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4 Days Orangutan Tour

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4 Days Orangutan Tour in Central Kalimantan of Indonesia is an adventure trip to visit the Orangutans in the national park. This tour may start from any major cities in Indonesia and connects with domestic flight to Pangkalan Bun.

4 Days Orangutan Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Jakarta - Pangkalan Bun - Kumai - National Park.

As with most of the Orangutan tours available in Borneo, The Borneo 4 Days Orangutan Tour begins with a flight from Jakarta as tourists from all over Indonesia as well as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur come to take part in this amazing tour.  This small airport is located very close to the action and you will be transported by a small traditional Klotok boat along side the rainforest-lined coast until you reach the river. From here you will be able to continue up the river where you will pass many monkeys living in the wild relaxing by the riverside. There are also many other creatures to see beside the river and you will continue this peaceful and tranquil journey until you reach the riverside lodge area. You have the option of sleeping on board the traditional craft with a mattress and mosquito net in true Indonesian boatman fashion or you can go onto the land and sleep in Rimba Lodge. 

Day 2 Orangutan National Park - Camp Leakey - Boat or Lodge.
On the 2nd day of this 4 Days Orangutan Tour starts with breakfast served onboard and you will then continue this 4 days Orangutan Tour up the river passing more monkey activity as well as other disturbances and then you will land at the Camp Leakey where the older orangutans are treated and reintroduced into the wild. You will witness the feeding time in the afternoon and you get chance to learn bout the different treatments the orangutans area having and the work that is done in the area to protect these wonderful animals. You will then travel even further up the river to the next cam where the even older orangutans are kept while they are being treated and studied. You will then stay the next night either on the boat or at the Rimba lodge.

Day 3 Orangutan Park - Pondok Tangguy - Beguruh- Tanjung Harapan - Village - Boat or lodge.
Wake up for the third morning of the Borneo 4 Day Orangutan Tour, which will see you traveling further up the river to Pondok Tanguy where there is another center of Orangutans and you can also see the work that is going on for the reforestation campaigns and learn about the importance of this to the Borneo and the entire world but especially the Orangutans and other marvelous creatures that live and depend on these rain forests for survival. After viewing the wildlife of the area and watching the feeding of the animals you will then be able to go sight seeing around the village or use a small canoe to traveling around the area viewing its beauty and taking in the tranquility. Dinner is again on the boat and then you will cruise back down the river viewing the fantastic spectacle of the fireflies and start to make your way back to the coast. Overnight at Rimba Lodge.

Day 4 Orangutan Park - Kumai - Pangkalan Bun Airport.
The Borneo 4 Day Orangutan Tour is end with a transfer to Pangkalan Bun Airport for onward light. It is possible to get deals on further tickets if you wish.

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