical interests of South Kalimantan. South Kalimantan is located just below the equator and has a highly tropical climate, the rainy season and dry seasons are inline with most of the rest of Indonesia meaning that between April and September is the dry season.

There area many interesting places to visit and by employing a tour operator you can see all of the places you are interested in, in an efficient time frame that suits your traveling plans and budget. The South Borneo Tours in South Kalimantan include the adventure to the islands of Kembang and Kaget which are located in the river estuaries and are home to some friendly and beautiful monkeys as well as some ancient Chinese temples. These islands are very close to the floating market which is a novel and cultural experience that brings to light the presence and importance of boating and the rivers to the people of South Kalimantan. You can also go diamond digging in Banjarbaru where you can search with the locals using the traditional methods for the diamonds that are still being found in this area.

The South Borneo Tours in South Kalimantan also include trekking to the mountains and take trekking expeditions around the peaks and enjoy the view across the island and the ocean around the area or Hulu Sungai where there are also march and swamp lands as well as a small tourism area where you can find some classy resorts. Why not take a trip to the gorgeous Takisung beach where you can relax and enjoy the entertainment for all of the family. If these are not adventurous enough for you then embark on the different levels of white water rafting are offered in the Loksado area where you can cruise down the river with gentle drops or take on some of the more adventurous routes and watch the scenery fly past.