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6 Days Orangutan Tour and Dayak Bekonsu

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For those who have 5 nights to spare around Central Kalimantan, the 6 Days Orangutan Tour and Dayak Bekonsu is a great opportunity for adventure and seeing all of the cultural and natural sights of the island. This is an adventure tour exploring the Dayak Culture and its local people activities while visiting the orangutans in the rainforest. 6 Days Orangutan Tour and Dayak Bekonsu is an extended adventure tour in Central Kalimantan of Indonesia.

6 Days Orangutan Tour and Dayak Bekonsu Itinerary
Day 1 :  Arrive Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - Tanjung Harapan - Park
The first day of 6 Days Orangutan Tour and Dayak Bekonsu begins with pick up from Pangkalan Bun where you will head into the jungle by boat from Kumai up the river where you will pass through the mangroves and jungle until you reach the Klotok bay area where you will be able to observe the Proboscis monkeys and a number of other monkeys and wildlife before you return to the traditional Klotok boat to dine and sleep in the simples quarters below deck.

Day 2 : Park - Pondok Tanggguy - Camp Leakey
The second day of the6 Days Orangutan Tour and Dayak Bekonsu proceed to Pondok Tanguy where you are able to see the baby Orangutans and juveniles as well as the mothers and newborns. You will see the projects taking place as well as the animals and then see the reforestation camp and the local village which is a great traditional sight by the park before returning to the boat to dine and later sleep.

Day 3 : Camp Leakey Tour
On the third you will rise early for breakfast and enjoy the 2 hour trip to the Camp Leakey area where you will be able to see the research being carried out as well as the rehabilitation of Orangutans who are begin protected in the area where you will be able to see there natural behavior. There are usually over 200 Orangutans at Camp Leakey and after a short trek through the forest with your guide you will also see a number of other species in this highly bio diverse area. At 14.00 you will witness the feeding of the Orangutans before trekking back to the boat for the overnight stay.

Day 4 : Kumai - Pangkalan Bun - Bakonsu Village
Day four of the 6 Days Orangutan Borneo Dayak Tour starts with a very early breakfast and then you will head back down the river past the black river and all that you have already seen to Kumai and the Pangkalan Bun where you will board a speed boat for a very fast blast down the coast passing logging companies and rapids. After 4-5hours you reach the Bakonsu Village where you will be shown to your longhouse accommodation and have chance to look around the traditional Dayak village as well as witnessing the local ceremonies and dances and having a chance to take part in the Hornbill dance.

Day 5 : Bakonsu Dayak Village - Pangkalan Bun
Day 5 of the 6 Days Orangutan Borneo Dayak Tribe Tour and you will head up the river to Tapinbini which is a semi modern Dayak village where you will look around and head to Bolau hill seeing the local people living their daily lives and you will be shown how they set traps to eat meat. At Batu Batungkat you will see a huge holy stone where you can make a which in the traditional way before then sailing back to Pangkalan for your overnight stay.

Day 6 : Pangkalan Bun - Departure
Breakfast at hotel. Departure transfer to airport for onward flight. End of the 6 Days Orangutan Tour and Dayak Bekonsu Village Tour.