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The 9 Days Orangutan and Dayak Tour is an extended adventure tour to see the orangutans in Central Borneo, Kalimantan that really gives you an excellent chance to get a feel for the natural habitat fro the orangutans and other wildlife of the Borneo rainforest as well as the traditional culture of the villages that are located around the river that you will travel up. The method of transport for this trip is a traditional boat known as a Klotok which is manned with a chief, a guide and a boatman. There are sleeping quarters on the boat however you will have the option to sleep on land each night at the lodges or in the villages that you visit. The first Day begins with traveling up the palm fringed coast and the heading up the river until you reach the first stop of spot. You will see the natural environment change as you head further in as well as the increasing wildlife presence. After the first night you will then continue to Camp Leakey which is where you will see the orangutans for the first time. You will see them feeding in the afternoon here and all of the projects you visit and learn about the projects and orangutans of Borneo.The next Day the 9 Days Orangutan and Dayak Tour heads further up the river to the second project which is for the older orangutans that wait reintroduction to the wild. After this visit you will return to boat for further travel and then you will stop ready to see the last of the three orangutan projects which is for the eldest age groups. The next Day is different and sees you heading to the traditional villages via a speed boat transfer. Once you are there you will then be able to eat and socialize with the villager and learn about the culture of the areas and no doubt there will be a welcoming party for your arrival. Here you will also watch the traditional dances of the Borneo.Day five of the 9 Days Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour is a trip to the Kinipan village where the traditional Dayak people are the most traditional. You will stay in the long house and as with the next few Days you are given tours and always have your guide nearby to help with any conversations. Reception is always excellent and the local people are always happy to great tourists. You will be able to have a chance to visit the local markets on the 9 Days Orangutan and Dayak Tour so you can purchase some local unusual items and get a feel for the vibrancy of the place. From here on last Day you will be transported back to the coast where you will make your transfer back to Jakarta. All costs are included in the Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour apart from extra money for souvenirs and extra refreshments.9 Days Orangutan and Dayak Tour  ItineraryDay 01: PANGKALANBUN ARRIVAL, TANJUNG HARAPAN (LD)Day 02: TANJUNG HARAPAN, CAMP LEAKY EXURSION, KUMAI (BLD)Day 03: KUMAI, PALANGKARAYA (BLD) Day 04: PALANGKARAYA, KASONGAN, TUMBANG MANGGO (BLD)Day 05: TUMBANG MANGGO FOREST OBSERVATION (BLD)Day 06: TO CAMP MARUNYAI, TUMBANG MANGGO (BLD)Day 07: TUMBANG ATAI EXPLORATION (BLD)Day 08: TUMBANG MANGGO, PALANGKARAYA, (BLD) Day 09: PALANGKARAYA, DEPARTURE, (B)