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5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour

5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tour is an exploration  througout the goergous and the longest Mahakam River in East Kalimantan.  The  Mahakam River Tour starts from  and ends in Balikpapan of East Kalimantan of Indonesia. This 5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Touralso features a visit the orangutan camp.

5 Days Mahakam River Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Balikpapan - Loajanan - Mahakam River. Overnight on boat.
Located in Borneo, the Mahakam River is the best and only effective way to travel into the Jungle to reach the villages and orangutan enclosures. The five days Mahakam River Adventure Tour focuses on the fascinating culture of the Dayak people who live around the river and still use the land in the way they live. There are many ceremonies and traditional dances to be viewed here and you will reach Borneo from either Jakarta or Bali and then your next form of transport will by the traditional style modern boat that will take you along the coast to the mouth of the Mahakam river where you will travel up and see the incredible wildlife or primates and other animals as we as some interesting flora.

Day 2  Muara Muntai - Tanjung Isuy - Mancong - Melak.
Accommodation and meals on board. Breakfast. On your second day of the 5 Days Mahakam River Adventure Tourafter sleeping onboard the boat on the simple mattress set up with a mosquito net and a toilet or in the local lodges that have a bed, you will then proceed to the wooden village of Muara Muntai, here you will pass the lakes and the wonderful tropical scenery with the views of the river. You will then travel further along the river until you reach Tanjung Isuy where you will watch the local ceremonies and be invited to make merriment with the local people into the evening. You will return to the boat for all meals here and for sleeping before you eventually cruise up to Melak where the night is spent.

Day 3 Melak - Ehen - Kresik Luway - Mahakam.
The third day of the 5 Days Mahakam River  Tour begins with breakfast bright and early on board the boat and then you will switch to an air-conditioned car that will take you to the Eheng villages where you will visit the communal longhouses and go for a jungle trek into the oldest part of the jungle where there are some huge trees and well developed rainforest. You will also see the Kersik Luway Black Orchid forest waterfall before traveling back to the boat and for the evenings sleep.

Day 4 Tenggarong - Loajanan - Balikpapan.
Dinner and overnight at hotel in Balikpapan. Day four of the five days Mahakam River Tour begins as usual with breakfast onboard and then you will visit the fascinating museum and Royal cemetery at Tenggarong and then travel down the river to Loajanan and Balikpapan before your final day where you will wake in the hotel.

Day 5 Balikpapan - Departure
Breakfast. Departure transfer to airport for onward flight.
This is an excellent trip that will show you the ancient culture of the Dayak people and the their traditions such as the stretched earlobes and the dancing. You will also be able to see the wildlife and the beauty of the area from and all inclusive cruise, which is an amazingly tranquil way to visit this part of the world. The usual destinations are Bali or Jakarta although other locations and further flights can be added as part of the deal.