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3 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Tour

The 3 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Tour is a great opportunity to spend a short time in Borneo from Balikpapan seeing the sights of the mangroves and Jungle as well as the incredible culture of the local people as well as seeing the magnificent Orangutans and other animals and finding out about all the projects which re taking place to help them. Th 3 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Tour can be booked when there are a minimum of two people and then you will be ready to begin this incredible and exciting adventure.

3 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive Balikpapan – Samba Lodge
Day one of the 3 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Tour begins at the Balikpapan Airport where you will be meted and greeted by your guide and then set off to Samboja Lodge by car where a beautiful room awaits you. After this you will be able to look around the rain forest surrounding the area and go jungle trekking most likely seeing many different types of local animals, birds and insects. You will then dine at the Lodge or in a nearby restaurant before sleeping at the Samboja Lodge ready for the main day of the 3 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Tour .

Day 2 Balikpapan Tour
The second and main day of the Orangutan Balikpapan Tour begins with breakfast served at the Samboja Lodge and then you will go trekking and have an opportunity to actually have an active role in the reforestation of fruit trees supporting the future of the Orangutans in the area. You will also have plenty of time to observe the Orangutans in the survival foundation and see the Orangutans who are being monitored and supported in the area. Over 200 Orangutans live in this area and all are under close monitoring in order to ensure their survival and promote breeding and re population. Dinner again is served at the lodge before you have a free program to do with as you wish and then return to your room for the overnight stay.

Day 3 Balikpapan – Departure
Day three of the 3 Days Balikpapan Orangutan Tour begins early with breakfast and then an early trek through the forest in order to make it in time for the feeding time of around 6.45. You will then be able to return to the Samboja Lodge where you will continue on a boat to the Black river which is a great area of bio diversity and with all sorts of monkeys, birds and even crocodiles around the river. After the Crocodile farms in the area you will then travel back to the Airport ready for your next connection. This is a great chance to see some of the local people as well as a great cross section of the wildlife and especially the orangutans in East Borneo and your guides will tell you all about each area and the projects, difficulties and histories of each place.