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7 Days Orangutan Adventure Tour

The 7 Days Borneo Orangutan Adventure Tour runs all year round although between June and August are the peak seasons. The 7 Days Borne oOrangutan Adventure Tour starts and ends in Pangkalan Bun and flights to this airport can be made from Jakarta, Bali and Makasar. The adventure tour consists of a number of excellent sights and the whole trip is set in the magnificent scenery of Borneo where your eyes are constantly feasting on its beauty. You will go on river safari, see the orangutans and the other monkeys of the area, visit the floating market and meet the long eared Dayak locals and stay in their long houses, all of this from a house boat. The 7 Days Borneo Orangutan Adventure Tour begins at the airport in Pangkalan Bun where you will meet a guide who will show you to the boat that will be your home for the next seven days. This is where you will travel, eat and sleep although you will be able to opt for the lodges beside the river if you like.

You will then make the journey up the coast to the river where you sail up the river deeper and deeper into the jungle with the chief, boatman and the guide on board. You will then spend the night at the first spot and then set off the next morning to the orangutan rehabilitation centers where you will orangutans of different ages feeding in there enclosures where they await release back into the wild. You will see the young and old orangutans and learn about work that the projects are doing. On the third morning of the 7 Days Borneo Orangutan Adventure Tour you will begin with breakfast on the boat as always and then you will have a free plan for the morning before making your way back to the airport where you will make the flight transfer to Banjarmasin where you will be met by a guide and stay in the city.

The next morning of The 7 Days Borneo Orangutan Adventure Tour ,  you will head from the hotel to the floating market which is a wonderful and novel sight. You will have the opportunity to make purchases with the guides help. From here you will head to the Mahakam River where you will board the house boat and make the incredible and exciting trip down the river. You will then on the fifth day take the boat to Jempang Lake where you will then head to Tanjung Isuy by a motorized canoe. You will be greeted upon your arrival by the local people and watch a traditional ceremony before taking a cruise through some of the most amazing wildlife of the area. Then you will visit the sultan's palace and huge collections of heirlooms and artworks before sailing further down stream towards the hotel. After breakfast you will then leave to your next destination. Everything is included in the price apart from extra spending money and money for extra refreshments.

7 Days Borneo Orangutan Adventure Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - Park.
Day 2 Park - Pondok Tangguy - Camp Leakey - Boat/Lodge.
Day 3 Boat/Lodge - Kumai - Pangkalan Bun Airport - Banjarmasin.
Day 4 Banjarmasin (Hotel) - Floating Market - Balikpapan.
Day 5 Muara Muntai - Tajnung Isuy - Mancong.
Day 6 Tanjung Isuy - Tenggarong - Samarinda.
Day 7 Samarinda - Balikpapan.